Tuesday, July 8, 2014

*waves* hey guys remember me?

hay ya'll!

ok first of all, I don't know why I led with "ya'll" because I'm from long Island and no one says that here. ever. I'm not against it, I think it's fun to say. Maybe I'll make it a thing here.

Second of all, check out my calf muscle in my twirling pic. Zumba is giving me calves of steel which is kind of freaking me out, but I'm learning to embrace it.

Is it weird that I'm starting this blog talking about my calves and zumba and using sayings I've never used before? I am so rusty at this whole blog thing--I haven't blogged since last year (WHAT) so lemme use some bullet points telling you all the awesome things that have happened to me!

1. If you've been keeping up with me over on instagram and facebook you probably saw that some of my artwork popped up over on Lauren Conrad's website! I had designed some phone wallpaper graphics exclusively for all LC readers (say wuuut) it was such an amazing opportunity and I hope to see more yellow heart cameos over there.

2. I just got this new top from eshakti and I am so in love with it. They have a "custom size" section in their shop so I gave them my measurements and they sent me this beaut. I never had a top fit so perfectly before, I feel like I got something custom tailored. Ya know kind of like when Cinderella had those birds & rats make her dress or something (I think I'm messing up the plot here but you get my drift) (wait, that was her and not sleeping beauty right?) (no, that was definitely Cinderella)  anyway in conclusion: it's sturdy, flattering and Bub approved. 2 thumbs up.

3. I have been dropping hints about a new division of Yellow Heart Art that I've been busy working on. I can't waaaaait to finally show you guys what it is! It's different from Yellow Heart Art but still has that quriky touch behind it.

4. I've opened up slots for custom doodle portraits! People have been using them for anniversary gifts, wedding guests books and engagement gifts. They make me happy to design. Like, really happy.

5. Bub and I finally celebrated our engagement a few weekends ago! So major blogger fail: I did not take ANY pictures of the decorations and I am so so so so so so so sad. We had it at a park and since there was no wait staff and cleaning crew Bub and I had to do some running around to make sure everything was timed perfectly. Since I was so engrossed with the food and all our guests I totally flaked out on the picture taking. But it's ok because I will stalk everyone's facebook for photos and hijack those.

6. Pinky promise I'll blog more.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

That Time I Stumbled Upon my Design in Kourtney Kardashian's House

As you know Bubs and I recently purchased a home. Between buying said home, renovating it and saving up moola for our engagement party/wedding we aren't exactly makin' it rain banjamins over here. I am constantly looking up interior design ideas either on pinterest or by stalking celebs to see what they're doing and maybe I can DIY it myself or use it as inspiration for our own digs.

While looking through InStyle magazine's home tour of Kourtney Kadashian's California home something stuck out to me. As I was looking at her daughter's Penelope room I noticed something peeking out in the corner of the crib.

No…wait…that can't be….

holy shit it is.

Kourtney had used one of my diamond plushes to spruce up little Penelope's space. I could not believe it. It is a little hard to tell since it is inside the crib and its a soft pink color so it doesn't "pop" out but its kinda like a mama spotting her child across a crowded disney theme park…you just know.

You know what this means now? Poor bub is going to have to deal with our DVR being full of "Keeping up with the Kardashian" re-runs in hopes of me seeing it "in person". If this doesn't kill us it will only make us stronger (as quoted by the great Kelly Clarkson) (maybe she was predicting this moment for me and, in fact, the song is about mine and Bub's relationship and the turmoil one faces when the DVR is full) (do I smell a drama filled "Keeping up with the Bubs" in our future? I think I do)

I think the part that really gives me the warm and fuzzies is that Kourtney states in InStyle magazine that  "I get so happy when I go into her room. It’s my favorite room and I did it all myself." This is someone who can probably use hundred dollar bills as toilet paper (cause if I win lotto thats totally what I'm doing. Ya know that and pay off our mortgage…oh wait. no. use 100s as toilet paper, pay off our mortgage AND roll around in a kiddie pool full of dollah dolla billz) and yet she thought that my little handmade item was worthy enough to be seen in her home tour. It really blows my mind. Thank you so much Kourtney, I didn't think 2014 could kick 2013's ass, but 3 weeks in and it's looking pretty promising.  

