Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I really hate the "Christmas Blues"

Ya know, the day after christmas and all that magic just seems kinda gone?

You get no more "magic" sent to you in the mail either, which means no more cards to add to your "Smash-Folio" from awesome bloggie friends (*ahem* I'm talk bout this lovely lady & this awesome gal)

It makes me feel all blob-esque.

I don't know how blobs feel per say, but I can imagine they don't feel awesome.

But you know what is awesome? Getting to look back at all your ballin' swag and reliving those memories again.
Brace yourself for one of the best frekkin gifts I have even gotten from the Bubs.

Oh hey, whats that?

That would be a hand painted locket made by this lil lady over here.

I found Khara's shop about a year ago and have swooned over her lockets about once a week since then. When it comes to jewelry I NEVER tell bubs what to get me. I want him to pick something out on his own that he thinks I would love, so that when I wear it I think of *him* and not me going to some bling bling shop and being all like "Yeah, that one--get that"
Mama doesn't need no sugar daddy.

But this year I did ask him to hit up Khara and work with her to put something sentimental inside of a locket for me. That way I knew I was getting a locket, but I had NO CLUE what would be on the inside.

And yes, the swings are so "Dawson's Creek" circa 1996 b/c Bubs and I had our first kiss on a swing set.

Consider myself impressed by Bub's decision on what to put inside.

What is even more mind blowing is that this locket is only, like, .5" wide (if that) and the fact that she can get THAT MUCH detail in such a tiny area is, well, unfathomable.

and if you're not impressed by my art, check out some of her other lockets that made me fall in love with her shop:

some other suh-weet swag I got was a curling stick so I can be an honoaray Kardashian and have long curly hair (hey, my ass alone can make me a Kardashian)

oh hey, you noticed my photos are looking quite vintage these days? Could it be that Leonora has hopped on the insta-bandwagon?

Why yes, yes I have.

And no, I didn't get an iPhone (and we don't talk about the fact that I *used* to have an iPhone but was then forced to switch to a droid to be a part of bub's family plan) (even when I went to make "the switch" the dude at verizon was all like "wow, you are the first person to ever come to me with an iphone and want a droid) (and I was all like "Bro, I dont *want* a droid") (sorry, I'm doing that thing again where I ramble using parenthesis to break up my thoughts) (ok im done)

BUT I did get this lil fella instead:

and no, by "lil fella" I am not talking bout the 1/2 naked dude on the right.

I'm talkin' bout Bartholomew! (Yes I named my iPad Bartholomew) (ok thats a lie) (or is it)

Me touching iPad, bub touching my nose, it was a magical moment that I caught on insta-film.

What did you loves get for xmas?

Friday, December 23, 2011


Wanna see a Christmas Miracle?

...why yes, that is photographic proof that I, Leonora Jennifer, can be domesticated.


Wanna know what else is a Christmas Miracle? I just hooked you up BIG TIME over at Sandy's Blog with some FREE cupcake flag printables! She let me guest post for her while he is busy preparing for her sweet lil baby :)
you can use these bad boys JUST in time for the holidays!

Watcha waitin' for? GO GO GO!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Things for 2012!

Um hey 2011 where did you go?

Since you decided to up and leave on me I guess I'm gonna have to start prepping for 2012.

hopefully that doesn't mean making a bomb shelter and stocking up on MRE's

Like I know supposedly some serious shizznat is supposed to go down real bad according to the 'ol Mayans here, and all I gotta say is that I live on an Island so if we get hit with a tidal wave please just make it super fast.

But guys don't worry the end of the world is just going to have to wait--you see my car payments are FINALLY done in 2012 and I would like to know what it feels like to officially OWN a car. So Mr.Tidal wave you're just not wanted here.

