Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The "I Think You Are" Project

It occurred to me the other day that the only mail I really get delivered to me nowadays is either bills, stuff I ordered for myself online, or "To Current Occupant".

I want to make snail mail cool again (I also want to make fanny packs cool again but I feel like I am on my own island with that one.) (whatever guys, when the village people need someone to fill in for their "A" in the "YMCA" because, I dont know, the guy got sick or something you all will be WISHING you had on a fanny pack and not schlepping a shoulder bag around so you could be that glorious "A" and have your shining moment) (it's gonna happen)

Ok, getting off track.

I wanted to start a trend. A trend where people get cool things in the mail from their friends and family. How much do you love "just because" gifts, letters or notes? Don't they make you feel awesome?

So, I want to introduce to you guys the "I Think You Are" Project. I created a 5x7 printable below with the phrase "I think you are…" written up top. All you gotta do is print out that bad boy and write below what you think of that person.

It could just be one word or a paragraph. Maybe you think your friend is awesome for quitting her corporate job to be a stay at home mom. Maybe you think your boyfriend is cute for having a pinchable butt. Maybe you want to let your first year college kid know that you think they are brave for taking on a new adventure in their life. Or maybe you want to send this to a stranger, you could always leave encouraging words on this card and go to your local library and place the note in a "self help" book, maybe its just the extra encouragement that person needed to hear at that moment in time.

For each person you send this to also print out a 2nd blank set to send along as well, that way the person who received your "I think you are" note has a chance to now do the same for someone else with the blank note you sent them.

So, who wants to help me with the "I Think You Are" project? If you happen to do this yourself I would love to see your blog posts on it! This little project is just to show that sometimes a little random note can really make your day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What I Wore, some Yellow Heart Art Scarves!

This weekend I finally had the chance to throw on a semi-decent outfit, bust out the camera & the tripod and take some pictures of my new line of scarves! To celebrate the new collection you can enter "COWL2012" at check out for free shipping!

I had so much fun designing my own fabric and then hand sewing these bad boys up and turning them into fashion cowls.

I paired all 3 scarves with this fun lil numbah

Bling Bling headband - c/o Whippy Cake
Scarves - Yellow Heart Art
Knit Cardigan - Charlotte Russe 
Sun Dress - Target
Boots - Carlos Santana
Belt - Target

What do you guys think?

Oh and ignore my stink eye in some of these photos, Bub wasn't home so I had to take my own pics. I was using a remote cable release and there was a 2 second delay, now 2 seconds doesn't sound like a long time to wait for a photo but when the sun is in your eyes and your smiling at nothing and your neighbors are out on their porch "not watching you" take photos of yourself you start to get antsy, and awkward. (just wait till you get a blog neighbors, you'll see what its like) (it's a hard knock life)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Santa Baby...

I know, Its October 18th, but I have christmas on the brain.

wait, do you hear that?

I think I heard the sound of a million women swinging their legs back in the air so they can kick me in the knee caps.

So, hear me out. I have a ton of people to shop for this year, and I am not over exaggerating when I say all of Bub's relatives also have birthdays between the months of November and January.

So all those birthdays, plus christmas equals a lot of swiping of the 'ol plastic card.

Instead of stressing out and doing all my shopping after thanksgiving I always start end of September / early October.

Besides, shopping is fun, why prolong it?

So, as I was thinking what to get everyone else I started to rally up a things that I absolutely want need from the big guy in the red suit.

santa, you out there? I know you're real.

Yes, homegurl wants a fanny pack.

But LOOK at how CUTE these are! I don't care what you all think, not having to do the "Shoulder Jerk" every time your bag slips down is a god send.

They are made by Hiip and unfortunately they don't have the styles I want available right now (that awesome camel colored in the first photos AND this cute floral number in the 2nd photo) but when they do I am going to be all over that like this annoying fruit fly that keeps buzzing all up in my business while I am eating this apple. Watch it fly, if you end up in my mouth I can't make any guarantees you're going to make it back out. So think really hard about how you want to spend the last seconds of your life here buddy.

these...these make my fingers bust out into "Jazz Hands". I want these fingerless gloves in the worse way EVEEER.

