Friday, September 28, 2012

New Shop Launch Giveaway! 3 Winners!

holy to the cow.

I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of love everyone has showed me in regards to the launch of our shop on Society6.

In case you missed it yesterday, Yellow Heart Art now sells iPhone cases, iPad skins and LapTop skins (who knew blogging on your laptop just got more fun?) (extra bonus: there is worldwide free shipping till this sunday!)

As a ha-uge thank you for all the facebook shares, the tweets, the re-tweets and just simply getting the word out about the new shop launch I wanted to giveaway some stuff from my handmade shop on etsy, Yellow Heart Art!

There will be 3 separate winners for these 3 prizes!

One person will get to win a camera plush in peach and light blue!

One person will get their choice between a seamstress wooden charm or a camera wooden charm

and finally one person will get to nab their choice of one of these 3 prints!

can ya dig it?

(sorry US residents only please!)

who wants in? Just follow the fancy prompts below from rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're Expanding!

I have gotten asked so many times "Are you ever going to put your artwork on iPhone cases or t-shirts?"

and I always hate telling people "gaaahhh nooo...." cause, I mean, I wanna be like Oprah and just toss stuff of mine out a plane or something while screaming "AND YOU GET AN IPHONE CASE AND YOU GET AN IPHONE CASE....IPHONE CASES FOR EVERYYYYYONEEEE!"

So, I figured out a way to please you guys while still keeping it budget friendly!

I opened a Society6 shop back in the hayday but never did anything with it. With a little push from some friends I finally started to populate it.

You guys ready to stoke out?

We are finally now offering iPhone cases!

They are available for the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S and 5

best part? Now through this weekend all orders through Society6 gets FREE SHIPPING!

I hope you guys love them as much as me! I nabbed the feather case for my phone and I can not wait to instagram the shiz outta it.

More designs to come! I am so PUMPED!

Which is your favorite? Any requests?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Interior Design Inspiration

At times its kinda sorta frustrating living in an apartment from a designer's standpoint. To me, its our home, but its not our permanent home. I hold off on buying really fun wall art or furniture pieces since I don't know what type of space our future house will have.

Do you know how hard this is being an artist?! I want to go the nearest ikea, grab a cart, get a running start,  leap onto the back and put out my right arm across the closest shelf and have all the items cascade into the cart like as if I'm on supermarket sweep. (Minus those terrible sweaters)

So for now we have a generic sofa with generic curtains and a 42" flat screen TV (Cause, really, why watch TV if you don't actually feel like your inside of the TV?) (I want to be able to touch Brad Pitt's abs with ease here people) (by the way you can thank Bubs for the gigando TV, I would've been ok watching Netflix off of my MacBook)

I've been collecting little bits of inspiration here and there for when we finally get a home! A place where I can make a more permanent investment design wise. Of course the TV comes with us, in my spare time I like to watch re-runs of Dawson's Creek and instagram photos of myself with a life size Pacey in the background.

Whatever, you do it too.

I need these floating book shelves. Why? So that whenever guests come over I can be all like "OH SHIZ ITS HAPPENING AGAIN! THAT EVIL GHOST THAT ONLY I CAN SEE IS HOLDING UP OUR BOOKS. QUICK HE'LL ONLY STOP IF YOU LEAVE" …aaaand thats how you get rid of uninvited guests folks

you are welcome.

You know what I hate more than anything in life? Wallpaper. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT. I know, this is a shocker right? What ruined my love for wallpaper was when my family moved into our 2nd home then ENTIRE FREKKIN HOUSE was covered in this gnarly 1970s floral wallpaper. And since the wallpaper had been up for YEARS it was a beast and a half to take down. Plus I feel like wallpaper quickly outdates a room, I mean unless you pick a neutral pattern. Which is why I love the idea of the bathroom having some stripes to it. Plus It'll give me something to count while I'm going to the bathroom.

I have been collecting so much artwork for our future home. I love the idea of having all our photos covering one entire wall. Although I can also see this plan quickly backfiring the first time bubs decides to chase me around the house and I go toppling into the wall and taking out every frame we own.

he really likes to chase me.
I want a clean looking kitchen. The crisp white with that pop of yellow? Swoon to the max. Besides it also makes me feel like I'm living in an egg or something, which I mean thats cool right?

Since we probably wont have the moola to do a total kitchen revamp I'm thinking for the time being if the cabinets aren't white already that we just paint those bad boys right up and add some modern looking hardware to them.


