Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi Irene.

Living on an island during any of the following is just not cool:

-trying to leave Long Island and travel through dreaded Manhattan at 5pm on a friday.

Dude, I am surrounded by water. Earthquake=tsunami and Hurricane=drowning.

umm, eep?

So what did I do this weekend in preparation for Irene?

-visited walmart, walked past the shelves of water & sandbags and went right to the $5 DVD bin. What? Water comes from my faucet, but movie entertainment doesn't come outta my faucet when there is no power. so I win. 

-created a suh-weet blog sale on the blog! All discontinued necklaces are being sold for more than 50% off! Check 'em out and holla atcha girl.

-Finished up our headboard. Bub made everything from scratch (yep he even made the shutters) If I'm gonna be pummeled by a hurricane that has the name of an 80 year old golden girl wannabe (might as well have named it Hurricane Blanch) then heck I'm gonna at least snooze away in style--agreed?

-went traveling around Long Island with our generator to give power to my brother and sister. Came across this "lil fella" just hanging out. (and by "lil fella" I mean "HELLA BIG" tree and by "hanging out" i mean "HOLY CRAP IT IS UPROOTED AND TOOK OUT A FENCE". and end scene)

hope you all were safe this weekend!


  1. I'm glad you were safe during the hurricane! And that headboard is super snazzy! I'm surrounded by water where I live, but luckily we live on top of a hill next to a hospital, so we never lost power or got flooded...I work on the ocean though, and my poor office is flooded and will be out of power for a few days.

  2. whoa.
    we had 30+ of howling winds & rain in NC...and i think my eardrums are forever busted.

  3. That headboard is to die for! You have one handy man and you are one lucky girl. I'm glad you stayed safe during the attack of the Golden Girl.

  4. Didn't realize you were a fellow long islander.
    We were evacuated- but when we came home only lost our optimum for a day.
    Hope you guys are doing well.


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