Thursday, December 19, 2013

My best friend in my head is...

So I am unsure how many of you guys watch Girl Code on MTV. Let me tell you, I am in love. Basically its a bunch of chicks that are comedians who talk about topics that other chicks can relate to (ya know...pimples, shopping, living with a boy etc) I pretty much need to be besties with the entire cast.

There is this one segment called "best friend in my head". Pretty much you pick a celebrity who you kinda sorta have a girl crush on and then list your perfect day together. (you can watch Girl Code's clip here)

My best friend in my head is Emma Stone. We would go to all the pet shelters in the world and save all the puppies. We would open a puppy farm and have a giant puppy party with all our friends. There would be this awesome photobooth that also doubled as a karaoke machine. Emma and I would rock out to backstreet boy's Larger Than Life and choreograph our own amazing dance moves. Someone would videotape this routine, upload it to youtube where we would go viral and perform live on the Ellen show.

...and thats why I think Emma Stone is my best friend in my head.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Cyber Monday Say HAAAAAY

We are having the biggest sale ever! The more you buy the more you save!

By the way: your savings are calculated before tax and shipping fees!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Welcome to our link up party! I can't wait to hear what you all are thankful for this year :) hope over to Julie and Erika's pages to see what they are thankful for, and don't forget to link up below!

• Modern Dentistry. With out it I would currently have 3 missing front teeth. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

• The birdie vet. Sherbert (our cockatiel) got super sick a few weeks ago. He wasn't eating or drinking and was sleeping all day. Without our vet I know Sherbert would not have made it. Also his 2 night stay at the vet cost more than staying a week at the Mariot. It's a good thing we like him.

• My Bub. He is my biggest supporter, fan, friend and bed hog. He is constantly poking my nose with his finger as his way of saying "hi babe, I love you" and he is so willing to help me make any display items for Yellow Heart Art. We still hold hands, hug, cuddle and do all the cutesy crap that people do when they first start dating. I am so happy to be marrying him, I am so stoked to be doing life with him.

• Curse words. Sometimes you just need to yell one out to feel better. It's cheaper than therapy.

• My 9 person bridal party. Some people are shocked when I tell them I have 9 girls in my party. It's usually followed by a "whoa girl you crazy!" but ya know what? I'm lucky to have 9 close girls in my life who I love and care about so much to share in my special day with. Each one of them mean the world to me, and I am happy to call them more than friends or cousins or sister-in-laws, but actual sisters.  (Pic from my bestie's Courtney's wedding)

• My flat iron. I always told Bub that if we ever have a kid the poor thing would have thee worse hair ever. We both have Italian wavy hair, and if it wasn't for my flat iron my hair would go in every direction but down.

• My customers. I have a special place in my heart for those of you who have ever supported me by purchasing art for your walls, plushes for your couch or stamps for your journals. It means so much to me that you want to spend your hard earned money on something that I created and made with my 2 hands. Its an amazing feeling and I don't think you understand how much it truly makes me feel awesome, loved and hopeful. If I could commence a giant group hug I would.

• Free Shipping. When it comes to buying holiday presents for out of state family members (which is pretty much all of Bub's family) getting free shipping helps tremendously with the added costs. Just let me have this one guys…I know, it's weird.

• Video chat dates with Erika and Julie. They help me refresh, refocus and get motivated to make Yellow Heart Art better than before. I love them and I love the friendship we share with each other. It's also nice hearing their successes and seeing how happy they are about their accomplishments.

• My camera. It allows me to capture a moment on film and remember it forever.

• The ".com" button on my iPhone/iPad keypad. Ok COME ON tell me that is not GENIUS?

• Dancing with Bub's grandfather at his cousin's wedding. I was looking forward to dancing with him at mine and Bub's wedding since I no longer have any grandfathers here with me. He passed away in October but I am grateful I got one dance in with him before it was too late.

• Hugs. They do the body good.

