Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MEM to the ORIAL day & a WINNAH

Whew holy 3 day weekend batman.

Pretty sure if you were to cut me open right now you would find a giant heap of hot dogs and soft serve vanilla ice cream.

(Ok, so I may or may not have ran away from Bub at one point mid sentence just to sprint after the ice cream truck...it happens ok? Something comes over me when it involves soft serve ice cream from a banged up old white truck--I don't judge you on your hang ups)

My Memorial day weekend consisted of:
-an insane amount of hot dogs
-watching some gangsta old school fighter planes take off and land in an abandoned air traffic control tower (Bub knows how to take me out on a real swanky date)
-Went to quite a few Fire Department Picnics (yes folks not only is the boy in the air force but also in the fire department, I'm dating frekkin captain America)
-Checked out the memorial day parade in town
-Had a BBQ with my siblings (and 4 lil nephews)

One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing Bub take part in a memorial for our fallen heroes

 At one point during the ceremony they took a moment to honor those currently serving. The round of applause these 3 dashing young men got from the crowd was incredible. Bub is the one in the middle. See that hat he's wearing? I always try to steal it from him, but I never win. (what? I like hats almost as much as I like soft serve vanilla ice cream)

God Bless Our Troops.

and on a lighter note here is a pic of me trying to kiss a goat for absolutely no reason what so ever.

Oh Hey I believe you're also here to see if you won this pretty ballin' giveaway, no?

Well, if you're lucky number 15 bellow then COME ON DOWN and give homegirl a HOLLA!

Happy After Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Faves!

Memorial day weekend is FINALLY here! When you work full time you REALLY learn to love memorial day weekend (3 days off? Uhh, no brainer, YES PLEASE)

I rounded up some Friday Faves that I would love to sport this glorious weekend.

3. Leaf Catching Scarf by ModCloth
4. Linen Moto Jacket by Old Navy

Is it too soon to say that I love memorial day weekend? No? It's Not?

Cause memorial day, I love you and everything you stand for (BBQs, cute outfits, friends, forts--what? you don't make sheet forts with the left over table cloths? Well then you my friend are not living!)

In all seriousness though lets never forget the men and women who served and died for our country.
"home of the free, because of the brave"

whats your memorial day plans guys?

by the way we're still holding a giveaway for $25 gift card to April's Etsy Shop! Wanna enter? Click here! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bracelet How-Tos and a Good Cause!

Remember hopscotch? And Side walk chalk? And Lemonade Stands? And Friendship bracelets?

Ahhh...friendship bracelets. Total nerd alert right here: I would carry around all my embroidery floss (color coordinated of course) inside an organized tupperware container. (And yes, it totally had my name written acrossed it in paint pen where you add little "accent dots" to the tips of all the letters, very 90s)

Wanna kick it old school and make friendship bracelets for an uh-may-zing cause?
(you know you do!)

Introducing Project 12!

Here is a brief look into project 12:
"For Project 12, we are partnering with Orphan Outreach and sending them with a little love to take to Russia. This time we will be making bracelets for them to pass out to kids. Bracelets are a huge hit with kids of all ages — hemp bracelets or beaded bracelets. They are going on a trip in August and have asked us to collect bracelets for them."

 Remember how cool you felt in your friendship bracelets back in the hay day? Just think about how special these kids are going to feel knowing that someone out there made something *just for them*.

Deadline for Project 12 to receive your bracelets is June 15th. I already have made 10 myself and plan on shipping them out asap.

Here is where to send your bracelet swag to:
Carin Vogelzang
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Unsure what kind of bracelets to make? Check out these following tutorials to unleash your inner awesome kid.

(care of Amy from Buggie and Jelly Bean!)

(care of Amy from Buggie and Jelly Bean!)
(care of Maegan from Love, Maegan!)
(care of Lilyella!)

Boden Inspired Bracelet!
(care of Lei from My Many Colored Days, featured on Tatertots and Jello)

Re-purposed Old Bangle With Burlap Bracelet!
(care of Jen from Tatertots and Jello)

ya dig?? Cause I do.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Free 5x7 "Love Ya" Printable (also a giveaway reminder!)

Being a kid is pretty awesome. You would stuff your face full of cookies and not think of your waist line, band aids were decorated with your favorite cartoon character (I have a soft spot in my heart for the ninja turtles--turtles in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!) and waking up early on saturday morning seemed like the greatest idea ever (especially when you were catching up on your latest episodes of Doug and Rugrats. Oh how I wanted Doug and Patty Mayonnaise to be a couple so badly!)

Why not revisit and celebrate young love with this cute printable? Print out for your hunny and hide it in his lunch, tape it to the bathroom mirror, or hide it in his glove box.