Kourtney owns the larger version of this plush, if you want one for your little princess you can purchase it here!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


...soooo a few weeks ago I asked a few of mine and Julie's friends to participate in a virtual bridal shower for her! (Julie has no clue this is happening...so...SURPRISE!) Julie got engaged this past September (just a few week after me!) and since then we've been planning our weddings pretty much every single day together with the help of google chat. She is a true friend, someone who I can tell errythang too (and I do mean errythang).

Julie and I have a bunch of friends all over the US and it bummed me out that I wouldn't be able to rally up all the troops and have an "in person" shower for her. So I did the next best thing: Hosted a virtual shower instead!

 (Yeah, I'm the cross eyed wonder on the left) (bee tee dubs thanks Ilene for the picture, and yes this is getting framed and going in my studio ASA to the P)

Me and the other guests already sent Julie her shower gifts, now its time to "party!" (and hey you all are invited!). If this was a real life shower I would've made some oreo truffles and decorated them with some cute dessert flags to, ya know, "pinterest" them up. Since you all are attending Julie's shower as well you can print out these bad boys for yourself and join in on the fun :)

(right click, save to desk top, open up in a photo program of your choice and print 'em out!)

I think these guys would've been a big hit at Julie's shower! Go visit Erika, Ilene, Gina and Emily to see what they are bringing to the party! Congrats again Julie, you are going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy and honored to call you my friend, we love ya <3

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My best friend in my head is...

So I am unsure how many of you guys watch Girl Code on MTV. Let me tell you, I am in love. Basically its a bunch of chicks that are comedians who talk about topics that other chicks can relate to (ya know...pimples, shopping, living with a boy etc) I pretty much need to be besties with the entire cast.

There is this one segment called "best friend in my head". Pretty much you pick a celebrity who you kinda sorta have a girl crush on and then list your perfect day together. (you can watch Girl Code's clip here)

My best friend in my head is Emma Stone. We would go to all the pet shelters in the world and save all the puppies. We would open a puppy farm and have a giant puppy party with all our friends. There would be this awesome photobooth that also doubled as a karaoke machine. Emma and I would rock out to backstreet boy's Larger Than Life and choreograph our own amazing dance moves. Someone would videotape this routine, upload it to youtube where we would go viral and perform live on the Ellen show.

...and thats why I think Emma Stone is my best friend in my head.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Cyber Monday Say HAAAAAY

We are having the biggest sale ever! The more you buy the more you save!

By the way: your savings are calculated before tax and shipping fees!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Welcome to our link up party! I can't wait to hear what you all are thankful for this year :) hope over to Julie and Erika's pages to see what they are thankful for, and don't forget to link up below!

• Modern Dentistry. With out it I would currently have 3 missing front teeth. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

• The birdie vet. Sherbert (our cockatiel) got super sick a few weeks ago. He wasn't eating or drinking and was sleeping all day. Without our vet I know Sherbert would not have made it. Also his 2 night stay at the vet cost more than staying a week at the Mariot. It's a good thing we like him.

• My Bub. He is my biggest supporter, fan, friend and bed hog. He is constantly poking my nose with his finger as his way of saying "hi babe, I love you" and he is so willing to help me make any display items for Yellow Heart Art. We still hold hands, hug, cuddle and do all the cutesy crap that people do when they first start dating. I am so happy to be marrying him, I am so stoked to be doing life with him.

• Curse words. Sometimes you just need to yell one out to feel better. It's cheaper than therapy.