Wanna join in on the thankfulness? Grab a button below to link back to our blogs. Link your blog post below and see what everyone has to be thankful for! Make sure you link to your blog post and not your entire blog. Also, let's play nice in the sand box and link to a post that talks about you being thankful.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let's Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away (I don't even know how that happened, I swear I blacked out sometime between August and November) (it's a good thing I'm not hosting thanksgiving or else my guests would be eating cup-o-noodle)

Me, Julie and Erika are bringing back the "thankful for" link up. Join us next wednesday, November 27th, and share what you are thankful for this year! (for example if you were one of my relatives you would be thankful that you are not going to be carving into the thanksgiving cup-o-noodle this year)

Make sure to link up using a blog post dedicated to what you are thankful for and not to your entire blog (or a fashion post. Even though I'm thankful that you scored some ballin' boots on sale for 12 bucks let's try and play by the rules)

See ya next wednesday kids! HUZZAH.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Randoms

I love reading other people's random traits! I thought I'd join in on the fun.

1. I used to go all out with eye make up back in college. Like, everyday was prom day to me. The thing that got me to stop? My friend Mike asked me to close my eyes. He then took his thumb and rubbed the top of my lid. When I opened them back up there was a perfect Leonora eyeball print on his thumb. The moral of the story: Don't wear so much "everyday" eye make up that it can be left behind on someone's finger.

2. I have been through 2 deployments with Bub. Each one sucked. Each one also brought us closer together at the end, but I never want to go through them again.

3. I rarely wear nail polish. In college I was super hands on with pastels, charcoal, paint…errythang. It was pointless to make them pretty.

4. My eyelashes are permanently "squished" on my left eye. I sleep on my stomach and on the left side of my face. My eyelases are so long that they get bent in every weird direction. I tried to sleep on my back to stop this from happening but then I felt super exposed and weird. Mangled eyelashes it is…

5. I like coupons.

6. Ever since I started seeing Bub I've been more "adventurous". I try more things that are outside my comfort zone, and most things I don't regret doing but I would never do them again (I'm looking at you slingshot ride of death in atlantic city)

7. Over the course of 3 months Bub and I bought a home and got engaged. 2 MAJOR milestones over 90 days.

8. I'm gonna be 30 in a few months and I am totally having a freak out about it. I'm sure future 50 year old me wants to kick current 29 year old me in the shins.

9. I didn't know opening my etsy shop back in 2011 would be as rewarding and fulfilling as it has been.

10. I currently have 3 fake front teeth. I fainted face first down a flight of stairs at age 14 and my face took all the impact. Doctors were shock I didn't snap my neck, I'd like to think I'm meant to be here.

11. I love any and all animals. When I was a kid I would go in our backyard and collect all the frogs to save them from the lawn mower. I also currently own 2 birds because I felt bad that one of them was alone in PetCo in a little plexi glass cage. I am no longer allowed to go to PetCo or any animal shelter because I would bring home all the animals. ALL.THE.ANIMALS.

12. I have such a mental block with math. Why do they mix letters and numbers?

13. I'm a huge germaphobe. I open doors with my elbows and purel after shaking someone's hand. After I got engaged I got sick because everyone was grabbing my hand wanting to see my ring.

14. Bub and I have been together for 5 plus years and we are still as affectionate as we were back then.

15. I'm a cover hog, he's a bed hog.

16. I used to be really musically inclined. In school I was constantly given solos, but I had huge stage fright that I stopped music cold turkey. I started to do more art because you never had to show off your artwork on stage to an entire auditorium of people while wearing some uncomfortable black and white outfit.

17. You guys are gonna think I'm really crazy right now but whenever I find loose change I always count it. Whenever I count it it usually adds up to being "a date" (46 cents = April 6th, 53 cents = May 3rd). The date is usually a loved ones birthday or date of passing who is no longer with me. I'd like to think its divine intervention letting me know that they are with me still.

18. I can't digest garlic or peppers which is hard to avoid when you're 100% italian.

19. I can't wait to get a ton of gray hairs so I can finally dye my hair. I don't want to mess with my natural color, but I always wanted to try to be a redhead.