Bub? You out there? I'm talkin' to you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Halloween Cupcake Liner Printable!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween.

I am super bummed out that bubs and I only live in an apartment and not a full house yet to host a halloween party.

I mean, I guess we could invite another couple over, and the 4 of us can have a costume contest while we stare at each other and play taboo.

Currently taking applications now for "the other couple" to be a part of bubs and I rockin' halloween party soiree 2012.

So, since I cant host a party right now I'd figured I'd love vicariously through you all by giving you guys a fah-ree set of printable cupcake liners for your parties!

just right click, open in new window and print that suckah right up.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, I'm crazy.

Yes, I have completely and totally lost my mind.

Yes, I FINALLY launched the sister shop to Yellow Heart Art!

Readers, meet Yellow Heart Art Design, Yellow Heart Art Design, meet Readers.

Now that you 2 are officially besties take a moment to get to know one another.

You have heard me talking for fah-evah about opening up 2 new shops. One of them being Yellow Heart Art Design, the other being Yellow Heart Bridal.

This has been in the works for soooo long. So many things have caused me to open up this shop way later than I wanted to, but she is here now and she is fierce and fabulous.

I like how I refer to my shop as an actual chick.

I get emails in my inbox at least once a day for potential design work. When some clients see how much it is to have a total custom revamp of their blog or shop they get hesitant to pull the trigger.

Trust me, I totally get it and respect it.

So you all have inspired me to create a shop that has pre-made designs of professional looking logos, business cards and shop headers that you guys get to personalize by plugging in your shop or blog names and other information.

Its a win win, you'll be saving money if you can't afford a complete custom design at the moment but yet you'll still get a great clean looking product.

This also frees me up to concentrate on other things, like finally launching new products to my original shop Yellow Heart Art AND being able to launch Yellow Heart Bridal.

Here are some peeks of some designs in the new shop!

and yes, I am fully aware that my statement says "protectected under copyright"

I decided that "protectected"means SUPER protected, like, you're really emphasizing that bad things will happen to you if you copy my shiz.

Ok, its just a typo im too lazy to fix.

It happens.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SHOTTS! Sisterhood Of The Traveling Sunglasses

So a few months back I had the opportunity to meet some uh-may-zing ladies in the flesh at a creative conference.

New friendships were instantly formed and it was as if we had all known each other since, like, kindergarten or something.

We knew we wanted some way to stay connected to each other, we briefly thought about a blood pact but the idea of cutting our skin and shaking hands seems so barbaric, so Ilene had this brilliant idea of doing SHOTTS (no, not like the lil john/LMFAO song) (erryboday!) (shots shots shots shots shots shots) (do you all know that song?) (no?) (ok awesome)

Anyway SHOTTS stands for "Sister Hood Of The Traveling Sunglasses".

Ilene got some obnoxiously bright pink sunglasses for us to all wear for a week and take on an adventure with us.

You can see where Ilene took her sunnies ovah hea.

So, I'll admit, I did have a moment of panic when I was presented with these amazingly pink shades.

"Where the HECK am I supposed to go with these?! I sit at a desk 40 hours a week, I guess I can show people the awesome vending machine at work…I think the guy is coming this week to add some more skittles so thats perfect timing. I think they're the new tropical kind anyway. People like tropical skittles"

Then it hit me

Duh Leonora you're going to Frekkin Ireland in a few weeks.


sometimes I facepalm myself when I forget that I am doing something epic like, leaving this continent or something.

So I packed up my bright pink shades and the 2 of us headed off to Ireland!

 See anything wrong with this picture? I'm on the driver side, but I'm missing a steering wheel. Good thing bub has one on the passenger side though. 

By the way, driving on the left side of the road? Terrifying.

But, he's got this folks, don't let that concerned look of "ok well, I guess this is how we're gonna die" look on his face confuse you.

 oh hey there creepy haunted castle in the background--how YOU doin'? 

Also I totally suck at jumping photos. I blame the Ireland air, its not like the air here in New York.


oh, oh that thing behind me? Just St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Now these shades now need to brace the faces of 3 other ladies!

There's this rad red head who makes some gangsta totes who is over in Seattle
There is this awesome little mama representin' CA who likes to re-live some old 90s culture (snap bracelets anybody?)
then there's this bodacious chick who just recently quit her day job to pursue her art full time.

