Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Faves! (rejoice! she's back!)

(sorry, I have been so MIA lately I felt the need to extend my vowels in excitement for my glorious return)

Ok reasons for being MIA:
-went on vaca last week (awww yeaaah)
-said vaca was awesome
-coming back to a lot of etsy orders and designs requests was even more awesome
-printing out all etsy orders and trying to weed through all my emails was not as awesome
-attempted to make a pizza, but the pizza dough was possessed by the devil and was.not.cooperating
-said pizza turned into an amoeba and not a circle. I was ok with this
-checked out apartments for Bubs and I new digs
-been making new swag for my shop!

I've been meaning to posts pics of my trip with the Bubs (we went to Atlantic City to celebrate our 3 year anniversary) but honestly, again, I've been so busy.

So I will try to have that as a monday post for you loves!

Ok, now onto the good stuff. The stuff you all have been waiting for. The stuff that is probably just as or more so better than the "good stuff" that snapple uses.
I present to you: Friday Faves, the "this stuff is better than snapple's stuff so take that snapple" edition

Wooden Locket - Triangles by So Little Time

ok, mega mega crush alert here. I am lovin' this modern geometric take on a locket! It's great cause I sucked in math real bad in school (like, embarrassingly bad, I mean really who said it was ok for letters to be mixed in with numbers??) so I can walk around with this necklace and be all like "yeah take that geometry look at me I'm sporting equilateral triangles-AND WHAT"

Confession Alert: Turban headbands never. ever. EVER look like this on my head. I wish they did though cause let's be honest, this girls got it.

I wear bows in my hair, around my neck, around my waist, on my bag, on my finger...I think it's time for me to seek some sort of "extreme bow lovers anonymous" group or something. It's getting out of control. 

oOoo sneaky sneaky, totally thought that was lace all up in there. It's not, it's a screen print OF lace ON fabric. Consider my mind blown.

Why Thank You Vol25, I think I'm the fairest too! No, really, pretty sure my skin is transparent I'm so pale...but pale can be cool, right? I just gotta avoid making a cameo on the Jersey Shore.

Have you been MIA lately?

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I love that necklace!! How neat!! I love the little slide compartment thingy! and I too wish I could rock a turban like that gal!!!
    These finds were better than the stuff Snapple is made of!! :)
    Have a rockin' weekend girl!!

  2. That screenprint necklace is super cool.

  3. such cute necklaces - love the bow tie one. and that girl's headband is rocking. don't worry. you are not alone. they never look like that on me either. i have a big head - literally. ryan likes to grab the back of it like a basketball. so attractive, right?

  4. Glad you had fun on your anniversary! Woohooo! I totes love all these faves. That little locket is so pretty!

    Happy weekend!

    P.S. Did you know Tia & Tamara Mowry have a new show on style network? It's going to be glorious :)

  5. glad you're back! hope to read about your vacay soon!

  6. ((covet covet covet covet))

    That is me coveting that locket. Holy awesome sauce.

  7. great job with the blog, many thanks!


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