20. I am a master at car dancing. If I'm at a stoplight and my jam is on the radio you best believe I am going hard.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday shopping is pretty stressful around here. Between combining both mine and Bub's families we have over 25 people to shop for. It gets a little out of control trying to find thee most perfect gift for 25 individual people. Here are some of my tactics I use to try to make the shopping a little less stressful so you don't get stuck duking it out for the last pair of tube socks in walmart on December 23rd.

• Purchase gifts throughout the year. If you see something someone might like just get it! It's easier to buy thee most perfect gift when its presented to you and not later on when you're driving to 34 stores trying to find it again.

• Sign up for newsletters. Yeah, they can get a little annoying, but that's why you make another email account exclusively for newsletter subscription. It'll keep your day-to-day inbox less cluttered and then when you're finally in the mindset to "shop" you can log on to your other account and click through the deals and sales. Most newsletters come with a coupon code or a deal of some sort.

• Pick "a theme" to exchange with some friends or family members. For some of our family members Bub and I are doing an ornament exchange with them. It'll be a nice tradition to start since Bub and I just recently got a home and our poor christmas tree is super bare with extremely cheesy dollar store ornaments to fill up the space. It's great because we get to give each other a sentimental gift and not drive ourselves crazy. I have also done "Pajama Pants" exchanges and "Handmade" exchanges.

Speaking of handmade exchanges: If you own a small business and are interested in swapping items from my shop with your shop please contact me! I am still looking for holiday gifts for my family members and would love to give them unique handmade items. It's a win/win for both of us if you think your family or friends would love something from my shop as well :) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Accessory Roundup

So I had a mini panic attack this morning when I realized that the holidays are, like, weeks away. In the past I was done with most of my shopping by, like, halloween/thanksgiving time (I know, punch me in the throat, I would punch me in the throat too). But this year has been so hectic. Between Bub and I getting engaged, doing wedding shiz, buying a home, renovating the home and having a ton of house guests stay with us I lost my holiday shopping mojo.

So, to get me in the holiday mood I created a holiday accessory mood board!


If someone wanted to get me #2 I wouldn't hate ya for it.
What are some ways you like to dress up for the holidays?


Psssttttt just in time for the holidays Yellow Heart Art has revamped their advertising! New affordable rates and product placement slots available. Get your stuff noticed in time for holiday shoppers!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Warning: Lovey Dovey Photos Ahead (Our Engagement Shoot)

We finally got our engagement pictures done! One of my bridesmaids, Courtney, rocks the camera like a vandal. She totally hooked a sistah up! I am so in love with these, thank you so much Courtney!

I am so happy with these! Bub was also stoked we incorporated his truck into our shoot. He loves that lil 'ol pick up truck so much, and I love him so it kinda works out ;)

Also that sweet wool capelet I'm wearing? That was the score of the century. It's a French Connection capelet that retailed for over $160, I scored it end of season 2 years ago for 9 bucks. It was one of those moments where you totally try to keep your composure at the cash register when the lady scans it and a single digit pops up. You worry that if you show too much shock they'll realize they did something wrong and that number magically gets multiplied by, like, 10. Virtual high 5s are welcomed and highly encouraged.

Boom. Retailed.

Now...who wants to plan our wedding while we go and eat ice cream?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yellow Heart Art got a facelift recently! I would love to say that it was a quick and painless process but revamping all my product photography, saving as low resolution jpgs, and re-uploading to my shop took for-frekkin-evaaaah.

But, it was so worth it. I love the new clean and polished look. My prints now have a little "environment" to live in and I couldn't be more thrilled. In the past I have totally sucked at product photography. I am waaaaay better at taking pictures of people than things. I think I did a pretty decent job! What do you guys think?

Next step: Create more art. My hand will be permanently in the "claw" formation for a while. At least it'll make scratching an itch on my back a lot easier... 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: All Cozied Up

Hey Guys, remember me? I'm that quirky chick who wears scarves in the summer and puts cream cheese on my egg sandwiches (no judging till you've tried it)

This past weekend the bubs and I finally put the down payment on our wedding venue (ladies and gentlemen we have a date!) so I wanted to look comfy yet put together for our wedding errands.