• My 9 person bridal party. Some people are shocked when I tell them I have 9 girls in my party. It's usually followed by a "whoa girl you crazy!" but ya know what? I'm lucky to have 9 close girls in my life who I love and care about so much to share in my special day with. Each one of them mean the world to me, and I am happy to call them more than friends or cousins or sister-in-laws, but actual sisters.  (Pic from my bestie's Courtney's wedding)

• My flat iron. I always told Bub that if we ever have a kid the poor thing would have thee worse hair ever. We both have Italian wavy hair, and if it wasn't for my flat iron my hair would go in every direction but down.

• My customers. I have a special place in my heart for those of you who have ever supported me by purchasing art for your walls, plushes for your couch or stamps for your journals. It means so much to me that you want to spend your hard earned money on something that I created and made with my 2 hands. Its an amazing feeling and I don't think you understand how much it truly makes me feel awesome, loved and hopeful. If I could commence a giant group hug I would.

• Free Shipping. When it comes to buying holiday presents for out of state family members (which is pretty much all of Bub's family) getting free shipping helps tremendously with the added costs. Just let me have this one guys…I know, it's weird.

• Video chat dates with Erika and Julie. They help me refresh, refocus and get motivated to make Yellow Heart Art better than before. I love them and I love the friendship we share with each other. It's also nice hearing their successes and seeing how happy they are about their accomplishments.

• My camera. It allows me to capture a moment on film and remember it forever.

• The ".com" button on my iPhone/iPad keypad. Ok COME ON tell me that is not GENIUS?

• Dancing with Bub's grandfather at his cousin's wedding. I was looking forward to dancing with him at mine and Bub's wedding since I no longer have any grandfathers here with me. He passed away in October but I am grateful I got one dance in with him before it was too late.

• Hugs. They do the body good.

Wanna join in on the thankfulness? Grab a button below to link back to our blogs. Link your blog post below and see what everyone has to be thankful for! Make sure you link to your blog post and not your entire blog. Also, let's play nice in the sand box and link to a post that talks about you being thankful.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let's Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away (I don't even know how that happened, I swear I blacked out sometime between August and November) (it's a good thing I'm not hosting thanksgiving or else my guests would be eating cup-o-noodle)

Me, Julie and Erika are bringing back the "thankful for" link up. Join us next wednesday, November 27th, and share what you are thankful for this year! (for example if you were one of my relatives you would be thankful that you are not going to be carving into the thanksgiving cup-o-noodle this year)

Make sure to link up using a blog post dedicated to what you are thankful for and not to your entire blog (or a fashion post. Even though I'm thankful that you scored some ballin' boots on sale for 12 bucks let's try and play by the rules)

See ya next wednesday kids! HUZZAH.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Randoms

I love reading other people's random traits! I thought I'd join in on the fun.

1. I used to go all out with eye make up back in college. Like, everyday was prom day to me. The thing that got me to stop? My friend Mike asked me to close my eyes. He then took his thumb and rubbed the top of my lid. When I opened them back up there was a perfect Leonora eyeball print on his thumb. The moral of the story: Don't wear so much "everyday" eye make up that it can be left behind on someone's finger.

2. I have been through 2 deployments with Bub. Each one sucked. Each one also brought us closer together at the end, but I never want to go through them again.

3. I rarely wear nail polish. In college I was super hands on with pastels, charcoal, paint…errythang. It was pointless to make them pretty.

4. My eyelashes are permanently "squished" on my left eye. I sleep on my stomach and on the left side of my face. My eyelases are so long that they get bent in every weird direction. I tried to sleep on my back to stop this from happening but then I felt super exposed and weird. Mangled eyelashes it is…

5. I like coupons.

6. Ever since I started seeing Bub I've been more "adventurous". I try more things that are outside my comfort zone, and most things I don't regret doing but I would never do them again (I'm looking at you slingshot ride of death in atlantic city)

7. Over the course of 3 months Bub and I bought a home and got engaged. 2 MAJOR milestones over 90 days.

8. I'm gonna be 30 in a few months and I am totally having a freak out about it. I'm sure future 50 year old me wants to kick current 29 year old me in the shins.

