Hellew there! My name is Leonora (sometimes I go by Leo2theNora when I'm feeling swanky) I'm a full time graphic designer living on Long Island with my Bub (Bub: See Also Fiance. See Also Boy who drives me absolutely insane) I really dig art and the color yellow. I have a shop on etsy called Yellow Heart Art. Go check it out, I'll wait, while your gone.

I wear scarves pretty much all year round and I will jump in a puddle if I see it fit "jumpable". I try to always embraced my inner quirk and so should you.

I have always been into art ever since I was about 2 feet tall. I would sit in my rooms for hours and draw on anything that had a surface to it (sorry mom for ruining the couch, walls, door, carpets and your forehead that one time when you fell asleep).

I decided to go to school for graphic design. When I graduated I landed a corporate design job right out of college. I felt drained designing other people's visions (and using times new roman and the color gray everywhere) I knew about Etsy and decided to open a handmade shop where I was the boss, art director and designer. It was an amazing creative outlet for me. I was constantly getting emails from customers saying "oh my gosh this print is PERFECT for *insert person here* thank you for creating such quirky art!"

 When I first opened up shop it was strictly a print shop, it has now evolved to pillows, plushes, stamps and even journals. I guess "wanting to design on every surface" never left my soul. Again, thanks and sorry Mom.