Hat: Charlotte Russe (Too old for the clothes, buuuut still pushing their accessories)
Bow: brickyard buffalo
Poncho: Bought it on the streets in some fall festival (I'm classy like that)
Purse: Kate Spade (I'm that girl who hoards birthday money and splurges with it)
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Carlos Santana (Dooooo dooo dee dooo doo do da doooo) (thats my best Carlos Santana Guitar riff impression) (it's a work in progress)

and here is me standing in a room re-created for the 1940s (yep this is an area in our wedding venue! Can ya guess where we're getting married?) (the photos on the wall should help ya!)

I don't know whats happening with my face in this photo....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He Asked Me, So I Asked Them (They Said Yes!)

A few of you have asked how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of mine and Bub's wedding day. I had to wait to show you guys since I wanted to try to ask all my girls in person. It was hard meeting up with everyone so I had to ask the girls over the course of a month.

I created a yarn pom pom flower for the top of the package (to add a lil umph) inside the box was a felt fortune cookie with a fortune inside of it and 2 4x6 prints. One print was the color palette (which I'm sure will change a bagillion and one times before 2015 rolls around) and the other being a list of "vows" for the girls to "vow to me" (don't worry I didn't go all bridezilla, it's all fun things like "help me hold up my dress for what I gotta...ya know... or to reassure me that my bustle does not make my butt look big even though it totally does) (I'm thinking of adding them to the shop)

The fortune inside the cookie read "will you be my bridesmaid?" I added a little pull tab for one of 2 reasons. 1: it's cute. and 2: if they really tried to open the cookie it would be hard to get it back into its cute cookie shape.

If you want a tutorial for the fortune cookie you can use this tutorial here (SIDE NOTE: If you are stumbling on my blog, like, a year from now and the link for the fortune cookie no longer works please dont stalk me via email and ask  me to "find the broken link". If someone removes their blog post for the tutorial I can't magically POOF find it. Just google "felt fortune cookie how to". You're welcome, from "future" Leonora)

In case you were wondering, they all said yes ;)

How did you ask your bridesmaids?

Monday, October 28, 2013

How To Find Images on the Web That do NOT Link Back to their Source

How many times have you scoured pinterest while at the dentist office, during commercial breaks or in bed (I'll just go to bed when I get to the bottom of this page...ok the bottom of this the bottom of this page.. OH I refreshed YAY MORE PINS!) and you come across thee most perfect pin out there.

You know the pin. You come across a sweater. Its an aztec sweater, oh shes a beaut. You have been searching for thee most perfect cream and black aztec sweater that has gold beading all throughout. The length is perfect too, hits ya right at the waist. You swear your phone just started to glow a little brighter and you wipe away a tear of joy from your eye as your finger taps the image so you can be directed to the check out page so you can hurry up, click "add to cart" and start day dreaming what skinny jean and scarf combo will look great with that sweater.

Except, there is an error message. You let out a NOOOOOOOO, curse the azter sweater gods, shut down your phone and go to bed praying that this was all just a bad dream.

But its not a dream, this is real life, and that aztec sweater that you imagined in your head and have finally seen in the flesh is gone.

Enter me, wearing a fabulous pink cape with a gold script "L" on the back (can you visualize it? I look cute, right?) I am here to save the day! Do not fret guys, I got you.

Here is how you can find out where an image's source is so you can do the following:
• purchase items you see on pinterest that have no link backs
• properly credit artist's whose artwork goes viral with no credit linked back to them
• feature items on your blog and giving them the proper credit that they are due
• figure out where the original DIY post is so you can make whatever it is that caught your eye
• be able to send your friend that awesome link of the picture of that cat wearing a lobster costume

There are one of 2 ways to do this.
Number One:
• Right click and save the image in question to your desk top.
• Go to, it's this really awesome place that lets you find websites by hitting keywords. It's pretty trendy right now you've probably heard of it or used it before.
• Take that picture that you saved to your desk top and click and drag it to the "search" box. Once you see the search box change shape let go.

BAM all the websites out there containing that image show up. This trick works 90% of the time, sometimes people will feature that same image on their site with NO link back. Most of the time I usually find the shop that had the product I was looking for so I can purchase it.