Some other things I am prepping for 2012

• Finally lose some "love" weight (and by love I mean love handles, let's be honest, no one wants to hold onto those bad boys)

• Take Yellow Heart Art to the next level! (i have no idea what that means, so if you do I would gladly like your input-ha)

• To never stop lovin' up on the Bubs

• Volunteer my time doing *something* with bubs (whether it be habitat for humanity or spending time at an animal shelter) (and yes there is a really high possibility that if I opt for the animal shelter I'm going to own a puppy zoo) (you are all welcome to come & frolic with the puppies)

• Try a new craft

• Do something out of my comfort zone (I have already tried skiing, parasailing, & a crazy slingshot ride in atlantic city, just call me Evel Knievel)

• Meet some bloggie friends in fo-realz life

• Stop being so hard on myself

• To not spend more than $15 on shirts and $30 on bottoms. Also going to attempt to re-work my current wardrobe into new pieces of awesome wearable art.

Also? Here is a sneak peek at some new squishables coming to the shop! in 2012

how frekkin adorbs is Ilene from Much Love, Illy?

Ya see over the past year Ilene and I have dubbed ourselves BFFs. As a little Christmas gift I sent her over a little miniature version of some new yellow heart art swag! I know she loves to take photos with any and all cameras so I thought it was fitting for her :)

They'll be up sometime in January. I am so stoked about these-they are MEGA fun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday! The "Vintage" edition

I love love LOVE this branding that I did for Chris over at Lane and Luxe Soapery.

She wanted a vintage "carnival" feel with a ton of detail and texture.

I present, Le Logo (I like putting "le" in front of things, makes me feel fancy)

and no logo is complete with out an etsy shop banner as well!

Also need swanky business cards to give out to clients!
(the blurred out parts are so that Chris' personal info isn't all out there in cyber land)

Finally, I present to you, Le Shipping Label

waddya you guys think? Do you love or do you love?

Thank you Chris for having me be a part of your shop branding! Can not WAIT to see these bad boys in the flesh <3

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

oh, hey there suh-weet giveaway for a shabby apple dress-hurry and enter today is the LAST DAY! (merry christmas to YOU)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Holiday Tutorials at Ashley's Blog

wanna see where I am hiding this week?
Check me out over at Ashley's Blog to see some awe-some pinterest inspired holiday DIYs!

Thanks Ashley for letting me guest post!

Also? Didja enter to win a shabby apple dress yet? If not, umm, hello, it's FAH-REE!

aaand as a holiday gift to you lovelies I am doing the "12 days till christmas" sales on my facebook page! One item a day from my etsy shop will be discounted for 24 hours, make sure we're besties over there so you can get in on the deals too! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway! ((CLOSED))


I love it when there is a shop out there that is just so good they make my "Hey, if when I win the lotto I would have no problem at all blowing it all here" list.

One of those few lovelies is Shabby Apple (warning, if you click that link you will have a serious case of "the swoons"). If you have not visited their website then you need to minimize my blog right now and go to their lovely page STAT. You will be greeted with thee best looking vintage inspired dresses & women's jewerly that I have ever seen before. (But please come back b/c I really dig having you guys here)

The below will make you wanna empty your bank account and go all "WEEEEE *CLICK* ADD TO CART" postal. We are not responsible for this action.

proceed at your own risk.

Are you guys ready to *really* lose your minds? Pretty sure you're going to squeal louder than a 16 year old chick who just ran into Just Bieber at the mall.
Yes, celebrities shop at the mall too. I know, my mind is blown also.


Shabby Apple is giving away to one lucky Yellow Heart Art reader a GOR to the GEOUS Bali-Hai dress!  (daymn gurl I can hear ya squeal all the way from over here)

 I'm not going to even ask ya if you want in, cause it's a total "duh" for me. By the way, totally upset that I'm not eligible for this lovely. This bad boy retails for $78 buck-a-roos.

Mandatory for Entering:
Go "Like" shabby apple on Facebook! Also, tell 'em Yellow Heart Art sent ya! (Extra Bonus: They are ALWAYS having deals and coupon codes on there, so its a win win!)

