Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday! (and shop sneak peek!)

I  love being a graphic designer. I still get blown away when I get an email from someone out there in cyber land that says to me "LOVE your stuff! design my blog?" or "this print NEEDS to be in my nursery" and of course "hey you're pretty rad, let's be friends?"

ok, so the last one doesn't happen too often. But if you do think I'm pretty rad I highly recommend that we be besties. We can eat high caloric content food while talking about boys.

Some of my most FAVORITE custom orders come from other homegirls that also have etsy shops.

It's like creativity overload--we shoot ideas back and forth and then BAM something totally magical and epic happens. (Did I really just say BAM? Why did I go all Emeril Lagasse on you guys?)

Here are 2 recent custom orders that I made for Andrea from Bubblewrapp'd and Heather from Just Lovely Things.

Seriously, if you don't already know these lovely ladies (which I dont know how you WOULDN"T know them b/c their stuff is, like, super duper awesome times a bagillion) then I really think know that you should check em out! (trust me, you will not be disappointed. Cross my heart, girl scouts honor and circle circle dot dot now I have the cootie shots) (ok, cootie shots have nothing to do with this blog post, but I had a throw back to elementary school for a hot sec--it happens)

Andrea recruited me to revamp her current Etsy shop, Bubblewrapp'd. She was in love with the idea of something that was clean, modern, but still had a lil UMPH, a lil PIZAZZ a lil HEY HOW YOU DOIN'?

Check out her Etsy Banner:

Etsy Avatar:

and Swanky "Reserved For" button for custom orders! (Cause homegirl gets A TON of custom orders)

and in case you didn't believe me when I said that homegirl gets a bunch of custom orders then go ahead and check out some of her swag in her shop. She makes these ballin' wooden blocks with vinyl lettering over 'em. Perfect for sprucing up your home on a budget. These cute blocks are really affordable--and bonus? Andrea is so fun to work with! Mega budget plus Mega cuteness = mega win.

see? toldja.

Wanna find Andrea? Catch her at these places and tell her I said YO:
[shop] [blog] [twitter]

Also when you visit her blog you may or may not have a chance to win a print from yours truly over there! Get on it cause we are doing limited giveaways!

Another shop that I am so IN to the LOVE with is Heather's from Just Lovely Things.

I am about to admit something here, and this is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE.

I own 7 headbands from heather.


What? If you saw her swag you would own 7 too.

and also? I am no where NEAR done with my growing collection.

I contacted Heather a while back and was all like "bro, we gotta trade man"

(ok, I didn't say it like that per say)

but she was stoked about the handmade trade and I joined her in the stoked-ness.

Heather told me what kinda suh-weet prints she wanted up in her "just lovely" home (like how I used "just lovely" right there?) so we brain stormed and came up with these prints for her and hub's bed side:

She also wanted a print to put up by her mailbox. Ignore the blurred out section--I didn't think Heather would appreciate me blasting her personal home address all over cyber space ha!

Girl has got a good eye.

And now, a slide show of me wearing all my headbands made by Heather. Feel free to sing a little of Green days "Closing Time" to yourself (I dont know why but slide shows always seem to include Green Day)

Baby's first "Just Lovely"

Yep--she also makes Bows.

Triple the Ruffles, triple the handmade goodness.

Don't question my face and jazz hands. It needed to be done. are you obsessed yet? If so I'm starting a support group if you are so don't worry--I got your back.

Find Heather Over Heeea! Tell her I said "werd"

[blog] [facebook] [twitter] [shop]

Also, you guys have been hearing for fah-evah about Yellow Heart Art's grand re-opening come mid October! Now I'm giving you guys a sneak peek of one of my new items!

Umm hey, guess what?

This necklace is one of a kind and is only for sale here on my blog :)

If you want it please e-mail me (yellowheartart at gmail dot com) there is only one available! ($30.00 plus $3.00 shipping)

This pretty sits on an 18" silver plated chain. The saying "I Make Pretty Things All Day" is actually not a font! I hand wrote the words graphically on my computer. I had my artwork printed onto fabric (THANK YOU AMY FOR THE SUGGESTION! this has saved me so much time) and then placed in this pendant tray! A cute yellow heart sits on top of the gray text.

I will have more necklaces in my shop with this saying BUT not designed like this (thus the whole "one of a kind" speal)

Not into the new necklace? Check out my current blog sale for my discontinued necklaces being sold at more than 50% off!

[here] [and here] [necklace giveaway here (surprise!)]

Holy long blog post batman--homegirl signing out.


  1. Holy crazy- I'm working on the Scatter Girls linky right now and this week it is your suggestion of works in progress! Hope to see this post there :)

  2. You are so talented girl!! I love your headband collection sideshow + your pretty new necklace!! You are amazing!!!!

  3. (I think you may have meant Semisonic's Closing Time? or Green Day's Time of Your Life? ;)

    Love all your stuff, though! So cute =)

  4. girl, i'm already sung your praises, am I right? so i say we're besties, no? ;)
    amazing work by ALL of you ladies; i'm in handmade awe over here.

  5. I love your blog! You are a riot to read!!! Thanks for linking up on Scatter Girls, I'm a new follower :)


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