We promise he has all his cootie shots, so go ahead and lay one on him--no "circle circle dot dot" required.

Enjoy ya'll!

don't forget! April is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her oh-so-cute etsy shop!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sponsor Highlight and a Giveaway!

Have you guys met April?

She's pretty much The Bomb Dot Com (And yes, I totally stole that phrase from her--admitting it is the first step) and by "pretty much" I mean "uhhhhh Heck YEAH!"

She was one of the participating shops in Swag Swap Week. Our friendship has blossomed and over the course of a few short weeks we have declared ourselves email bffs (and Military sistas since both of our men both proudly serve the U S of A---and they don't look too shabby in their uniforms…hmmmm uniforms….ok sorry took a mental "bub lookin' mighty fine in his uniform" moment, but I am back)

You all need to know April, like, stat. So I had the opportunity to ask April some pretty baller questions. (I tend to get really deep you guys, so get your hankies ready)

1. What made you want to start an etsy? -- i love being creative.... i had so many projects in mind and extra fabric leftover after making one for myself, maybe another for a friend.  so selling these creations just "worked," you know? once i found what items were popular and what fabric combinations sold the most i was able to really start selling a distinct product and then making that product in a variety of colors and other designs that stemmed from the original.  it's been tons of fun and i'm excited to see where i'll be in six months or a year!

yes she made these! how stinkin cute?!

2. Your on a desert island, with zero materials (cept for some sand, coconuts, palm trees, sticks, vines and seaweed) but you miraculously have a lap top (lucky you) how would you work with those natural materials to create a new product for your new etsy "on a desert island inspired" shop? -- first, i would take a stick and wittle it down with the roughness from the coconut, then i could knit the vines and seaweed into really awesome, island-esque knit hats.  i'm hoping this island as one of those automated postal centers {you know, since it's deserted and all} so that i could at least ship the knit hats out.... otherwise it's all a bust.

bling out your camera with these super fun camera strap slip covers! (Kinda like couch slip covers, but obviously way cooler and baller)

3. Got any hidden talents? -- i'm pretty awesome at sleeping late.... and picking my nose without getting caught {you know you do it, too}.

April already knows that this iPad cover is pretty much the reason why I will soon own an iPad. You are welcome Steve Jobs.

4. What is your "go-to" word when describing something epic-licious? -- fab {or if it's off the epic charts.... "super fab"}

New to her shop! Solid colored fabric knot necklaces

5. What is it like being married to a military man? -- the best ever.  literally.  yeah deployments are rough and all, but we travel worldwide and have exciting adventures abroad that we can offer our daughter that another lifestyle wouldn't be able to accommodate.  i also happen to think my husband is ridiculously sexy in his uniform.  like, ridiculously... mmmm.  yeah.

one word: Want.

6. What is your current obsession? -- brooches.  it's a weird thing, i always thought they were for old women, so maybe now that i pin them to cardigans i'm considered in the grandmotherly real.... i'm ok with this.  my favey faves are from amy {comeandknock.etsy.com} and lindsey {thepleatedpoppy.com}.

ok bubs needs to take me out so I can sport this lil clutch out. Got that bubs? Good.

7. What awesome trend did you love back in the hay day that you wish would make a come back? (I really miss taking care of my tomogatchi, even though he wold always poop during math class) -- ah, i miss the tomogatchi, too! i think you can actually download an app with one on the iPhone!  i really miss those GINORMOUS jawbreakers that everyone carried around that would take weeks to finish -- those were awesome.
patterned fabric knotted necklaces! (soon to be the owner of 4 of them)

Thanks April!

So, in case you didn't think April could get any cooler, homegirl is giving away $25 worth of store credit to her etsy shop! (Yes, I give you permission to do a happy dance, just don't bust into the sprinkler--you may or may not accidentally take out someone's face on the kick back from the sprinkler)
$25 bucks can get ya: 2 knotted necklaces, OR a swanky DSLR camera strap, OR 3 boutique cases, OR 5 rose drop headbands OR (Ok ok you get the idea--you can get A LOT of swag)

Ready to enter? (I know you are, I totally see your game face--you, my friend, are ready to get-your-giveaway-on)

Mandatory For Entering: be a follower of Yellow Heart Art and April's blog via google friend connect and let me know some swag you would spend your 25 bucks on.

Really really wanna win?

Leave a SEPARATE comment below for each additional entry:

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Goodluck Ya'll! Giveaway ends next Monday, May 30th, winner announced May 31st!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Savings (I know, totally rad)

Another round of fabulous sunday discounts from your favorite designers! And who said sundays had to be boring? Not I.

