Monday, August 1, 2011

Birth-a-versary (and Chapter 1)

August 2nd is mine and Bub's Birth-a-versary (Bub's bday, and our anniversary all rolled into one awesome glorious gift giving day)

We are currently on Vacation enjoying each other's company (or cursing and hollering at each other as to who has the last set of quarters to pay the toll--whichever) so I thought now would be a good time to tell you all how the lovely bubs and I got to be, well, Bubs and I.

I'm going to try to spread it out over the course of 5 blog posts, lets see if I can actually get  5 blog posts out of it ;)

ok Chapter 1: Did you hear about the internet?

It's no secret that I think firemen are mega mega mega (mega to the 10th degree) sexay (what? I'm a woman, I dig a man in uniform) ok lets flashback to little pudgie pigtailed Leonora circa 1991 where I'm in 1st grade and one of my best friends at the time is Doug (pretty sure he was pudgie too, I think if you wanted to be my friend back in 1991 you had to be a chunk)

Doug and I remained friends up till 5th grade. I moved, we lost touch and I continued to go on about my life.

Doug and I reunited years later and found each other on this really weird and new invention at the time called the internet (guys, when ya think about it I've only been rocking my AOL email address since, like, 8th grade--now kids come out the uterus sporting an iPod and a droid)

We started to IM each other and in my super awesome AOL profile I think I had some ridiculously cheesy comment about how much I frekkin loved firemen--it was probably hidden in there between the backstreet boy lyrics and those lame little butterfly characters you put between your name, ya know something like this })i({ ~~(((::::LeOnOra::::)))~~ })i{( (note how the "o"s in my name are different sizes, I think this was how I knew I was destined to be a graphic designer)

Anyway, Doug mentioned to me bout how he was working with this guy named Matt and how he was a fireman.

And I'm all like KA-CHING!

Matt and I meet and become friends for quite a few years (HA! fooled you all, you guys thought that I was gonna say that Matt swept me off my feet while wearing some fire gear, while holding a baby that he just saved from a burning building in one hand and sporting a tray full of penne a la vodka in the other hand, huh? well, no--girls scout honor we were just friends. We never dated)

Through out college Matt and I keep in touch. I graduate and become a big girl with a full time job (yep, that same full time job I still rock till this day…scuse me while I bang my head against the floor for a couple of minutes…) one day while sitting at my desk at work I get a text from Matt asking me to go the Installation dinner with him. (Installation dinner: See also, an award ceremony for firemen that wear their dress blues and look mega mega daymn fine in this process)

Me: Sure! When is it?
Matt: in 3 days
Me: 3 DAYS?! Your dated bailed didn't she
Matt: no
Me: What do I wear?
Matt: Nice Dress
Me: Thanks Matt, you have been very, very helpful

I still think his date did bail--but who frekkin cares?! I get to go to a place where there are a ton of firemen all dressed to the nines?! uhhh HELL YEAH.

so ladies and gentlemen I had 3 entire days to find a bangin' ensemble for this fire department shin dig.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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  1. ooh!!! firemen cliffhanger!!! post the next entry ALREADY!


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