Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Faves! (the "I want alllll of this for my birthday" edition) oh and a winnah!

Hey you guys! Today is thee last day that I, Leonora Jennifer P, will be in my mid twenties. As of tomorrow (April 30th) yours truly will join the "late twenties" club...and I think I'm ok with this.

I tend to have really exciting ways of celebrating my birthday.

I eat cupcake floral arrangements
 I sport a tiara. What? The only other time one can wear a tiara for no reason is in Disney World--so let me have my glory ok?

I ride "hogs" (hogs: see also motorcycle) in fact I am so good at ridin' a motorcycle that I can ride mine AND steer my friend's at the same exact time. Mad skills man.

I get sweaty at bars. (PS-sweat is not the new black. Sweat will never ever be cute--but I was told once that girls dont sweat, we glisten. I'm unsure who these glistening gals are but I for one am a sweater)

I go to "adventure land" and ride the merry-go-round (I had to fight off a lil girl to get this horse. I figured it was ok cause it was my birthday and I wanted an awesome facebook profile photo, does that make me a bad person? Ok good, I didn't think so either)

...and you forget how fast the "musical express" was when the last time you rode it was when you were 5. Somehow a violently fast roller coaster seemed a lot more fun when you were 5 and not 25.

Ok, nuff bout me and my "big day" let's get on to the fun stuff--I now present to you my friday faves, the "Hey, I'm the birthday girl, and I want alllll these things" edition (Disclaimer: no way in heck is homegirl getting item #1, but a sweaty girl can dream, right? Right)

1. Apple iPad2 (mega swoonie swoon)
3. Super Hero cape (I never can seem to find these in adult sizes, weird)
4. Overwhelmed Aster Dress by Anthropolgie
5. Verdant Slip Dress by Anthropologie (oh why oh why are you so expensive??)
7. Heart in the Shadows Ring by Ollipop

le sigh. Happy Birthday to me and to you!

The winner of our Moxie Mandie Giveaway is the lovely Alison!
Contact me Ali for your prize <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesay!

Hello Wednesday! Its so nice to see you again.

Ya know what else starts with a "W" besides Wednesday? (no, not walleteer, which apparently means "one who carries a wallet". Who knew? You have my permission to wow your friends & use this word the next time you bust out scrabble--ok back to the matter at hand) "W" also stands for "Whippy cake"

Hey, whats a whippy cake?
This, my friends, is a whippy cake.
How fun are these little hair pieces? Seriously, every girl needs 3 things in life.
1. a go-to little black dress
2. a hidden stash of your favorite food on hand at all times
3. a whippy cake to instantly dress up any outfit

Unfortunately I had to take these photos inside so we're gonna have to do this in pieces

Hair Accessories: Whippy Cake
Infinity Scarf: American Apparel
Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy
White Long Sleeve: Old Navy
Jeggings: (I think this is a big DUH here, get all jeggings at Gilly Hicks!)

and wanna see what supah cute shoes I have to go with this outfit?

didja guess rainboots from the tractor supply shop in texas? Cause if you did then you're right.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! (Hey all you Texans how did I do?)

HEY! (sorry, didn't mean to yell) Have you seen all these fun goodies?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesdays! Free Printables (Hi Ma)

Mom (mohm, noun. see also a lovely individual who works the equivalent of 3 full time jobs, always has some sort of edible food on the table & is the queen of time outs and nap times)

Ya know what else mom digs? (Besides coupon books & foods that don't stain clothes) is chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Ya know what goes good with chocolate? (what's that Leonora?) some free printable Hershey wrappers! Now both Mom and her chocolate bars get to be fashionable this Mother's Day.

Click to open in new window, save to desk top and print print print!

Love ya mom!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Faves! (The I'm a diet do I'll live vicariously through my blog edition)

I love food (ok there I said it, ok??) Like maybe a lil toooo much. I can't help it, if you cut me I would probably bleed cake batter and marinara sauce (strictly Mom's home made marinara sauce of course! Wouldn't have it any other way--a lil holla goin out to Mom over here...not that she has any idea how to use the internet).

