How did you get into art?
For as long as I can remember I have always been into art. Ever since I was a wee little lad. I had a bagillion of those "how to draw" coloring books. I would copy the covers of all my disney VHS tapes (remember VHS guys? Movies used to be on a never ending string of black tape--i swear. go google it if you don't believe me). My mom thought that I had traced all my little disney friends, so she made me sit down in front of her and draw little mermaid and jasmine face to face. She saw that I was able to duplicate the VHS covers perfectly and from then on out the fridge was pretty much my art gallery. Long story short I have always loved and appreciated art.

Where can I find all of your art?
I know, I'm kinda all over the web...
Yellow Heart Art, The original shop
Society6, The "tech accessories" shop
• (COMING SOON) Yellow Heart Art Bridal, the bridal shop

How did you come up with the name "Yellow Heart Art" anyways?
Sigh, this story is kind of embarrassing. I wish I had some super cute and epic story...but I don't. Turns out I kinda sorta really enjoy the color yellow (like, a ton) so I knew I wanted to incorporate yellow somehow into my shop name and logo. I started to mess around on the computer to design a logo and I made a yellow heart. I realized that "heart" rhymes with "art" so I went with that.

Can I order anything bigger than an 8x10?
At this time with our current production process an 8x10 is the biggest piece of art you can buy from me. I use only the best quality inks which are super super SUPER pricey (they are pricey because they are archival, meaning that your print can be in direct sunlight and never fade!) I don't want to skimp on materials just to make affordable bigger prints. Also in the past when we attempted to ship bigger prints they were more sensitive to damage in the mail, so for right now we are sticking to 8x10 or 5x7.

Can you sell me any illustrations that you use on your prints so I can use them for my blog/invitations/logo/cat's 1st birthday party?
I am so glad you love my artwork! All of my illustrations and images are 100% original art that I take time to hand draw on the computer. They are not for sale unless you are purchasing a print. We do not offer digital clip art pieces of our illustrations, thanks for understanding!

Can I buy your print as a digital printable/download?
If you would like to purchase a print from Yellow Heart Art you can do so by purchasing a physical print here. We do not sell our artwork digitally.

What kind of software do you use to create these fun quirky prints? What is your process?
I use the adobe creative suite. I create all my illustrations and typography in adobe illustrator. Yes, I do hand draw all my illustrations, none are clip art. I sometimes also use my own handwriting as a "font".

Can you give me some advice on Photoshop?
I would love to help you out! Unfortunately due to my hectic schedule (and how difficult it is to "type" to someone how to do something in a computer program) I am unable to give personalized photoshop tutorials. However, me and Regina teamed up and are currently selling a "photoshop for bloggers" ebook that goes over a lot of basic photoshop techniques! It also includes screen shots from Photoshop itself so you can visually see how to do something.

Will your artwork be available on T-shirts? I would so rock one!
It will be shortly! I recently opened a shop on Society6 where my artwork will now be available on iPhone cases, Laptop and iPad Skins, T-Shirts and Tote bags. We are always adding inventory to the shop so keep looking back!

I would love a custom piece of artwork! How does that work out?
I love custom work! You can email me at yellowheartart at gmail dot com for a price sheet and a quote.

Do you design invitations and party/wedding decorations?

I do I do! Please email me for pricing and my time line. I might have a lot of custom orders at once and there for might not be able to complete it in the time line you want, I apologize in advanced for that. I know it's a mega bummer,  let me know when they perfect human cloning, then I won't have this lil problem anymore.

How do you balance working full time, having an etsy shop, doing home renovations, maintaining everyday living tasks and planning a wedding?
I don't, I cry. Or sometimes I open up a carton of ice cream and hack away at it straight from the gallon using a spoon (or a butter knife if I don't have any clean spoons since I had no time to empty the dish washer...) the truth is its hard, real hard. It's gotten even harder ever since we bought our home and are trying to make it "our own" by adding a coat of paint here, a DIY table there, an additional bathroom over here....which is why Bub and I decided to have a l-o-n-g engagement. We love each other, we aint going anywhere ;) In all seriousness though something has GOT to give soon, but that is a work in progress.

I've read your press section and its pretty impressive! How do I get my items in magazines?
You're going to totally hate me for this answer...but all magazine features I've been in have found me. I am unsure how they found me or why they wanted to feature my artwork. My best advice? Take amazing product photos! Magazines want to see how your items will photograph in their publication, if your items look great in you photo odds are they will want it in their magazine. I am really sorry I wish I could be more helpful! Just constantly put yourself out there, the more places you are showing your items the more likely the right pair of eyeballs will see your product and want to feature it! ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE


Do you write back to all emails people send you?
I try really really (REALLY) hard to respond in a timely fashion, but please know that I do work full time on top of running my etsy and doing freelance work (and now planning a wedding!). Depending on my work load (and sanity) it may take me up to 5 business days to respond back to you--thank you for understanding!!

Can I do a giveaway on your blog?
I offer giveaway slots to sponsors at a really affordable rate :) you can go here for more info!

Can I give you an item to style for a outfit post or home tour?
If your product fits in with the look and style of Yellow Heart Art then I would love to promote your items as well! Please visit my advertising page for more information.


Uh hey what's a "Bub"?
Oh right, "Bub". You'll hear me mention Bub a lot. Bub is my fiance, his real name is Steve but you'll never know that. This will probably be the only place on my entire blog that I refer to Bub by his real name. We've been together for 5 years now (going on 6, holy crap) and we both drive each other nuts. But we're in love like whoa. He is also in the airfoce & likes to pinch my butt as I run up ahead of him on the stairs.

How many deployments have you and Bubs been through?
Currently 2, but he is in the airforce and does travel anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks multiple times during the year. But it makes the reunion that much sweeter :) if you need someone to talk to about how to deal with military deployments/military life I would love to help you out! (yellowheartart at gmail dot com)

Is Bub your husband?
No, bub is my boyfriend Fiance! Everyone thinks hes my husband though haha we've been together for 5 years, going on 6 <3

…you look pretty young, are you even old enough to be doing this stuff?
HA! Yes yes I know I know I look like I'm 12. Yes, I still get carded to see an R rated movie, yes the waiters always give me the shirley temples instead of a legit drink, and yes when I leave for work in the morning sometimes the school bus abruptly stops out front of my house because they think I'm running late for school (by the way this has happened). Anyway enough prolonging, I am 29 years young.

Will you blog about DIYs for your wedding?
I will blog some DIYs for mine and Bub's wedding day, but most I will keep secret just because we do have family and friends who will be attending the wedding who also read this blog. I want everyone to be surprised the day of, so I will share any fun tips, tricks and DIYs after our wedding!


You hair is so long, does it take forever to style it?
Actually no! Even though parts of my hair is down to my booty it doesn't take that long to style or dry. I have pretty thin hair, when it's down you can't notice, but when its up in a bun my hair looks like it should be up to my shoulders ha. So since its so thin it dries fairly quick with a hair dryer. From sopping wet hair --> to blow dryer --> to flat iron takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

How do your get your eyelashes so long and voluminous?
My eyelashes are naturally long BUT I do have tips for girls with short lashes. Sometimes when I wasnt some extra "umph" I take an eyelash curler, blast it for a few with the hair dryer to make it warm (NOT HOT JUST WARM) then I press and curl my lashes like normal. The heat acts as a curling wand and will make your eyelashes curl more :) I also LOVE me some covergirl lash blast in very black and waterproof.