Number Two:
Erika showed me this handy trick the other day! There is this website called it's the same concept as the google image option but instead of clicking and dragging your photo to the search bar just upload the image into the "browse" button located on that site.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So Much Explaining

So, life has been crazy hectic lately. Some of you probably noticed I have fallen slightly off the business/blog radar.

Life started to get a bit out of control the second Bub proposed. We were in the "OMG WE'RE, LIKE, FINALLY ENGAGED!" honeymoon la-la-land phase.

Two weeks later we hoped on a pane for Texas for a week to see his brother marry the love of his life.

We got home, I had to get my front tooth (yes *front* tooth) filed down so get fitted for a temporary bridge. I recovered from that. ("filed down" is putting it nicely. It was more like cutting my tooth in half and choking on chunks of tooth that were splintering off and getting stuck down my throat. It was disgusting and terrible)

1 week later it was my turn to be in my besties wedding. I spent the week before running around back and forth to Nordstrom doing a ton of dress fittings since they made it too small (WHO makes a dress TOO SMALL?!) (just stick me in a high school classroom with no teeth and everyone laughing at me and this is the perfect storm for a real life nightmare) BUT with just the right amount of time (and fabric) left to spare they pulled through.

Shortly after that I had to get my front tooth pulled. The recovery took longer than expected and I was in pain for 10 days. My stitches were tight and uncomfortable and it was difficult to eat.

While recovering we got the really sad news that Bub's grandfather was not doing so well. In the past when we got this kind of news Pop always bounced back to a full recovery. This time it was different. We spent the week soaking up as much time with him as we can before he passed away.

Family flew into town to see Pop, so we opened our doors to them. At this point we were behind on laundry (8 loads to be exact) (and if you were wondering yes we had to resort to the underwear hidden at the bottom of the drawer that you hold onto in case of an emergency, but you would rather not wear) and hadn't gone food shopping in weeks. The house was a disaster and I had at this point completely fallen behind on all Yellow Heart Art orders since I was busy spending time with family during this sad time.

For a solid 6 weeks life has been non stop full speed ahead, and it's still going. We had to put wedding planning and our engagement photo shoot on the back burner for the time being because there were more important things in life to deal with at that moment in time.

So, I take a deep breath, and slap on that black goop that football players put under their eyes to be more intimidating (or whatever that black goop is for, does anyone know?) and tackle life.

They always say "when it rains, its pours" and whoever "they" are is right. So excuse me as I play the "catch up on every single aspect of my life" game.

**bangs head on floor**

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weddings Weddings WEDDINGS!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be a bridesmaid in my college bestie's wedding. We go back 10 years (whaaaat??) and we've stayed in touch ever since! We met in photoshop 101 (in case anyone is wondering if I actual went to college to make pretty things all day...yes I did) and since then we've had our fair share of stressful "art school kids" moments.

• Having to draw ourselves life sized and nude
• Staying up till 2am finishing sculptures that involved power tools that were waaaaay out of our comfort zone
• Faking our way through every art critique by throwing in there words like "dominant and sub domination motion" "composition" " todays society..." "negative space" and "harmonious color palette"
• Having our art box fall at least once a week while running late to class which involved having to pick up charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, pastels, paints, inks, clay tools, pens, markers and sharpies. Our "art boxes" would inevitably always take a spill in front of the football team's dorm rooms on their way back from practice. Needless to say we didn't land many dates with the football team...
• Holding each other and stroking each other's hair when one of us would develop a roll of film that was over exposed.

From charcoal stained finger nails to now seeing you say "I do" I am so happy that you gave me the honor of standing by your side as you married the love of your life.

(psssttt im the one in the dark brown)

ummm, how cute is their "first look with out actually having a first look" (they wanted a photo before the wedding but didn't want to see each other. My heart melted into a giant pile of goo during this photo)

...and didn't I do a good job of re-creating Josh and Courtney as little wooden people for their wedding day??