I now present to you a plethora of food that I, Leonora Jennifer, am obsessed with. I now commence the carbs and sugar obsession:

1. Starbucks tall light caramel frappuccino (hold the whip!) 
2. Starbucks new birthday cake pops! (Guys, these are heavenly AND cheap. Yes, it tastes good and won't break the bank--I'll take 46 please) 
3. Blue Bell Vanilla icecream (I had the chance to try this epic dairy creation while in Texas. NY isn't blessed to have this creamy wonder and that upsets me)
4. Chicken Fajitas
5. Penne alla Vodka
6. The infamous Entenmen's Devils Food Marshmellow Cake (This stuff makes me go into a sugar coma every time. I even request it as my birthday cake--my family hates me for it because this cake is a whoopin' 3 bucks. But hey if I want cheap epic cake for my birthday then cheap epic cake is what I'm gonna get ok?!)

What foods are you willing to break your diet for?

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Also not only do I work full time as a graphic designer, have an etsy shop and do freelance projects I ALSO write some nifty photo tutorials for photojojo! check it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Lovely Shop & Another Giveaway! (Aren't You Lucky? Yep, You Are)

Have you guys met Mandie?

Mandie is the lovely seamstress behind Moxie Mandie!

(she also has a soft spot in her heart for some seriously rad rainboots-which coincidentally enough so do I)

Mandie's shop is full of fun, vibrant clutches, pouches, housewares and note cards. (I know, there is nothing this girl cant do)

(mustard yellow with a gray band? I'll take 2 please)

I had a chance to ask Mandie some questions (guys this is hard, I have a new found respect for Barbara Walters. I think I'll just stick to designing pretty prints ha)

Totally in love with The Office (Jim Halpert may or may not have something to do with it) Which TV show are ya diggin'?
My fav tv show is either Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy. Totally different, but I'm loyal to each. :)
What do you love most about having your own little etsy shop-a-roo?
The thing I love most about having an etsy shop is doing what I love- designing, and seeing people buy the things that I've designed. It's really reassuring and affirming to me that maybe these crazy thoughts I have aren't actually that crazy after all!
Ok, let's hear it. What's your secret talent--and...GO!
My secret talent is *always* being able to find whatever my husband can't find in the refrigerator, and usually within about 15 seconds. :)
Finally, when was the world blessed with Mandie?
My birthday is July 15
Thanks Mandie!

Speaking of Birthdays Mandie has a coupon code going on for FREE SHIPPING for any item in her etsy shop! Enter FREESPRING at check out (expires on April 30th, hey I like that date, I believe thats when the world was blessed with Leo2theNora)
By the way, Mandie gets even cooler. One lucky gal will get to win one of Mandy's supah cute zipper clutches! (I know, swoon away my dears)

sooooo want in? (why is this even a question?)

Mandatory for entering: You must be a follower of Yellow Heart Art via google friend connect and leave me a comment letting me know when your birthday is!

Whats that? You want more entries? Ok you twisted my arm. In order to be eligible for multiple entries you must leave a separate comment for each.

1. Be a follower of Mandie's blog
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Good Luck Guys!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

ok guys this post is gonna be a lil wonky (you've been warned). The weather has been pretty sucky up here in NY and your home girl's hair was being temperamental (ya know that one piece of stubborn hair that always seems to fall right smack in the middle of your field of vision? Well, imagine that times, like, 10) so instead I decided to bust out a photo of me looking pretty rad at my lil nephew's 1st bday party (1st bday parties in my family are taken very seriously. You only turn 1 once)

((Cousin, Me, Sister & Cousin-AKA the big eyed family))

can't ya tell we're a wee bit related?

Infinity Scarf: American Apparel
Purple Shirt Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Old Navy
Skinny Belt: Madewell
((Not seen: Chocolate Brown Leggings from Abercrombie & Brown Knee High Boots))

I also have a long lost sister I forgot to tell you guys about.
Yep, New Jersey's own SNOOK-AY!
(just kidding, but imagine if this was true?)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! (Easy Peasy Birthday Card!)