I read the reviews for this ModCloth Dress and every single person loved it. So, they had an amazing coupon code a couple of weeks back and I got this dress in navy discounted. I gotta say, ModCloth nailed it. I need one in all the colors.

do you hear me? ALL.THE.COLORS.

Ok, every christmas I always ask that no one give me any scarves since I literally own a gazillion and one (ya can't forget that extra "one") BUT I own 2 of these american apparel scarves and they are my go-to. I got them as gifts in the past, they are a tad pricey but I love them. "Natural and Cappuccino wide" anyone? (side note: "Natural and Cappuccino wide" is the name of the color, not some questionable drink I get at starbucks)


What are some gifts you are hoping to get this year?

oh and in cased you missed it we're running our first ever contest! Winner gets their choice of Yellow Heart Art necklace or print, enter here!

disclaimer: any friends and family out there who happen to read my blog, I dont really expect to get any of these cause, well, I would probably get a ton of duplicates since no one would be able to tell if someone bought it already or not for me. They're also kinda pricey. I always make a secret "xmas list" of things I plan on buying with any xmas money or giftcards I get that year. I will love whatever anyone gets me! Even if its just a high 5.

Friday, October 12, 2012

You all need to hold me accountable (DIY List)

I know it's too late to make a "New Years Resolution", which is why I am making a "holy crap 2012 is almost done and I need to tackle this year like a boss" Resolution.

WIth only 2-1/2ish months left to 2012 I really want to step up my "inner Martha" game. It has been se rewarding making new products and artwork for Yellow Heart Art, but as rewarding as it is I do miss making new things for myself.

I rounded up my favorite DIY projects that I really want to make. You guys are going to keep me accountable for accomplishing at least 1/2 this list by Dec 30th, 2012.

Got it?

DIY Gold Leaf Decoration on Porcelain 

These would be so cute for future craft shows. (found here)

DIY Antler Floral Necklace Holder
Fun fact about me: I am a ha-uge animal lover. One time Bubs accidentally ran over a baby chimpmunk and I kid you not I was inconsolable for a solid 2 hours. So when I saw this antler fad take over the handmade community it made me really uncomfortable at first, but then I realized people were using the antlers that naturally fell off from the animals instead of "killing" them for it, so now I am on team "decorate the entire house in naturally "shedded" deer antlers". I don't think Bub is on board this train yet but he will be. Make your own here.

DIY Ceramic Mug Art

Ok so confession alert time. Whenever Bubs and I go into costco I grab him by the shoulders, make him look me dead in the eye, then say "Listen, we stay strong, we go in for JUST chicken wings and cranberry juice. We will NOT be tempted by the middle aisle of gloriousness that is filled with calvin klein jackets and toy helicopters for 60% off, got it?" He then bluntly tells me that he can't make that promise. To be honest, neither can I, which is why I left there with a 30 set Sharpie Marker Set. Everyone needs 30 sharpies, especially if you're making some suh-weet mug art, right? Make some mug art with me over here!

"DIY" warhol cans
True Story: me and my best friend are taking over the east and west coast of long island going to every single Target trying to find these stupid .75c cans. So, if any of you guys come across that glorious middle can in your local Target I will pay for you to have it shipped to me. Swear. "Make" some can art here

Who else is with me? Whose gonna DIY the shiz outta your house?

OH! in other breaking news, the 1st winner chosen for a giveaway never came forward! So if you are Kim Davis you might wanna email me to claim yo prize, you can see what you won here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 4 Best Eyeshadows

Ever since middle school I was always the girl who had 10 minutes to get ready for a homecoming dance or out to dinner because all my girlfriends would want me to do their hair and make up for them before going out.

It's a good thing I'm low maintenance. I swear I could challenge super man to a "wardrobe change battle" to see who can get ready faster in a phone booth.

Do they even make phone booths still? Do I have to fly all the way to London for this challenge? Cause I'm kinda ok with that.

Someone work on finding me superman so we can throw down.

From middle school to now I have probably experience every brand of make up possible. I hate to say it, but I found that using fancy smancy department store brand eye shadow has been the best bet for me. I know I know they're super expensive, but homegirl just hear me out.

