Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Faves! We're going to italy kids!

Ahhh Italy. That place just oozes romance. A sweet ride on a gondola with your hunny? Some legit italian pizza? Perhaps finding 2 brothers named mario and Luigi? (Do you all have the super mario theme song in your head now? Cause you are welcome in advanced for that) (do do do DE do do do…) (ok, listen, that is my best impression of the super mario theme via the interweb, cut homegirl some slack)
You all we be shocked to hear this but I am 100% italian american. As if my freakishly white skin and green eyes didn't give it away. (seriously, where did I come from?)

As you know from time to time I like to live vicariously via my own blog. You guys wanna take a trip to italy with me a la my friday faves? (like how I used "a  la" right there cause I kinda do) and the best part? No 8 hours plane ride with a crying baby on board. Hop on kids we're going to the Mother Land!

Gondola Dress by Shabby Apple

Ok everything about this photo is high on my "Swoon-ometer". That dress?! That Vespa?! The Pooches?! Is that what italy really looks like cause heck I might just swim there. Guys, are there sharks on the way? Cause I'm starting to re-think this whole "let's swim to italy" bit....

This vespa is way more affordable than the Tiffany Blue one I've been eyeing...I have no clue when I would ride a vespa per say but I feel like it's something I should just have. Just so I can say "yo bro wanna check out my vespa?"

Ciao! Necklace by Enchanted Planet

A word so epic it means both "hello" and "goodbye". Wait--thats kinda confusing. How do you hang up the phone with people? Like, are you saying "bye" or just "hello" all over again? Something to think about guys...something to think about.

imagine this scarf, with a denim jacket, a cute white fitted button down tucked into your navy blue pencil skirt while scouring the Cathedral with some dude named Pasquale. Just imagine that for a hot second will you? and you're welcome.

Fedor-able Hat by ModCloth

Confession time: I own about 18 fedoras. You guys I am dead serious. I have one head and about 54 hats. At least its a nice even number, right? So that totally makes it ok and acceptable. Accept me guys.

Italy I'm coming! Can ya hear me? No, not the screaming baby on the plane--thats not me.


  1. Woot, sounds like you're going to have a great time!! Italy seems so fashionable and chic...I can't wait to see all the pictures you take! And all of the items you posted are just gorgeous, I love that "Meal In Monaco" dress...beautiful!

  2. i accept you because you are AWESOME, with or without 54 hats. :)
    let's go to Italy, friend!

  3. I LOVE that dress + that little vespa necklace!!!
    Amazing finds darling!

  4. let's just charter a private plane. no crying babies allowed.

  5. loved all these picks - have a blaaaast in Italy, friend!!! and your comment about the 54 hats and one head, hilarious. you remind me of Lucille Ball (if you ever saw that particular episode, you'll know which one i'm talking about!).


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