Friday, May 25, 2012

Facts and Lies

Ok, so, let's be real for a sec. Homegurl has not blogged in forever.

oops, bad leonora

something had to hit the back burner while prepping for renegade craft fair. I officially only have 1 more month left before the big day and I am fah-reaking out.

My goal was to have 90% of everything done 2 weeks before the show. (ha, what am I on you ask and where can you get some?) (I hear you laughing at me) (oh how cute she thinks she can get everything done for a 2 day long craft show like its nothing)

So I decided to write a quick fun blog post to let you guys know that I'm ok, cause I know you all care. You probably went to bed every night tossing and turning while saying to yourself "When will she start blogging again?! OH CRUEL WORLD WHYYYY"

well, now you can get a peaceful night sleep cause baby is back! (or is it "baby got back"?)

Below is a random lists of truths and facts about moi. I'll post next week which were true and which were false. But hey, let's have a little fun with this. If anyone can guess correctly EVERY SINGLE LIE then I'll send them a lil something something from Yellow Heart Art.


(crap, I always forget what's after "set", let's just say "tomato")

Read, set, TOMATO!

(hehe, you guys missed me right?)

(I really don't know why I am posting an old pic of Bub and I, just go with it)

1. I once hid in a closet for a few hours on the set of Saturday Night Live to meet *N SYNC and Joshua Jackson. (can we please just take a moment to remember the yumminess that was Pacey Witter circa 2002?)

2. My 2 front teeth are fake

3. On our first date Bub took me on a tour of a light house in Montauck, Long Island

4. I have never been outside of the United States

5. in high school I ran past the barricades and security at a 98* concert in hopes of giving one of the members a birthday card.

6. I've been on TV

7. I'm naturally a blonde but dye my hair brown

8. I used to work at Abercombie and Fitch but got "fired" for not wearing the clothing

9. My pinky toe on one of my feet doesn't go down, so I leave "4 toe prints" in the sand and on cement after coming out of a pool

10. I am deathly afraid of dogs

11. I can make one eye move with out moving the other

12. I was on extra on the set of "sopranos"

13. I have a tattoo

14. I have a license to operate a hot air balloon

15. I'm the youngest of 4 kids

16. I got the nickname "toots" from my boyfriend because I am obsessed with tootsie rolls

17. I once caught a 5lb fish

18. I auditioned for American Idol but didn't make it to hollywood

19. I once posed nude all in the name of art

20. I stalked Brad Pitt on the set of one of his movies-we made eye contact-it was magical

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Works in Progress! Sneak Peeks and Preparing for Renegade Craft Fair!

I apologize in advance for my blogging the next month or so. It's going to be filled with a ton of pictures and quick little notes from yours truly. Preparing for renegade craft fair is really eating up a lot of my time.

I wanted to show you guys some sneak peeks of how I am getting ready for my first ever ha-uge craft show! (There are 300 vendors going, pressure much?)

I of course recruited the Bubs to help me with cheap product displays. I am trying so hard to keep costs down (I am not going to even tell you what the booth fee is) so having a crafty little fella in my life is truly a blessing (even if he does take apart any and all electronic devices in our apartment to see how they work)

I told him I wanted cubbies for my plushes. He came up with this idea to have the cubbies at different depths to give it a "quirky" vibe (does he know me or does he know me?)

It's a work in progress but I am so stoked with how amazing it is coming out. The underdog might have a chance here at a ballin' booth.

Also in other news WHAT THE FUDGE is that thing lurking in the background in photo 1?! It looks like death. No, seriously, it looks like the grim reaper is out to get me in my sleep. I didn't take these photos, bubs had texted them to me from the garage so I'm just hoping it's his jacket, at least that is what I keep telling myself.


I also wanted to try and find a way to spruce up my necklaces. This was also super low cost. I bought myself some cello sleeves in bulk, designed the top flap, designed the background, and just printed it all out on my printer. The end result:

and my nails match too! I'm so beast like that.

I also thought it would be fun to introduce completely new designs at the show! So if you're in brooklyn on June 23/24 stop by and check out some completely new inventory. Once my show is over these lovelies will be in stock ;)

One of the prints that are making a cameo at Renegade is my "You make me melt into a big heaping pile of goop" print. Oh hey, the wording sounds familiar? Thats because I actually retired this print from my shop a while back because I wasn't too thrilled with the design but I LOVED the wording. I love its revamp and can not wait for it to make a debut in Yellow Heart Art come June! (But, if you wanna order one before just send me an email, i'll hook a sistah up)
Sorry bout all the watermarking, pinterest is the devil and so much of my stuff is going unsourced and duplicated that its making home gurl wanna go all chuck norris and round house kick somebody hard. real hard.

and the end.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Works in Progress! The wedding edition

I'm sure you have all heard me talk about Lauren here on the 'ol blog before. She's my "share the beauty" partner in crime! (Yes yes I know I have been a major slacker in my "share the beauty" posts. Truth is home gurl doesn't even have any time in her schedule to pee) (side note: Do you know how much time we spend wasting just using the bathroom?) (Like, can we find a way to eliminate that?) (road trips would be way more fun with no pit stops at sketch trucker stations)

But when she approached me about fancy-ing up her wedding blog I was all like "hell to the yeah"

She wanted something modern, clean and elegant. Her colors are black, white and gold (can we get any more classy?) (my wedding is going to be so obnoxious) (sorry mom)


thats whats up.

