Friday, June 19, 2015

Photobombing Gone Right

So, it was brought to my attention the other day that my last blog post was in November.

Yep, over 6 months ago.

Well, that's awkward.

You see, I have been so so SO busy planning this little party that I threw last week. (ok, it was a big party. It might've been my wedding)

You guys, everyone says that your wedding day is the best day of your life and the most fun you'll ever have. I was so incredibly skeptical. I thought it was something people said because you are spending the cost of 2 brand new cars on a four hour event. Side note: Weddings are weird. You are treated like a Kardashian for the day. Hair and make up people come over your house and transform you from Shrek to Heidi Klum. People are constantly asking you if you need anything. Everyone wants a selfie with you and all your jokes are funny (again, people are probably laughing out of sympathy because you just dropped 2 years worth of mortgage payments on a fiesta but I digress)

But real talk?  (we can be real, right?) they were all right. It was honestly one of the (if not thee best) day of my life. Being in a room surrounded by friends and family who just wanted to celebrate your love is truly an incredible feeling.

It also helps when your family and friends photobomb the shit out of you in the photobooth whenever you try to get a high class selfie with your new hubs.

Every time Bub and I stepped into the photobooth we would get unexpectedly ambushed by all our friends and family. 

And ya know what? I didn't hate it.

...ok I need to work on a new face

pinky swear I'll post some, ya know, legit pics from the day. Stay tuned loves but for now Mr and Mrs. Bubs are peacing out! <3

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pin it To Win It! Get $75 to Yellow Heart Art AND Etsy!

Who doesn't love an excuse to make your home "Pinterest Perfect"? But if you're anything like me you have all these grand plans for your home but then it doesn't pan out. Either you don't have time to make some potato stamp curtains (unless your Morimoto ain't nobody making intricate designs using a machete and a potato) or you don't have the budget to go all "WEEEE CLICK ADD TO CART" crazy at West Elm.

Well, I'm feeling pretty giving. It's getting colder out and you're going to be staring at the inside of your walls a lot soon by trying to stay warm. I want you to be able to look around your home and smile, so I am giving away a $75 gift card to Yellow Heart Art AND to Etsy! You get to update your house on me, or you can use it to buy some holiday gifts this year!

See below on how to get in on this amazing (and super easy) giveaway!

Simply visit my DIY board on pinterest (or just click here!) find this image and re-pin it to your board! For extra entries visit my shop and pin up to 5 items from my Yellow Heart Art shop onto your pinterest (each pinned item is an extra entry) with the hashtag #YellowHeartArtPintoWin aaaand that's it! Please re-pin to public boards only!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. As much as I love Etsy they are not affiliated with this giveaway, this is just me doing my thang and giving you guys some awesome loot! Giveaway will run from November 21st 2014 and end on December 1st 2014. Winner contacted via email. $75 gift card to Yellow Heart Art is valid on prints only and excludes plushes and custom artwork. Entire value of $75 gift card to Yellow Heart must must be forfeited in one use, any remaining balance can not be applied to future purchases. Entire Yellow Heart Art giftcard value must be used by December 30th 2014.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cut.It.Out. New Cut Out Prints!

One thing I noticed in my almost 4 years of running Yellow Heart Art was that I was constantly getting this one request from customers..."Hey, can you change the colors of your print to match with my home?"

Sometimes I was able to do it, sometimes I couldnt. Or sometimes you pay extra for me to change the colors of your artwork only for you to go ahead and revamp your living space and now that new print no longer goes with your decor.

So, I have a solution. A fun solution. A unique solution. A solution that when others walk into your home they look at your print and go " that...?" (why yes, it is, it's a cut out print!)

What I love most about these prints is that they are so versatile. Since the words are cut out of the paper whatever wall or surface you place the print on will peek through the openings, so it will always go with any home decor you have in your house!

Plus the fact that its cut out makes it stand out from your other gallery wall pieces. Check out the entire collection here! Be sure to stock up for gifts this holiday! 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Behind the Scenes to my Yellow Heart Bridal Shoot! "Pop-Up Video" Style!

So this might be a dead giveaway for my age over here but do you guys remember pop-up video on VH1? Basically little thought bubbles would pop up in random places during a music video and tell you little snippets and behind the filming info about that scene!

So, ladies and gentlemen (ha, gentlemen, the only dudes reading this blog are Bub and maybe my pet bird) I bring you some behind the scenes tidbits for Yellow Heart Bridal!

The shoot was so much fun and I was planning for it for weeks! I am so lucky to have so many people in my life that support me (and for my to use as my Yellow Heart Bridal shoot guinea pigs) To see more pics you can check out the new Bridal Event shop Yellow Heart Bridal!