...and now it's my turn! HUZZAH!!

all photos by Kristen Randolph

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Collaboration! (say haaaay)

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote on here, and with good reason too! Life has been a bit of a whirl wind ever since Bub popped the question to me. Over the course of 3 weeks we have been sooooooo busy (but good busy!) Bub was the best man for this brother's wedding and I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding so the 2 of us have been tying up loose ends for that.

I am so happy my "blogging comeback" involves this little lady over here. Melis designs pretty things all day over at Mila Rose Designs. Melis owns some Yellow Heart Art prints and I own some Mila Rose hair swag. One day the 2 of us were all like "Hey, wanna collab on a new turband?"


Introducing the limited edition Yellow Heart Art and Mila Rose Designs turband! Only available in our 2 shops. The band is made out of originally designed fabric that representatives the 2 of us. One side features dainty little gray, cream and purple hearts. The other side features soft water colored purple, gray and cream flowers. The 2 fabrics compliment each other in a way that adds the right amount of statement to any of your fall pieces!

I am so honored to be working with Melis. She has a ha-uge heart and amazing personality. Plus she told her family she eloped with her fiance by using cupcakes--does it get any more radder than that?

We can not wait to hear about what you guys think of our new collab! Melis hand sewed each one of these turbands using a soft gray elastic band so it can mold to your head.

Wanna nab one? There is only a limited run available and you can snatch one up here!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

That Time I Accidentally Live Instagrammed My Marriage Proposal (I SAID YES!)

This weekend is one for the record books. It all started out when I asked Bub if we can have a "Steve and Leonora" weekend. We had just bought a house so pretty much every weekend this summer consisted of:

• Packing
• Unpacking
• Moving
• Painting
• Home Depot runs
• Lowes Visits
• Tearing down walls
• Celebrating Weddings
• Celebrating babies
• Playing host/hostess to family members
• Throwing surprise parties
• Going to BBQs

…we were beat and needed some serious "us" time.

Back track 3 years ago I had thrown Bub a scavenger hunt. He really loved it and I had told him I always wanted one as well. Since I am usually the one making plans for us to do stuff he said he would take the reins this weekend and plan something for us to do.

Saturday morning we wake up and he hands me a card. It was my first clue, but I had to wait 10 minutes before opening it because bub needed a head start to run around our home town and place the clues everywhere. I needed a time killer because staring at the oven clock waiting for it to be "11:50" was killing me, so naturally I turned to insta-gram. I thought it would be fun to document my scavenger hunt so it felt like I was doing it with everyone.

I instagramed my first clue, opened it up and it read "If it gets too hot we can cool off with some ices….MARCO?!"

I hoped in my car and drove to Ralphs Italian Ices. (and no "MARCO" isn't a weird endearing nick-name bub gave me. I am always screaming MARCO at Bub when I sneak away from him in public places, and that is how he has to find me) (he really hates this game)

When I got to ralphs I really had no idea what to expect. Did he leave a clue in the parking lot? Do I need to buy an ice? Am I even at the right place?

I walk up to the girl behind the counter and start off with "…ummm this is gonna sound weird but--" and before i could finish my sentence she was like "NO NO THIS ISN'T WEIRD AT ALL HERE YOU GO!" and hands me a yellow ballon, a toy car, and another card.

I Instagram the Ralphs location, and open my card. The clue brought me to the place where Bub had attempted to teach me how to drive a stick shift (It didn't end well, in case you are wondering I can only get it into 1st gear) (or is it already in 1st gear when you start the car? Whatever, the point is cars should NOT go backwards when you take your foot off the break) (its unnatural) (and makes couples argue)

I pull up into the parking lot and see a yellow balloon off in the distance. I drive up to it only to find it attached to a park bench that is currently occupied by 4 people on their lunch break. I run up, grab the balloon like a stealthy ninja, and jump back into my car. At this point people are commenting on my instagram photos saying that I am going to end up with a fiance by the end of this scavenger hunt. I didn't think anything of it and soon became mortified with the idea of telling 1,700 people that no, I'm not engaged, this is just Bub being Bub.