I am so happy for you Lauren! 

If you wanna stalk keep up with Lauren's wedding you can check out the wedding blog here.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Wedding News ;)

Yes, that's right, I have a WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!

and no, bub didn't putta ring on it

fooled ya didnt it?

BUT I have decided to slowly take Yellow Heart Art to the next level.

which is the world of Weddings!

I have wanted to do this since day one, but really had no clue how to start.

I have designed wedding invitations, saved the dates and fun "wedding signage" for brides before so this isn't entirely foreign to me.

Not gonna lie, I am a bit petrified. I am responsible for someone's day that they have dreamed of since they were a little girl. Someone who made Barbie marry Ken, then divorce Ken, and re-marry Ken again. Someone who I'm sure placed paper towels around their head to make it look like a veil and play "wedding bride". Someone who over the years has collected magazine photos of how their dream day should look.

No pressure.

But I am so excited for this venture. It's gonna rock--I'm gonna rock it so hard like its 1999 (not really sure why Prince thinks that year is so rad, but he digs it and I feel as though I should too)

Unfortunately I must wait to launch the bridal collection till after my cameo at Renegade Craft fair (oh, PS if you're going to be in brooklyn June 23/24 and wanna stop be please do! I would love to meet you)

Here is a little peek at a save the date I did a while back

oh do you love my giant watermark going across the image? Yeah, thanks to Pinterest I have to watermark the heck out of everything I make now.


but anyway, maybe you're also here to see if you won a rad-tastic giveaway that I had for my bday last week!!

congrats to BETH from bbgoad! If thats you email me home gurl ;)

I am really unsure how to get the fancy smancy widget that announces that she is the winner, so if someone can tell me how to do that that would be awesome since I kinda had to take a ghetto screen shot.


Also, side note:

on yesterday's post I had briefly mentioned about my friend George who lost his life to a car accident 7 years ago to the day (5.3.05) someone had left me a comment on that blog post mentioning that they were sorry for my loss, but in the same breath wanted me to "look at their blog and give them advice on how to improve it"

Since you are a "no reply comment" blogger I couldn't write back to you. So here is my advice to you on how to make your blog better: Do not leave comments on people's blog posts who share something so personal and THEN ask about how to improve YOUR blog. It is beyond tacky and I was taken a back by your request. I have no problem helping you, but you could have asked or commented on a different blog post.

end scene.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Works in Progress Thursday! (Oops, sorry Wednesday)

Yea yea yea I am totally not on my A-Game, Homegurl is doing "works in progress wednesday" on a thursday.

watcha gunna do?

shiz happens.

After doing some lovely logo designs for the ever so adorable Laura from Lillypie Accessories I was fortunate enough to have her recommend me to Becky from HB Photography to work with her for a logo revamp as well!

I had so much fun working with Laura that I knew working with Becky would be as equally rad <3

((still lovin' this design for Laura!))

Becky had sent over a rough sketch of how she visioned her baller-reffic logo to look.

After doing a few revisions and edits here is the final product:

Thank you Becky for letting me be a part of your logo revamp-age ;)


Just a little side note since I always feel strange not acknowledging this whenever May 3rd rolls around, but 7 years ago today I lost my friend, George, to a car accident. Before losing him the only loss I have ever really experienced was losing an elderly person due to natural causes. I never had anyone taken away from me with out "being prepared". He was only in his 20s and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. It breaks my heart more so that I barely have any pictures of him. We take for granted that we now have an 8 mega pixel camera strapped to our cell phones, but back in 2005 digital cameras were not all that common to have. Now I take pictures of everything and anything just to hold onto those memories a little bit longer.

If you want to get to know George a little bit better you can see a youtube video I made of him back in 2006 (cut me some slack guys, I was totally using "iMovie" on my mac mini back in the hay day, technology has come a loooong way since then ha!) this video is bitter sweet, I love seeing him hug me but it makes me sad that I will never see him again. Also the stupid text is all pixelated since youtube changed their resolution from when I made the video, so now its hard to read :(

RIP George Kari, you are never forgotten.