Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter 3: You are the Dr.Phil to my Oprah

Chapter 3: You are the Dr.Phil to my Oprah

Over the course of the year Steve and I got to know each other and became friends. He was in New Mexico still doing super awesome stuff for the air force and I of course was in New York being a super awesome hippy graphic designer.

We dated other people. (boy, did we date other people…) My friends had dubbed me the "one date wonder" at the time. I'd go on a date with a dude, shrug him off and never call him ever again.

I dated everyone under the sun. An Egyptian pro wrestler (yeah, those exists) a young divorcee, some fireman who was apparently living with his girlfriend (yeah, scumbags exists too) and basically any guy that I met at a bar.

I read somewhere that some chick said "yes" to every guy who asked her out on a date, and I guess somewhere in the back of my mind that stuck with me. I figured "hey, its just a date, whats the worse that can happen?" In fact my friends loved "single Leonora" cause "single Leonora" always had awesome stories to tell.

During this whole year I never had a boyfriend, just guys here and there that would take me out on a date or 2. Commitment freaked me out. Not because I can't be loyal or because I *want* to date a million and one people, but I guess on some level if I didn't have a boyfriend that meant that I couldn't get hurt.

It takes A LOT for me to have a boyfriend. Every guy that has ever been my boyfriend definitely had to ask me out at least 3 times before I said "yes". A year passes and Steve and I (side note: totally weird calling him Steve and not Bub) keep in touch and we are each other's "go-to's" for relationship advice. Like as if he was my Dr.Phil and I was his Oprah.

and then something happened.
The year long "one date wonder" got her a boyfriend.
(and it wasn't Bub)

....chapter 4 tomorrow!

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