Thursday, August 25, 2011

Young Love (and junk)

Ahhh young love. Young love makes ya feel so good and makes ya feel all squishy and junk.

Which is why from time to time I like to text Bub lil reminders that I, his ever so devoted and caring girlfriend, is missing on him like whoa.

Last Night's Text Message:

I said:
Just thinking about you <3 miss ya!

Now, let's play a game. What do you all think Bub said in return?

A) Love of my life where art THOU! Thou is the brightest flower I havs't ever seen. Your beauty so gentle, your eyes so kind. I lovest thee!

B) I miss you too babe!

C) I almost melted the tupperware in the microwave, then I almost burned my hands.

If you guessed B then you are wrong. Also, I don't know anyone who speaks like A. If you guessed C then CONGRATS you speak "bub-lish"

Isn't he the dreamiest? He just knows what to say to make me go all "hay HAY haaay". I thought the part about him stating how he almost burnt his hands off was a real nice touch.

Oh, I never showed you guys a photo from our anniversary a few weeks back! My apologies. We took a lil vacation to atlantic city. As you all know when 2 people go on vaca somewhere its so impossible to get decent photos of the 2 of you together. That is why self timer is my best friend.

Well, at least, I thought it was my best friend.

oh, that photo above? Contrary to popular belief I am not strangling my boyfriend. About 3 seconds before the long extended BEEEEEEEEEP went off bub felt the sudden need to completely screw up the photo.

me: what.was.THAT?
bub: I don't know, I got the sudden urge to drop kick an imaginary door and hold a fake gun.
me: and you felt the sudden urge to do this during our 3 year anniversary photo together?
bub: yep.
me: I'm sorry, am I dating chuck norris??

sigh. I really do love this boy.

anyone? am I alone out here? Beuler?


  1. I did actually guess C, because that is what my husband would probably text to me, too. Also, the anniversary photo and explanation was hilarious!

  2. ah, true love. :)
    I love the text + the photo!!
    TOO funny!

  3. this is wonderful! and sounds like my boyfriend. He tends to nija kick around the house every so often. for no reason.

  4. I get a lot of food related texts from my hubs also. I really do think food is the number 1 thing in a man's life, and women can just be whatever haha. Love your photo op :)

    -rachel w k

  5. Ha I actually love this because most of OUR photos together are EXACTLY the same pose, smile, EVERYTHING. In fact recently as I was going through many of them from over the years I actually noticed we even stand on the same sides each time without even meaning to. Ugh.

  6. that convo at the end?! has. me. cracking. up!


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