Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday Photo Madness!

As some of you may or may not know the Bubs and I are moving into a new apartment (what? oh, that sound you hear? That is just the sound of me screeching of pure excitement at the top of my lungs. You'll get used to it)

There is so much that goes into a move.



Piling said packages.

Unpacking said packages.

Then throwing away the old boxes and reorganizing your life.

During this time my shop will be open for orders. I will be updating it periodically BUT I will not be physically able to produce, make or ship your items until sometime in Mid to Late October. I know guys, I'm majorly bummed out too. You have until SEPTEMBER 1ST to get your orders in! Anything placed on and after September 1st will have to wait till we are all moved in!

BUT here is what to look forward to for when I have my Grand Reopening of Yellow Heart Art come Late October!

-My Best Selling Designs in more color choices!
-Completely NEW graphic art necklaces! (I'm talking totally new designs AND materials)
-5x7 are print sets (sold in bundles of 3 or more)
-New art prints that are just illustrative designs with no words (don't worry, I will still be making "word art" prints!)
-Graphic art home decor! (Think dressing up your bed or couch!)

You guys, I am majorly STOKING OUT! (can you stoke out? Cause I totally am)

I thought it would be fun to show some of my old photographs that I used to sell at Yellow Heart Art, so now that we brought in the new, lets go down memory lane with the old!

 one of my all time FAVORITE photos! (psssttt look what I did to the "L" key--didja notice it?)

 A New York winter! (Icicles on our window)

A day trip in the hamptons (was crushing hard core on these 2 shop doors side by side to one another)

I love when my shop goes through another "revamping". Yeah its sad to see some products go, but it is so exciting to give my customers something completely and totally fresh to look at.

OK October, I'm ready for you. LET'S DO THIS!

((ok, October I totally lied. I'm not ready at all, please take your time))



  1. Love the typewriter picture, amazing! :)

  2. yayy good luck with your move lady! we just finished ours and its been a crazy few weeks! so glad it's over though!! :)

  3. wishing you the best! It's gonna rock, like you :)


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