Know someone who has a birthday coming? (I do, this really crazy chick. She wears heart shaped sunglasses and has an unhealthy obsession with the color mustard yellow--in fact you might even know her) This is a really supah easy DIY for those days when your local hallmark store only has "hey, sorry your new puppy piddle on the floor--again" cards in stock instead of those faboosh happy birthday ones.


• Roll-o-tape
• Some scissors
• Mega sized whole punches (any shape your little heart desires. As for me? I dig cupcakes soooo cupcakes it is!)
• Paper that is a decent stock (kinda like the thickness of those manilla envelopes) 1 colors as the main card and other colors to go behind your whole punch art.

Step 1

Take one of your pieces of paper and fold it in fours.

Step 2

Take your fun shaped whole punch and punch a "hole" in the corner of your card. Make sure to just go though the top layer of the paper.

Step 3

Take your scissors and cut out some small rectangles to go behind your hole punch, this is where we'll add a lil color to your card.

Step 4

Tape the colored rectangle behind the whole punch. My little cupcake is now a key-lime cupcake (disclaimer: this cupcake is not edible--I know I'm bummed too, mega let down)

Step 5

I don't know bout you but I like it when my cupcakes can talk to me. I decide to spruce it up with a thought bubble & a heart whole punch.

aaaand the big finish!

Hallmark who?

Happy Birthday Loves!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Sales! (yeah baby! time to go shoppin')

Yeah, sales make me grin too. Enjoy!

1) Loft has 40% off your ENTIRE purchase today with code TAKE40. 30% off for cardmembers through 4/24 with code APRPC11VA. Also, 40% off sweaters and an extra 40% off sale. Free shipping on orders of $125+.
 2) Victoria’s Secret - free shipping on orders of $100+ with code SHIPVS11
 3) Last Call by Neiman Marcus: free shipping with code LCAPRFS. Save 20-40% off with their “wow sale”
 4) CUSP has free online shipping on any order.
 5) White House/Black Market has $25 off of $125+ with code 9571 and $50 off of $200+ with code 9572 through 4/17. 20% off with code 9548 through 5/1 (+ an extra 10% off when you sign up for email)
 6) The Limited has 40% off all dresses and cardigans and buy 1 get 1 50% off jeans/pants. Also, use FREE25 for 25% off and free shipping (thanks, realisticdreams!)
 7) Kate Spade has free shipping on regular orders.
 8) Gap, Old Navy & Banana - free shipping on orders of $50
 9) Saks has free shipping on orders of $150+ with code SHIPAPR
10) Madewell has free shipping on orders of $100+ with code GOFORIT
11) Ann Taylor has 40% off EVERYTHING with code SPRING40. Also, 30% off any full-priced item with code 10000000599 through 4/24. Free shipping on orders of $150+
12) Boutique to You has an extra 20% off sale with code 20SALE + free domestic shipping on orders of $150+
13) J.Crew has 30% off sale and free shipping on orders of $150+ with code MUSTHAVE through 4/17. Factory Store is open for the weekend.
14) Akira has 10% off when you enter code RELIEF. More importantly, they will donate 10% to disaster relief in Japan plus an additional 10% from Michael Antonio will be donated (through 4/21)
15) Old Navy has 20% off today with code ONSPRING
16) Allison Daniel has 30% off through 5/5 with code ADSTYLE
17) JewelMint has 20% off through 4/30 with code PEOPLE20
18) Charm & Chain has 20% off with code PSWCC11 through 5/16
19) Delman has 20% off sitewide with code delmanstyle11 through 5/16
20) Go Jane has 20% off with code PSW20A through 5/16
21) Handbag Heaven has 20% off with code PSWMAY through 5/16
22) Roxy has 20% off with code PSW11 through 5/16
23) Singer22 has 20% off with code stylewatch20 (excludes House of Harlow & Winter Kate) through 5/16
24) Trina Turk has 20% off with code STYLEWATCH through 5/16
25) Banana has 25% off full-priced items with code BR25OFF. Also, cardholders get 30% off all weekend with code BRTHANKYOU.