By the way we are still running our instagram giveaway for either a guest book from Yellow Heart Bridal OR $100 to Yellow Heart Art! Visit our instagram for more details!

rules for contest:
US residents only. Excludes Puerto Rico. Must be 18 and over. $100 gift card to Yellow Heart Art can only be redeemed at and excludes: pillows, custom personalized art, custom graphic design work. You have the choice to win either $100 to Yellow Heart Art or a guest book  from Yellow Heart Bridal. Enter on instagram by reposting our giveaway image, be a follower of @YellowHeartArt on instagram, use the hashtag #yellowheartartgiveaway and tag @YellowHeartArt in your caption as well as tagging a friend in our original post. Runs from August 11th 2014 - August 17th 2014 12AM EST. Winner announced on our instagram account.

Monday, August 11, 2014

IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! The New Division of Yellow Heart Art!

May 31st 2012.

The day I officially reserved the website

I didn't know when I would be able to put 100% into my new shop, but I knew I wanted it to happen. Over 2 years later and I am so happy to say that it is here.

do you hear me?


I have designed over 25 products, edited, resized, watermarked and uploaded over 150 product photos, bribed my friends with new facebook profile pics to have them model for me & have stayed up past 2am over these past few months to bring you this:

I rallied up my girl friends, gathered my products, and had a bridal shower photo shoot! I absolutely love how these photos came out.

Advice Cards
Write some words of wisdom to the happy couple the day of their wedding or at the bridal shower!

 Modern Initial Bingo Cards!
Because why do bingo cards gotta look all cheesy?

Cutesy Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card!
because your bestie needs to be by your ugly-cryin' side.

 The Modern "Guest Book"
Get three 8x10s to proudly display in your home after the wedding!

 Wedding Itinerary Break down
Make sure guests don't bail right after cake!

 Modern Geometric Menu
Food is important. The description of your food should look just as good.

Custom Bridal Party Portrait
Because how many monogrammed robes do you really need? This makes a way better bridal party gift.

 Infographic Wedding Program
One word: ah-dorable (does that count as 1 or 2 words?)

 Infographic save-the-dates
because people need to know how many days you 2 have been together

Fancy Table Numbers
You are spending a lot of money on centerpieces, the table number should have its shining moment too.

There are so many other items too! You can check out the entire new collection here!

Come back tomorrow, I'm gonna show you some behind the scenes tidbits of the bridal shoot, and I'm gonna do it "pop up video" style. 

Also if you're in the mood to win $100 to Yellow Heart Art or win A Guest Book from Yellow Heart Bridal then check out the giveaway we have going on over at our instagram account @YellowHeartArt 

So, waddya guys think??

rules for contest:
US residents only. Excludes Puerto Rico. Must be 18 and over. $100 gift card to Yellow Heart Art can only be redeemed at and excludes: pillows, custom personalized art, custom graphic design work. You have the choice to win either $100 to Yellow Heart Art or a guest book  from Yellow Heart Bridal. Enter on instagram by reposting our giveaway image, be a follower of @YellowHeartArt on instagram, use the hashtag #yellowheartartgiveaway and tag @YellowHeartArt in your caption as well as tagging a friend in our original post. Runs from August 11th 2014 - August 17th 2014 12AM EST. Winner announced on our instagram account.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Goals Reached

Ever since I started Yellow Heart Art back in 2011 I have always had big dreams for that little shop o mine. Yellow Heart Art defines who I am as a person. I'm creative, I'm fun, I'm quirky...that little shop is my heart and soul. I pour all of me into that business. So when something like this happens I get really really really (really) happy

Yep, thats an original piece of artwork that I got to design for West Elm!

...west elm...


excuse me while I go scream at a volume that only dogs can hear.

Hey world...I'm comin for ya!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

*waves* hey guys remember me?

hay ya'll!

ok first of all, I don't know why I led with "ya'll" because I'm from long Island and no one says that here. ever. I'm not against it, I think it's fun to say. Maybe I'll make it a thing here.

Second of all, check out my calf muscle in my twirling pic. Zumba is giving me calves of steel which is kind of freaking me out, but I'm learning to embrace it.

Is it weird that I'm starting this blog talking about my calves and zumba and using sayings I've never used before? I am so rusty at this whole blog thing--I haven't blogged since last year (WHAT) so lemme use some bullet points telling you all the awesome things that have happened to me!

1. If you've been keeping up with me over on instagram and facebook you probably saw that some of my artwork popped up over on Lauren Conrad's website! I had designed some phone wallpaper graphics exclusively for all LC readers (say wuuut) it was such an amazing opportunity and I hope to see more yellow heart cameos over there.

2. I just got this new top from eshakti and I am so in love with it. They have a "custom size" section in their shop so I gave them my measurements and they sent me this beaut. I never had a top fit so perfectly before, I feel like I got something custom tailored. Ya know kind of like when Cinderella had those birds & rats make her dress or something (I think I'm messing up the plot here but you get my drift) (wait, that was her and not sleeping beauty right?) (no, that was definitely Cinderella)  anyway in conclusion: it's sturdy, flattering and Bub approved. 2 thumbs up.

3. I have been dropping hints about a new division of Yellow Heart Art that I've been busy working on. I can't waaaaait to finally show you guys what it is! It's different from Yellow Heart Art but still has that quriky touch behind it.

