Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Faves! (teal and orange)

Hi Loves!

There are 1 of many color combos that make my heart go all "lub dub" and junk (right? It's "lub dub"? I think thats the sound your heart makes--but what do I know I just draw pretty things on the computer all day, I didn't need to go to medical school for that)

But anyway, now that I have lost all train of thought--oh no, never mind, got it back guys--1 of many color combos I totally swoon ovah is orange and teal. It's up there with mustard and gray, or mint and coral, even navy and white.

Check it out ya'll! (PS-my inner southern gal is coming out) (PPS-I've never lived in the south, so I retract that previous statement) (PPPS-I wish I could say ya'll in NY)

Dandelions and Bluebirds Poppy Garland Headband by Much Love, Illy
She's from the south so she's allowed to say "Ya'll". Also? Side note: I own about 1/2 her shop. No Lie.

Abe Lincoln Quote by Mary Kate McDevitt
I CAN NOT TELL A LIE! (sure Abe, we believe ya)
Leather Cuff/Wallet Wristband in Dandelion by Tovi Corrie
Reasons why I love this cuff: let's all say it with me now "NO MORE PURSES WHEN GOING OUT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS!" this cuff has a hidden compartment for cash! COME ON.

too bad Auntie Leo has 4 nephews and zero nieces, but I do love all my boys!!

Sunflower Medallion Knob by Anthropologie
Say it with me now: NEED.

Speaking of orange and teal I was mega stoked when Lauren asked me to revamp her current branding. When she gave me the color swatch of her fave colors I let out a little yelp of excitement.

Look what I designed for home girl! I loved it, she loved it, we all loved it. (and this, right here, is why I love what I do for a living) Thank you Lauren for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your shop!

Here is her banner:

her snazzy avatar:

and a "reserved for" image for custom orders!

how FUN is that?! LOVED designing it!


  1. eeeep!! I love all your finds + the amazing job you did for Lauren's shop!!I love the colors!!
    When I painted my dresser {about a year or so ago} I decided to get all new hardware and I bought it all in the Anthro. sales bins. When I saw that beautiful knob I wish they had that last year when I was buying them out!! :)
    PS I heart Ilene's shop + that Abe quote!!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  2. aw thanks for the shoutout - and wow, amazing design! love it. :) you are gooooood, girl!!

  3. i think i've found new fave color combo...thanks Leonora!! also, that headband? ::swoon::

  4. Yay! I'm in love with my new design. I keep looking at it just to look at it :)

  5. OH I LOVE that design work!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  6. Oooh, you done Lauren proud. Love! (Also loving: That leather cuff. ((pitterpatter)) )

  7. This color combination are gorgeous! I love those picks you have, like Ms. Megan said, I also recently re-did my dresser and those knobs from anthro are currently sitting on it! I love that cute little design you did too :)


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