Happy Shoppin'


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Snap Shot Link Up Par-taaay

Lovin' the link ups over at Yellow Songbird! Today's photo is brought to you by Leonora, the "I really don't work at my job, I just take self portraits of myself in my lil computer review mirror thingy" edition.

Guys, my hand is bigger than my face. Thinkin' I should get this checked out---or maybe I won't, maybe I'll just walk around with a humongo awkward hand. Humongo hands have a huge advantage, I can hold 2xs more swedish fish and give epic High 5s.  This may turn out to be a good thing after all...

Till next time kids.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Faves! (The, "Hey I Dig Getting Gussied Up" Edition) & A WINNAH!

There are quite a few things in this world I am obsessed with. Mustard yellow (swoon), sales at my favorite store (or any store really, if there is a sale at home depot or The Tractor Supply I will find something to buy there), clothes right out of the dryer, Bub's nook (ya know, that space right under their armpit? Yeah, it was totally put there on the male body so us females can use it as a pillow) and of course make up that actually lasts.

Ever since middle school I was the one who was dubbed the "make up artist". I would be the one rushing to get myself ready in 10 minutes so that I would have enough time to make all my friends look boo-tee-fool. (ya know homecoming dances were crucial to a teenage girl, the wrong choice of eyeliner meant that Bobby Jenkins wouldn't ask you to hit up the wendy's dollar menu after school while his Mom waited in the parking lot for you 2 crazy kids to get your frosties. Darn you Bobby and your superficial tendencies) 

I've tried every kind of make up out there, and I found this to be true: You don't need to always spend a lot to get a good product. The makeup choices I tend to skimp on are:

• Mascara (make sure to get waterproof, no smudges!)
• Lip Gloss (lets's be honest, you end up eating this stuff off your lips anyway, leave the expensive stuff at home)
• Blush

Unfortunately you can't always skimp out when it comes to beauty. Few things definitely worth splurging on are:

• Eye shadow (urban decay anybody? This stuff LASTS)
• Eye liner (lorac has my heart)
• Foundation (MAC is PER to the FECT. I swear that stuff was designed by angels)

And the one uber expensive product (That has ironically saved me a TON of money) goes to Benefit's She Laq. Ladies if you hear nothing else I'm about to say at least listen to this: This.Stuff.Is.EPIC. I am unsure what exactly the ingredients are to this liquid miracle but whatever it is it WORKS.

Its this stuff (I know, real specific right?) that you put over your eyeliner and your eyeliner will.not.budge. (guys I'm so serious). It is uh-may-zing. So amazing that I actually take an old blush brush and sprinkle some of this liquid wonder onto it and dab it over my cheeks so my blush & foundation stays put too. The bottle is a pretty penny (30 bucks a pop) BUT believe me when I tell you you save so much money on your other cosmetics b/c there is ZERO need to reapply (confession time: this stuff is so amazing that I'll accidentally be too lazy to clean off my makeup and I'll wake up the next day with an bangin' smokey eye from the night before. I know kinda gross but kinda amazing all at the same time).

Happy Friday Ladies!
also the winner of your "Good Hair Day" 5x7 Print Giveaway is lucky #34! Come on down Lindsay and claim your priiiiize!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mary Poppins meet your match!

Where are my keys?"
"I hear my phone, but I can't see it---keep calling it Bub"
"OW! Ok, something just definitely bit me"

Sayings the Bubs is all too familiar with. There is an ongoing battle between me and the never ending abyss that is the bottom of my purse. I can never find anything. Of course when Bub said "Do you need all that stuff all the time?" and I so defensively say "Uhhh...chyeah! *sigh* you don't get it babe!" kind of like the equivalent of a teenage kid yelling at their parents who just "dont get it".

So I decided to list everything that is in my purse. Right here. Right now. And settle the argument once and for all that I, Leonora Jennifer, "the defendant", do indeed need everything in my purse and that Bub, "the plaintiff", is wrong (but I'm always right, right? Right. Wow, that was a lot of "rights" in one sentence...)