Here are my 4 favorite go-tos.
Why I Love Them:
Here is one thing you need to know about me, I love a good bargain. I am always out to try to find a deal or a discount whenever possible, BUT I also know that sometimes you can't "cheap out" with certain things (anyone ever try the no-frills cereal? I would rather eat the box my order came in then try "Puff Corn Treats" or "Wheat Flakes". I know you are with me on this one) I would try to use drug store eye shadow but found that it was lacking in that "KAPOW" factor. The color would be super dull and wear off in an hour.

So, if it wears off in an hour, that means I am reapplying more. If I am reapplying more then I am going through more make up. If I am going through more make up then I need to replace it more often.

Do you smell what I am stepping in yet?

Sure, with these brand name make ups you can easily drop $24 on a pot of eye shadow, but the difference is? It will last you way longer than the drug store brand since you do not need to reapply or use as much for the same affect.

Urban Decay, Stila, NARS and Too Faced are amazing. The color in the pot WILL BE the color on your eyes. The pigment is strong and the color will last for at least an entire work shift.

What type of eye shadows do you absolutely love? When do you use drugstore VS department store? For me I can totally get away with drug store mascara and lipgloss since, I mean, you eat 1/2 of it anyway.


somethings you might have missed:

Still looking for the giveaway winners to the giveaway we hosted last week! Hurry and email me :)

We came out with a totally new product! Just in time for holiday shopping

Society6 was nice enough to give me a special link to share with you guys! If you click here you get free shipping in my society6 shop till 10-14! So if you have been wanting an iPhone cover, iPad cover or an 8x10 print I'd snatch one up soon

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Products & 3 Winners!

If you have been following my shop for the past almost 2 years you probable noticed that at least every 6 months I try to create new products for Yellow Heart Art. When I find myself being comfortable with my shop thats when I know its time for me to take a risk and try something new.

This past weekend I tweeted a sneak peek of something I was brewing, and I finally had a chance to upload it yesterday!

These coasters are original artwork, placed onto wood, then sealed with a protective finish.

Fun gifts for bridal showers and house warming parties! (Cause really, cleaning a fondu pot is a total beast)

I try to have "fashion" meet "function" whenever I create home decor, so if coasters aren't your thing you can always prop these bad boys up on the wall and its instant wall art!

The other product that you have probably seen in my shop for sometime now is the birthday girl goodie bag!

Basically you purchase that listing and on your birthday Yellow Heart Art will ship ya over a goodie bag full of items from our shop! The bag will vary from month to month depending on what is in stock, but Lori instagramed what was inside her goodie bag so you can get a better idea of what to expect

You can grab one here


Also are you here to see if you won this giveaway that I hosted last week in honor of launching my Society6 Shop?

THE WINNER OF A WOODEN CHARM NECKLACE (choice between sewing machine or camera) IS KASSIE REW!


Congrats Ladies! You have THREE DAYS to email me back at yellowheartart at gmail dot com to claim your prizes! Any unclaimed prizes will be back up for grabs on October 11th :)

**UPDATE: the newest winner, Kim Davis, was chosen on October 12th since our 1st winner never came forward, Kim you have till Monday the 15th to let me know you're a winnah!**

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I Make Pretty Things

So a few months back I met Julie at a creative conference. Since then we have declared ourselves besties and keep in touch frequently. She had brought this journal with her, and when she opened it up I was all like "wait a sec…I recognize that!"

Julie has this shop called Julie Ann Art. She makes handmade cards for any and all occasions (yep, even for bed hogs and candy corn haters)

I always thought she used a font to make her cards (I mean, its just so precise!) but when she opened up that journal I saw all her cards in "hand drawn" format and was just blown away at her creative process.

I think she needs to make a font and call it "Julie Ann" (I know, I am just so creative here, I should be on her marketing team or something)

I thought it would be fun to also share some of my creative process.
Even though I do have a lot of typography art in my shop I also have a decent amount of illustrations too.

Now for the most part I free hand these illustrations on the computer, but sometimes I need a little help and make a doodle as a jumping off point (side note: how fun is it to say the word "doodle"? My tongue feels like its doing the samba everytime I say it) (Doodle doodle doodle)

I know, for some reasons all my doodles look like they have fur. I can not draw in clean crisp lines.

