Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter 2: I'm sorry, you came from where?

Chapter 2: I'm sorry, you came from where?

3 days past and I find the cutest lil black dress (total win side note: said dress has been warn to 3 weddings, 2 fire department installation dinners and 1 photo shoot over the course of 2 years, take THAT extreme couponers. You may get a years supply of toothpaste for free but I've worn a $90 dress 6 times in a  2 years span. All hail me)

The dinner was at the Sheraton so all the fire guys got hotel rooms to stay at for the night. Now I didn't feel comfortable staying the night with Matt so since he had an extra bed in his room he offered it to his friend that was also attending the dinner.

I go down to the lobby and see some dude standing there with luggage. He's talking to matt so I assume this is said friend that is staying in his room with him.

"I'm Steve"
"I'm Leonora"
"I just got in from New Mexico"
"I'm sorry, you came from where?"
"New Mexico"
"So this was planned...?"
"No, bought my ticket 5 minutes before I left--just landed not too long ago"

I just kinda stood there confused.

...the 4 of us got ready together (Me, Matt, Steve and his very very last minute date)

Matt and I and my awesome cocktail dress that has been worn A TON. (sorry still stoked about that)

Steve and his date (and Matt photo bombing)
At first I wasn't really feeling steve, he kept socking Matt in the stomach...

man down man down!

But we all had an awesome time together, and sadly these are the 1st pics ever taken of Bub and I

 way to be classy Leonora.

please just look at my face for a second. Like really look at it.  I don't drink. I've never been drunk, and yet I look totally HAMMERED HA! It's kinda embarrassing but sorta epic all at the same time.

...part 3 tomorrow!


  1. wow, Bubs date in the white is super trashy. Black bra with a white halter... NicE! So glad he upgraded to you. :)


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