My 3rd clue brought me to the local park that we go to sometimes to picnic, play frisbee, or just go for a walk. Unfortunately you need to be a town resident to use the park. I hadn't change addresses yet so I was technically not a town resident (even though I am) I rolled up to the little park booth thing-a-ma-jig and start again with my "hi this is gonna sound weird…" speech only for the girl at the booth to just wave me on. She saw the yellow balloons taking over my car and knew I was here for the scavenger hunt that bub had left for me.

I collect another clue and another yellow balloon (All my clues were stuck to the balloons with duct tape, true Bub fashion). I opened the last card and it read "…swing on by for a kiss…MARCO!"

So I drive to the swing set where bub and I had our first kiss (I know, very Dawson's creek a la 1996). I pull up, get out of the car, walk over to the swing set only to not find any yellow balloons there.

Ahhhh crap.

I call up Bub, admit defeat and that I am at the wrong swing set. I have no clue how to get to "ours". He laughs, gives me directions, and I get going again. I get out of the car and see bub in the distance swinging on the swings while holding a yellow balloon. He starts yelling "MARCOOOOO" and I yell back "POLLOOOOOO" as I walk over to him, give him a kiss and park on the swing next to him. A few minutes go by so I assume the hunt is over and we can now go and get some lunch like we had planned.

Before we were about to leave bub gets up off his swing, stands in front of me and kisses me (reenacting how we shared our first kiss) he then goes on to say how I'm his best friend, and how much he loves me, and how he wants to keep loving me forever…at this point I blurt out "OMG is this really happening right now?!" and he goes "Yes, this is happening" and gets down on one knee. I pretty much black out and don't remember what happened, but I came to and found a ring on my finger and a bub wrapped around me.

We hear clapping in the background and I'm all like "OMG HE HIRED A PHOTOGRAPHER!" and out of no where this dude walks over to us, says he saw the whole thing, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Bub whispered in my ear "I have no clue who this guy is…at all"

We hop in the car and start the whole "LET'S TELL THE ENTIRE WORLD!" tour. I purposely never instagrammed that he proposed to me because we wanted to share that special moment with close friends and family first before announcing it there. After telling all our friends and family we hit up the local amusement park and celebrated by acting like a kid and riding some rides (it only seemed appropriate since we started off the day on a swing set)

And that, kids, is the story on how I inadvertently live insta-grammed my marriage proposal. How was your labor day weekend? ;)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Wearing Puppies

You don't see too many photos of my mug show up on my blog, and theres a reason for that.

1. I work full time on top of having Yellow Heart Art so its hard to squeeze in some selfies after hustlin' the 9-5 gig. All I wanna do when I come home from work is open my fridge and eat the first slightly appetizing thing that makes eye contact with me. Sometimes its a sandwich, sometimes its a bottle of ketchup.

2. I am not exactly totally ok with myself, but I am working on that

3. I haven't bought a new outfit since, like, 2011.

But look at this uh-dor-able dress that Kintage hooked me up with!

As you can see it past my "twirly" test. The best part? From a distance the dress looks like its just another run-of-the-mill polka dotted dress... but then you get close to me and you're all like "whoa what? is this some kind of magic eye dress you got going on here girl?" (ok, did I just date myself by referencing those magic eye books. Raise your hand if you stayed crossed eyed longer than you wanted to at age 10)

Dress: c/o Kintage, Reign of Terrier Dog Print Dress
Necklace: c/o Flawed Perfect Jewelry (use "LEONORAROCKS" for 10% off weeee)
Cardi: Kohls
Shoes: Target 

YES THOSE ARE FREKKIN DOGS ON MY DRESS! (or, if you're from Long Island we like to call them "dawgs" sometimes we walk them while on our way to get some "cawfee" and "chawclet" at the shopping "mawl") (it's ok guys, I cringe when I talk too)

It's like I get to channel my inner Lady Gaga by wearing a bunch of puppies.

Ok, it's nothing like that at all.

I paired this dress with my favorite flawed perfection jewelry necklace. The confetti colors gave it that extra "pop" I wanted. Also this necklace kinda plays a trick on you too, you can actual purchase different bead strands and change out your necklace to fit your mood or outfit! (For me I think I'll have them match my outfit, I tend to change my mood way too much)

Do you have any outfits that play tricks on you?