9. I didn't know opening my etsy shop back in 2011 would be as rewarding and fulfilling as it has been.

10. I currently have 3 fake front teeth. I fainted face first down a flight of stairs at age 14 and my face took all the impact. Doctors were shock I didn't snap my neck, I'd like to think I'm meant to be here.

11. I love any and all animals. When I was a kid I would go in our backyard and collect all the frogs to save them from the lawn mower. I also currently own 2 birds because I felt bad that one of them was alone in PetCo in a little plexi glass cage. I am no longer allowed to go to PetCo or any animal shelter because I would bring home all the animals. ALL.THE.ANIMALS.

12. I have such a mental block with math. Why do they mix letters and numbers?

13. I'm a huge germaphobe. I open doors with my elbows and purel after shaking someone's hand. After I got engaged I got sick because everyone was grabbing my hand wanting to see my ring.

14. Bub and I have been together for 5 plus years and we are still as affectionate as we were back then.

15. I'm a cover hog, he's a bed hog.

16. I used to be really musically inclined. In school I was constantly given solos, but I had huge stage fright that I stopped music cold turkey. I started to do more art because you never had to show off your artwork on stage to an entire auditorium of people while wearing some uncomfortable black and white outfit.

17. You guys are gonna think I'm really crazy right now but whenever I find loose change I always count it. Whenever I count it it usually adds up to being "a date" (46 cents = April 6th, 53 cents = May 3rd). The date is usually a loved ones birthday or date of passing who is no longer with me. I'd like to think its divine intervention letting me know that they are with me still.

18. I can't digest garlic or peppers which is hard to avoid when you're 100% italian.

19. I can't wait to get a ton of gray hairs so I can finally dye my hair. I don't want to mess with my natural color, but I always wanted to try to be a redhead.

20. I am a master at car dancing. If I'm at a stoplight and my jam is on the radio you best believe I am going hard.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday shopping is pretty stressful around here. Between combining both mine and Bub's families we have over 25 people to shop for. It gets a little out of control trying to find thee most perfect gift for 25 individual people. Here are some of my tactics I use to try to make the shopping a little less stressful so you don't get stuck duking it out for the last pair of tube socks in walmart on December 23rd.

• Purchase gifts throughout the year. If you see something someone might like just get it! It's easier to buy thee most perfect gift when its presented to you and not later on when you're driving to 34 stores trying to find it again.

• Sign up for newsletters. Yeah, they can get a little annoying, but that's why you make another email account exclusively for newsletter subscription. It'll keep your day-to-day inbox less cluttered and then when you're finally in the mindset to "shop" you can log on to your other account and click through the deals and sales. Most newsletters come with a coupon code or a deal of some sort.

• Pick "a theme" to exchange with some friends or family members. For some of our family members Bub and I are doing an ornament exchange with them. It'll be a nice tradition to start since Bub and I just recently got a home and our poor christmas tree is super bare with extremely cheesy dollar store ornaments to fill up the space. It's great because we get to give each other a sentimental gift and not drive ourselves crazy. I have also done "Pajama Pants" exchanges and "Handmade" exchanges.

Speaking of handmade exchanges: If you own a small business and are interested in swapping items from my shop with your shop please contact me! I am still looking for holiday gifts for my family members and would love to give them unique handmade items. It's a win/win for both of us if you think your family or friends would love something from my shop as well :) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Accessory Roundup

So I had a mini panic attack this morning when I realized that the holidays are, like, weeks away. In the past I was done with most of my shopping by, like, halloween/thanksgiving time (I know, punch me in the throat, I would punch me in the throat too). But this year has been so hectic. Between Bub and I getting engaged, doing wedding shiz, buying a home, renovating the home and having a ton of house guests stay with us I lost my holiday shopping mojo.

So, to get me in the holiday mood I created a holiday accessory mood board!


If someone wanted to get me #2 I wouldn't hate ya for it.
What are some ways you like to dress up for the holidays?


Psssttttt just in time for the holidays Yellow Heart Art has revamped their advertising! New affordable rates and product placement slots available. Get your stuff noticed in time for holiday shoppers!