Extra Credit!
Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each additional entry in order for them to count! Shabby Apple was super kind to give away a lovely dress to one of you all, so we do check to make sure all entries are valid :) any invalid entries will go away into the abyss of cyber space (aka deleted) (let's not do that guys) (cause I really want you to win!) Also only US entries only please! :)

1. Be a follower of my blog (Yellow Heart Art) via google friend connect and leave me a comment letting me know that you are :)

2. "Like" Yellow Heart Art on facebook and come say "waddup!"

3. Follow both Yellow Heart Art and Shabby Apple on twitter! You must also tweet about this giveaway. In your tweet please include "@yellowheartart" "@shabbyapple" and the link to this giveaway. Too much work? Then copy and paste our pre-made tweet! :)

"Guess who is playing Santa this holiday season? @YellowHeartArt is giving away @Shabbyapple dress! http://bit.ly/u27KuL"

4. Blog or Facebook about this giveaway! Include our giveaway post URL in your blog post or facebook comment. Come back to my blog and leave me a comment with the link to your URL letting us know you did so!

5. Visit Shabby Apple's official website and lemme know which outfit you want under your tree!

6. Subscribe to Yellow Heart Art's Newsletter! ( I do get an email notification letting me know you signed up! so please leave me the beginning part of your email in the comments below--weeee)

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Giveaway will remain open till Next Wednesday, the 21st. Winner Announced Thursday December 22nd! (Merry Christmas to YOU!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

I am so excited to write up this blog post.

A month or so ago I was seeing tweets for something called "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts". After channeling my inner sherlock (and by inner sherlock I mean typing phrases into google) I found out that Cold Hands, Warm Hearts was a lil bloggie event that Ilene and Sandy hosted.

Basically, a bunch of bloggers sign up, Sandy and Ilene hook you up with a partner, and you swap a pair of gloves (or other goodies) with your new BFF.

When I got Kimmie from Sugar and Dots I was all like "whoa, jack pot". She's super sweet, super funny, and pretty sure we were separated at birth.

The second we found out we were each other's partner we instantly became besties. Our emails range in topics to attempting to bring back fanny packs to figuring out a way to make an all girl version of the 1990s hit rap group "Kriss Kross" (we would obviously keep the tradition alive of wearing our clothes "krissed krossed" by sporting our fanny packs backwards) (clearly) (please tell me you know who kriss kross is) (if not please take the next 3 minutes and 18 seconds to re-familiarize yourself) (you are welcome in advanced)

Check out the suh-weet swag Kimmie got for me!

Ballin Mustard Scarf?


Super cute handmade Mustard, Black & White Hair Bling?


Oh hey, where your gloves be at??


Oh yes, those would be Handerpants on my digits.
These gloves are solid. They even make me bust out into "Jazz Hands" and Madonna's "Vogue" dance.

Betcha didn't know there was such a thing out there as underwear for your hands, huh?

Thank you so much Kimmie for all your swag!!! I am so happy we got to "meet" via this awesome swap.

Check out what I sent Kimmie here.

Also? Wanna be BFFs with her and be part of our Girl Rap Group?

you can find her at these places!

Linking up with Ilene from Much Love, Illy <3

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Traditions!

This weekend was busy busy BUSY

but also a ton of frekkin fun.

Last year bubs and I went into NYC to do the typical tourist-y stuff that one does when it comes to this time of year.
Last year we got a smooch by the tree:

and tried to recreate this magical moment this year as well, but it was an epic failure

yeah. can you appreciate that awesome bright blur of a tree in the background?

oh, you can't?

Thats cause when this picture was taken we were being shoved around by so many people, and we felt super awkward doin' the 'ol "hey let's take a photo of ourselves a la myspace circa 2001"

Not only did we see the tree, but we also hit up Bryant Park for THEE BEST frekkin hot chocolate that your tastebuds will ever experience.

Imagine taking a chocolate bar, melting it down, then drinking it.

Oh, and you know that feeling you get when you play with a pile of super cute adorable puppies? Thats how you will feel when you drink this amazing liquid wonder, times 10.