4. I've opened up slots for custom doodle portraits! People have been using them for anniversary gifts, wedding guests books and engagement gifts. They make me happy to design. Like, really happy.

5. Bub and I finally celebrated our engagement a few weekends ago! So major blogger fail: I did not take ANY pictures of the decorations and I am so so so so so so so sad. We had it at a park and since there was no wait staff and cleaning crew Bub and I had to do some running around to make sure everything was timed perfectly. Since I was so engrossed with the food and all our guests I totally flaked out on the picture taking. But it's ok because I will stalk everyone's facebook for photos and hijack those.

6. Pinky promise I'll blog more.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

That Time I Stumbled Upon my Design in Kourtney Kardashian's House

As you know Bubs and I recently purchased a home. Between buying said home, renovating it and saving up moola for our engagement party/wedding we aren't exactly makin' it rain banjamins over here. I am constantly looking up interior design ideas either on pinterest or by stalking celebs to see what they're doing and maybe I can DIY it myself or use it as inspiration for our own digs.

While looking through InStyle magazine's home tour of Kourtney Kadashian's California home something stuck out to me. As I was looking at her daughter's Penelope room I noticed something peeking out in the corner of the crib.

No…wait…that can't be….

holy shit it is.

Kourtney had used one of my diamond plushes to spruce up little Penelope's space. I could not believe it. It is a little hard to tell since it is inside the crib and its a soft pink color so it doesn't "pop" out but its kinda like a mama spotting her child across a crowded disney theme park…you just know.

You know what this means now? Poor bub is going to have to deal with our DVR being full of "Keeping up with the Kardashian" re-runs in hopes of me seeing it "in person". If this doesn't kill us it will only make us stronger (as quoted by the great Kelly Clarkson) (maybe she was predicting this moment for me and, in fact, the song is about mine and Bub's relationship and the turmoil one faces when the DVR is full) (do I smell a drama filled "Keeping up with the Bubs" in our future? I think I do)

I think the part that really gives me the warm and fuzzies is that Kourtney states in InStyle magazine that  "I get so happy when I go into her room. It’s my favorite room and I did it all myself." This is someone who can probably use hundred dollar bills as toilet paper (cause if I win lotto thats totally what I'm doing. Ya know that and pay off our mortgage…oh wait. no. use 100s as toilet paper, pay off our mortgage AND roll around in a kiddie pool full of dollah dolla billz) and yet she thought that my little handmade item was worthy enough to be seen in her home tour. It really blows my mind. Thank you so much Kourtney, I didn't think 2014 could kick 2013's ass, but 3 weeks in and it's looking pretty promising.  

Kourtney owns the larger version of this plush, if you want one for your little princess you can purchase it here!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


...soooo a few weeks ago I asked a few of mine and Julie's friends to participate in a virtual bridal shower for her! (Julie has no clue this is!) Julie got engaged this past September (just a few week after me!) and since then we've been planning our weddings pretty much every single day together with the help of google chat. She is a true friend, someone who I can tell errythang too (and I do mean errythang).

Julie and I have a bunch of friends all over the US and it bummed me out that I wouldn't be able to rally up all the troops and have an "in person" shower for her. So I did the next best thing: Hosted a virtual shower instead!

 (Yeah, I'm the cross eyed wonder on the left) (bee tee dubs thanks Ilene for the picture, and yes this is getting framed and going in my studio ASA to the P)

Me and the other guests already sent Julie her shower gifts, now its time to "party!" (and hey you all are invited!). If this was a real life shower I would've made some oreo truffles and decorated them with some cute dessert flags to, ya know, "pinterest" them up. Since you all are attending Julie's shower as well you can print out these bad boys for yourself and join in on the fun :)

(right click, save to desk top, open up in a photo program of your choice and print 'em out!)

I think these guys would've been a big hit at Julie's shower! Go visit Erika, Ilene, Gina and Emily to see what they are bringing to the party! Congrats again Julie, you are going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy and honored to call you my friend, we love ya <3

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My best friend in my head is...

So I am unsure how many of you guys watch Girl Code on MTV. Let me tell you, I am in love. Basically its a bunch of chicks that are comedians who talk about topics that other chicks can relate to (ya know...pimples, shopping, living with a boy etc) I pretty much need to be besties with the entire cast.

There is this one segment called "best friend in my head". Pretty much you pick a celebrity who you kinda sorta have a girl crush on and then list your perfect day together. (you can watch Girl Code's clip here)

My best friend in my head is Emma Stone. We would go to all the pet shelters in the world and save all the puppies. We would open a puppy farm and have a giant puppy party with all our friends. There would be this awesome photobooth that also doubled as a karaoke machine. Emma and I would rock out to backstreet boy's Larger Than Life and choreograph our own amazing dance moves. Someone would videotape this routine, upload it to youtube where we would go viral and perform live on the Ellen show.

...and thats why I think Emma Stone is my best friend in my head.