Which one of the 3 will get them next? ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you on 9/11?

It was my Senior year of Highschool. School had only been in session for about a week (in New York you start school shortly after labor day, I know some of you guys down south start in August)

We were all still adjusting to our schedules and new faces.

It was 1st period of the day, my social media class.

We had a TV in the classroom but it wasn't hooked up to any cable, it just kinda chilled there for when the teacher brought in movies for us to watch.

Another teacher runs into our classroom and says "something is happening in NYC!"

No one knew what was going on, our teacher told all 20 something of us to file into the history class next door where the teacher had a radio for us to listen to.

When I walked in the history teacher was crying. At this point I was still unsure why.

Thats when we heard the news. That a commercial plane had hit one of the twin towers.

At this point terrorism didn't even cross anyone's minds. We were thinking the benefit of the doubt and possibly assumed the pilot perhaps suffered some kind of medical injury that caused him to loose control of the plane.

Then it happened, the 2nd plane hit the towers.

The history teacher busts into more sobs, her husband was currently a NYC fireman and didn't know if he was dead or alive.

At this point they told the students if anyone had any family who was in the city and needed to get in touch with them to go to the front office.

I remember running out of that history teacher's room and passing other kids who were in tears concerned for their parents who were working in Manhattan or currently flying the east coast.

I was looking for my little cousin Kellie who was a freshman at the time. We lived next door to one another, she's 3 years younger than me so for a short while we're both in the same building at the same time.

I knew she had gym, so I bust into the locker rooms like a crazy woman and start saying "Kellie?? Kellie????"

My uncle (her dad) worked in the city at Rockefeller plaza (for those of you who are unfamiliar its where the giant christmas tree goes up every year) at this point she knew something was going on in the city but didn't know the full extent of it since she was in gym class and all of this was just going down with in the past 45 minutes.

She told me that he either just came home for the day or that he was off, I can't remember now but I just remember her telling me he wasn't there.

Again, she had no idea why I was so frantic, I just told her that I didn't fully understand what was happening yet but there were 2 commercial planes that hit the twin towers. I then told her that there is currently no way into the city and out of the city.

Soon after that our building was on lock down. None of us were allowed outside since we didn't know if they would attempt to do anything on Long Island.

Parents were able to pick up students early. Everyone just kind of ignored their schedules for the day and we just aimlessly walked around the hallways like zombies.

I don't remember how I got home that day, perhaps they let us out early or perhaps we used the bus, but I just remember this weird smell in the air. I had never smelled anything like that before. We were getting some of the wind from the city. It just smelled like something was burning.

When I finally got home I found my mom down stairs fixated on the TV. In New York a lot of our cable channels were not available due to the twin towers (I think some of the antennas might have been on the building themselves) so we were only able to get a few networks. The news coverage still haunts me. For weeks it was only about what happened that day, there were no sitcoms and no other programs shown for a very long time.

You saw people holding up printed photos of their loved ones asking if anyone has seen them. There were fences and walls covered in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos of missing people.

At one point they even stopped traffic on the bridges going in and out of the city for fear that a terrorist might put a bomb on a truck, leave it there, and have it take out a bridge.

I just remember feeling really unsafe for a very long time. Shortly after 9.11 there was a lot of other stuff happening too. There was anthrax scares, there was talks of biochemical attacks on the trains in and out of the city.

I didn't want to go anywhere, and I hated feeling that way. I didn't want *them* to get the best of me.

I remember you couldn't walk 2 feet with out seeing an American flag pop up somewhere. There were being hung from the windows of houses and the antennas of cars.

We will never let them crush our spirits. To all of those who lost their lives today you are never ever forgotten. For those of you who knew someone on one of the planes, in one of those buildings, or in the pentagon you are also in our hearts and minds today.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Magazine Feature!

Hey you guys, I am baaaack!

I was vacationing with the bubs over in Ireland this past week. But more on that later ;)

While we were away we had limited access to the internet, but I was able to check my email here and there.

I received an email from Stephanie of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine letting me know that one of my pieces of artwork from Yellow Heart Art was featured!

I am so frekkin excited I could just, I don't know, jump out of a plane or something.

Actually, no, I take back that comment. Maybe I'll just high 5 the closest person next to me, or bust out into my best Carlton dance from Fresh Prince, which I guess is just as much of an adrenaline rush as jumping out of a plane.

<3 Leonora