Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter 4: Pacey Moment

Chapter 4: Pacey Moment

Rejoice! Some boy finally nabbed this gal (we'll call him "Pacey"--what? This is the one time in my life I can make pretend that I dated Pacey Witter--just go with it)

Everything was going great! We talked. We laughed. We shared dreams and goals. Pacey and I would take a ride up that good 'ol creek all romantic and junk (ok, that never happened)

it was perfect.

Then, out of no where, Pacey dumps me.

A really ugly dumping too. The kind of dumping that totally side swipes you and completely takes you off guard. No warning. No hints. No "ah-ha" moment (ya know, that moment where someone is dumping you and you replay your relationship in your head and you notice all those subtle changes in them that led to this moment? Yeah, there was no that)


Steve and I started to talk more on the phone, like, a lot more. So much more that I remember one day Steve couldn't talk to me one night and he called the next day to apologize for not "calling me to say goodnight"

and I was all like "dude, its ok, its not like we're dating"

at this point he was still in New Mexico finishing up school for the Air Force. He comes home and we start to hang out a lot.

we would play guitar hero
he would never let me win

we would shoot some pool
still wouldn't let me win

he would steal my M&Ms right from my hand
dude, I wanted those.

we would go on a ride on his atv
I would be covered in mud, he would stay dry

we would watch movies together
he would sit all the way on the other end of the couch, while stealing my M&Ms

apparently all this meant he liked me (who knew)

and then, something happened.

one day while on the swings he got in front of me, put his hands on the chains, and kissed me
(finally got my "Pacey Witter" moment)

he asked me to his girlfriend.

I said no.

he waited a few weeks, asked me to be his girlfriend again

I said no.

you guys, i told you this kinda thing would happened. When I see commitment I see hurt (ie: Pacey who dumped me outta no where) and besides, part of me saying no to Bubs twice was because I wanted to make sure I liked HIM, all of him, and that I wasn't making him my rebound. He meant too much to me and he was too good of a guy to be "the rebound".

But he wasn't the rebound.
then, on his birthday, something else happened.

He had mentioned to me how he would love to be able to introduce his family to his girlfriend on his birthday.

I asked him if this was his way of telling me that he was seeing someone else.

He sighed.

and I said yes.


  1. That is so sweeeeeet :) Well, not they Pacey part because he obvi makes some poor life decisions. But you and Bubs are so sweeeeeet!

  2. I can't believe Pacey was such a jerk!

    But yayyy for the rest of it! haha :]

  3. Boooo Pacey! Yayyyy Steve!!! :)

  4. I have loved reading your Bubs story :)


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