Last Years Shot:

and this year

and no trip to the city isn't complete with out an awkward picture next to some random tree.

some things you should know about this photo, because I feel really bad misleading all you fine folks.

1. that jacket? it rocks, right? Oh, you noticed its a ski jacket? Yeah. I don't ski. The one time I did try to ski it ended terribly. Bub and I almost broke up and I ended up going down a hill "Matrix Style" at a 90* angle while my back dragged on the floor and my legs were bent with my skis on the snow "skiing" me down.

Never. Again.

2. why do I own a ski jacket? Well, it's on oakley jacket, and it retails for way over 200 bucks. I nabbed it in Marshals for 50 buck-a-roos.

Who wins? Me.

who also doesn't ski? Me.

3. See those cute leather light brown "toggle clasps" near my collar bone/chest area? Well, they're fake snaps. They dont do anything at all. How do we know this? While waiting for the train to take us into the city bub got antsy and startle to fiddle with my jacket. He wanted to see what the little toggle unsnapped to. It unsnaps to nothing. Now there is a .25" hole under my toggle.

Thanks bub.

4. Yes, said ripping of my jacket led to a fight.

5. Yes, I did try to rip his jacket back

caused a scene.

6. No I did not succeed.


7. he'll just have to sleep with one eye open--while wearing his jacket.

evil grin.

who knew there were 7 points I needed to make about this photo?

moving on.

There are also vendors in Bryant Park, a TON of vendors that sell way awesome swag.

I nabbed a suh-weet leather wallet that has handmade artwork transferred onto it.

(art by studiomanhattan.com)

and got this super fun retro-tin prints for our new digs.

as you can see there was some serious compromising going on with these prints. I really love the retro look and bub, well, really dug the sayings.


Please dont show up to our apartment topless, you will not get free drinks.

We of course ended the night with some window displays at Macys

what christmas traditions do you guys have?

Oh and my apologies for the photos-I was NOT schlepping my giant DSLR camera into the city during christmas time. It's heavy, its uncomfortable and not to mention really hard to operate while wearing mittens. Also New Yorkers hate it when they see people sporting these cameras, nothing screams OBNOXIOUS TOURIST ALERT then one of those puppies.

Until next time folks.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Works In Progress Wednesday! The "New Stuff!!" Edition

Now that we had to move the clocks back (or forward? I forget, I can't keep track of this stuff) by the time I get home from my full time graphic design gig there is ZERO daylight for me to take any photos of new swag I make for the shop!

This is so stinkin' stressful because every weekend I have to do an "anti-rain" dance to make sure the weather gods have mercy on me and have sunny skies for my product shots.

Didya know there was an "anti-rain" dance? Me either. Basically I just do "the sprinkler" repeatedly in our living room.

Bubs has learned to ignore any and every random action I do for now on.
Unsure if I am ok with this yet or not. But it seems to work for us.

But here is what I took pictures of this past weekend!

Some completely NEW products! Introducing some bling-bling for your hair/scarf/cardigan/dog's collar (Hey, pooches deserve to be in fashion too ya know)

you can find more of these cay-oot flower lovelies here.

Each one was hand designed by me on the computer, then placed on fabric, sewed to felt and attached to an alligator clip & pin so it can either be hair swag or jacket bling.

We even added some more fun Squishable Art! Our "his and her undies" pillow sets in Mustard & Gray and Blue & Deep Red. Perfect for those quriky couples, bachelorette parties & Wedding Decor!

just like the flower pins, these undies are all hand drawn by me graphically on the computer, then hand sewed & stuffed with ooey gooey love and stuff.

Also? Didja want Santa Baby to decorate your christmas with some decorations bought at Tiffany's Yellow Heart Art? Well, I think we can hook you up with some diamonds on the cheap!

Also in case you missed our December 5th deadline to get your christmas orders in you can still give Yellow Heart Art to someone on your nice (or naughty) list by hooking them up with one of our new gift cards!

They come in the following amounts: $20, $30, $50 and $100

Happy Shopping Loves!