Now in no particular order let the trial begin:
-Cat eye sunglasses (audrey hepburn anybody?)
-heart shapped sunglasses (never know when you're feeling more like "Madonna's material" girl VS. "Audrey hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's", they stay)
-excedrin migraine (take THAT evil headache, you stay)
-re-wetting eye drops
-errr feminine thingy-ma-jiggys (yeah, you're definitely staying)
-nose spray
-peto bismal
-band aids (See? Never need to visit your local CVS Pharmacy ever again, just see me, I'll hook you up. it all stays)
-umm more purel
-oh, victoria secret's version of purel (what? dude have you seen those 20/20 specials with the black light in the public bathroom? Nuff said. Defendant has made their case, it stays. All 3 bottles of them)
-flash light (blame Bub, boy has an unhealthy obsession with them. But it'll stay)
-Coach clutch (clearly you guys need a purse INSIDE a purse, right? right. it stays)
-Point-n-shoot camera
-My epic emo glasses for when my contacts decide to just randomly fall out of my eyes, thus causing partial blindness. This is exceptionally stellar while driving btw.
-house keys (should that stay? I could always climb through the window...)
-Ok make that 2 pens (what if one runs out of ink? They stay)
-my iPhone that has not been activated since June 2010 (ok, Plantiff might have a leg to stand on with this one, but defendant says it stays)
-Phone charger (not for the non working iPhone ok guys?)
-Check book
-Flip video camera
-wait, I have 2 thermometers? (what if 2 people are not feeling well at the same exact time and both need medical attention A.S.A frekkin P?? You're gonna thank me when you are one of those 2 ppl. They stay)
-ok found a 3rd pen
-mini hairbrush
-lip scrub
-Inhaler (Bub: you have asthma? Me: No. Bub: *Blank look*. Me: It stays)
-SCORE! just found watch batteries! (TOTAL WIN!)
-ANOTHER SCORE! just found my purse holder (that lil wacky thing that you put on tables to hang your purse on in restaurants)
-Dude this hidden pocket ROCKS found a bracelet I got on christmas day and never to be seen again...till today. You stay.
-Chapstick (my lipgloss be poppin')
-Giftcards with no value (what if value just magically appears? Its like throwing out money. They stay)
-Hershey kisses wrappers? DANG IT BUB! My Purse is not a garbage disposal.

So in conclusion I believe that Leonora, the Defendant, does indeed want need everything in her purse that the Plantiff, Bub, is 100% wrong. I think every person needs 4 pens and 3 bottles of hand sanitizer in their purse at all times. I think he's just jelly that he doesn't have a ballin' purse with all these fantastic things useful goodies inside.


Ok, so I might have won because this is my blog and it would be mega embarrassing if I lost to bub on my own turf. But still, I win. Now where the heck is my cell phone...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Hello Loves!

Ok, so check it. I live in NY, right? And I totally get that I'm north of the 'ol equator and what not, and I love my accessories as much as the next girl does (accessories totally make or break an outfit, right? right.) BUT I have to admit, wearing scarves in the middle of April is makin' me slightly disgruntled. (No one likes a disgruntled Leonora. Disgruntled Leonora goes on carb binges.)

PS-Totally apologize ahead of time for the photos. April doesn't lie, it is full of showers. So I wasn't about to put my poor canon rebel out there in the rain. Instead I jimmied my point and shoot into the door jam, hit self timer, and BOLTED (I know, so very Macguyver of me)

Rockin' Turban Headband: Oh, Sweet Joy!
Infinity Scarf: American Apparel
Olive Green Trench coat: Old Navy (I know, total win right?)
Jeggings: Gilly Hicks (Side Note: I live in jeggings, they're the chubby girl's go-to jeans. And being a fellow chubster these are my go-to's)
Boots: Report, circa 2005 (Yeah, I wear my shoes till they have no more life left to live. Side Note: The soles are so thin I feel like I'm walking on paper--ya know those fake shoes the nail salon gives ya when you forget to rock your flip flops to get a pedi? Yeah, those are better quality than my shoes at the moment - I think maybe it's time to retire these puppies soon...naaaaaah)

Happy Wednesday!

PS-Check out 3 (yes 3--I know totally mind blowing) different places to score some of my art for free (yes, for serious you guys)

AND we are still accepting indie bizs for swag swap week!