Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Faves Guest Post!

Ello Loves!

As you are reading this Bubs and I are finishing up our birth-a-versary vacation.


there is one thing though that we did that I will never ever ever (EVER to the 10th millionth degree) ever do again. I rode the this called The Rocket (and oh yes, there is a video that I will share in another blog post) and holy dear baby jesus I almost wet myself.

anyway I asked the lovely Allie over from Amaryllis Truth to fill in for me while I'm gone!

She was stoked. I was stoked. It was stokage times 2.

When you're done reading this go on and give her a lil Holla! She's supah friendly and pretty rad <3

hi guys! i'm allie, stopping by from my blog, Amaryllis Truth. i'm a recent college grad, girlfriend, and now an artist surviving living my dream :)   i was so honored when leonora asked me to do her "friday faves" post for this week while she is on vacation, hope i do it some justice & that you guys enjoy my (pretty random) looking-forward-to-the-fall favorites!

1. free people: speaks directly to my inner hippie. everything i wish i was bold enough to wear... and could afford ;)
2. fall means to me... boot shopping {{swoon}} one can never have too many pairs of leather boots.
3. iced chai tea.  perfectly refreshing for the sticky heat of august, with subtle reminders of the autumn to look forward to :)
4. chinchilly by essie. a chilled out version of spring/earlier summer ultra-brights and pastels.
5. & forts: i'm not sure at what age is became socially unacceptable for adult to play in forts, but nevertheless i still love them.  so romantic (and not to mention, put in a movie and you've got the perfect FREE date night)

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  1. thank you again for letting me be part of this! hope your vacation has been magical!


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