Once I have my doodle down I upload that sucker to the computer and clean it up and "de-furry-fy" it.

Then all this designer magic happens and it turns into something like this


Whats your creative process?


ps-also in cased you missed it I am giving away a ton of Yellow Heart Art loot over here, and there are 3 winners (I know, we can bear hug me later)

Monday, October 1, 2012

How I Became a Graphic Designer

I recently got asked this question by a reader who was checking out the portfolio section of my blog

"How did you get started in designing logos and what do you use for inspiration?"

It got me thinkin' bout where I've started to where I've become today. I have always been into art and being creative. When I was little I would always re-create the cases of all my Disney VHS tapes. My mom thought I was tracing them out, so I re-drew one right in front of her and she was all like "daaayum girl you got mad skillz" (ok, just kidding, my mom did not say that) (but I wish she did cause that would be so beast)

As a little kid I'd always ask for paints, makers and crayons instead of Barbie dolls. In high school I started to really gravitate towards photography and thought about being a photo journalist major in college. I knew I wanted to major in art in some way, but I also knew that just majoring in "fine art" would probably leave me on the streets of Manhattan living out of an old maytag refrigerator box.

One day in photo class I was messing around with our 1MB digital cameras (these cameras were so archaic they had JUST come out) and I started to take pictures of all my friends. I uploaded them to photoshop and turned my friends into magazine models. I would study the fonts on the front of sports illustrated and cosmo to try to get it juuuust right.

My photo teacher saw me doing this and said to me "Ya know, you should major in graphic design in college".

I had no clue what graphic design was. You gotta remember this was back in 2000/2001. Photoshop was super basic at the time and there were no graphic design classes being taught. When I was making those magazine covers of my friends that was all me trying to self teach myself photoshop. It was a fairly new field since old school graphic design consisted of creating screen prints, not doing art digitally on the computer.

At first I was skeptical. I was super spastic with a computer and had no experience in working with ANY graphic design program out there.

I figured this was probably the best bet for me in being able to still be creative while stil making a living.

So, I went off the college, majored in Graphic Design and totally panicked. They were teaching us all these programs I never heard of before. Teaching us how to produce files for magazines and newspapers--my head was spinning and almost switched majors.

But I stuck it through, and I am so glad I did. When you go to school for graphic design they don't teach you HOW to be creative, they teach you HOW to use the programs. It's up to you to take what you've learned with the computer program and applying your own style to it.

It took me a really long time to figure out what I was "good in". Graphic design was not like drawing on a piece of paper, your tool was a clumsy mouse and a giant white intimidating screen waiting for it to be populated with awesome shiz.

I slowly started to realize my strength was in typography art and logo design. I realized that I liked the idea of mixing illustrations with words, which is basically what designing a logo is like. I also like "marketing" and "advertising" and trying to figure out how a brand identity or a logo design can help with a shop's product.  I don't really do too hot with "layout" design (ya know, like laying out a magazine? That shiz is ROUGH! Dealing with all that text gave me heart palpitations) so I took the time to really concentrate on what I was good at and tried to perfect THAT instead of trying to be perfect in other aspects of graphic design that I knew I was not so strong in.

As far as inspiration goes, I try to keep up with all the latest trends. Graphic design is everywhere--it's not just logo designs. Think about it, graphic design is:
• Magazine Covers
• Websites
• Business Cards
• Billboards
• Wallpaper patterns/designs
• iPhone Covers
• Candy bar wrappers
• The sky mall in the back seat of your plane
• Heck, even your pajama bottoms (yeah, I see you over there sportin' 4 day old hair and in your sail boat & polka dot PJs)

So not only am I trying to keep up with the current design trends but I also try to stay current on trends in general, since someway graphic design will most likely be related to it. I also try to not get stuck in ruts and use the same color schemes (I know, I am guilty of doing this, what can I say a girl digs mustard yellow and mint green) so if I am wanting to try something different but unsure if the colors will work together I often look up existing color palettes on pinterest or design sponge.

It is ALWAYS important to stay up to date! You never want to get comfortable designing your "go-tos" because you know it works.