1) Loft has an extra 30% off all sale styles, buy one get one half off tops. Free shipping on orders of $125+. Use your Loft card and receive 25% off your full price purchase from 5/14-6/5 or 20% off your full price purchase of $100+ with codes JUNCATVAY and JUNCATVAF respectively.
 2) Victoria’s Secret - free shipping on orders of $100+ with code SHIPVS11
 3) Last Call by Neiman Marcus has 30% off through 5/22 free shipping with code LCMAYFS.
 4) CUSP has free online shipping on any order.
 5) White House/Black Market has $25 off your purchase of $125+ or $50 off your purchase of $200+ with codes 9526 and 9527, respectively (through 5/22). 20% off through 6/13 with page 80 from the June Stylewatch. 20% off your purchase today and tomorrow with code 15993
 6) Kate Spade has free shipping on regular orders.
 7) Gap, Old Navy & Banana - free shipping on orders of $50
 8) Saks has free shipping on orders of $150 with code SHIPMAY
 9) Madewell has an extra 30% off sale + free shipping on orders of $100+ with code SALEAWAY
10) Ann Taylor has 20% off your purchase of $100+ with code 10000000737 or 30% off one full-price item with code 10000000748 through 5/22. 20% off when you buy 2 full-price items or 30% off when you buy 3+ full-price items with code MORECHIC
11) Boutique to You has an extra 20% off sale with code 20SALE + free domestic shipping on orders of $150+
12) Qi has 20% off through 6/17 with code NATURE30
13) Shop Rumor has 20% off through 6/13 with code PEOPLE
14) Janna Conner has 25% off through 6/13 with code PSWLUV
15) Amrita Singh has 25% off with through 6/13 with code PSW
16) Esprit has 30% off through 6/13 with code ESPRITPS11
17) Go Jane has 20% off sitewide through 6/13 with code 20PSW
18) Jewelmint has 50% off sitewide for first-time buyers with code PSW50.
19) Reiss has 20% off through 6/13 with code PSW20
20) Sunglass Warehouse has 20% off through 6/13 with code PSWJUNE
21) Tolani has 20% off (at thesassyshopgirl.com) through 6/13 with code style20
22) Yochi has 20% off through 6/13 with code YOCHIPSW20
23) Shock Boutique has 20% off through 6/13 with code PSW20 or 25% off with code SHOCKME
24) Shop Suey Boutique has 20% off through 6/13 with code Shop20
25) The Limited has $30 off your purchase of $100+ or $15 off any purchase with code 241 through 5/18.
26) J.Crew has free shipping on any order with code SUMMER
27) Banana has $30 off $100 with code BRSUMMER through 5/25.
28) Gap—through 5/29 bring your old clothes to the Gap and they will be donated to good will. As a thank you, receive 30% off your entire purchase (and 35% with your Gap/Banana/ON card). $20 off your purchase of $80+ with code GAP2080
29) Intermix has free shipping on orders of $150+
30) South Moon Under has 20% off and free shipping on orders of $150+ with code SUMMER20 through 6/5

Happy Sunday Pretties!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Snapshot!

A little known fact about me: I dig photography hardcore.

I also dig amusement parks and anything that involves acting like my shoe size and not my age.

Bring the 2 together and you get something pretty baller

I spotted these carnival lights while out on the town with bub.

And you know homegirl couldn't resist a photo opp in the gnarly fun house mirros

I've really been meaning to go to the Doctor to get that whole "double extended jaw" thing checked out, but I think it gives me character, agreed?


Friday, May 20, 2011

Newest Obession, a winnah & some apologies

First off I think I need to start off the post with the "4 sweetest words in the english language"


(and yes the cap locks were totally necessary)

you guys the weekend is RIGHT HERE. I can taste it (and it tastes like chicken fajitas--don't ask)

I need to apologize. I have been majorly MIA this past week. My last post was on sunday and it is almost a week later. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around b/c I promise home girl will be on her A-Game and not slack off.

But the slackage is not entirely my fault, something totally and completely unexpected came up and I had to take care of it.

Ok, nuff bout the boring stuff.

I think I need to show you all my latest obsession

Do ya remember this post back during my birthday week? Where I proclaimed my love to a few friday faves that I would just totally squeal for if I got for my birthday?

Well one of those friday faves with this lil beaut below

yep it was the lovely "Prancing in a Forest of Fairies Poppy Lace Headband" by Much Love, Illy

Amy totally surprised me and snatched it from Ilene's shop and sent it over my way.

This headband is definitely going to be a staple to my summer wardrobe. My hair does the gnarly thing in the summer time where it goes in every direction but down.  So I think if I have some bedazzlement in my hair people will notice that and not my portable bird nest hair.

Also we have a winnah from our Yellow Heart Art Necklace Giveaway!
((Is saying "drum roll please" still cool or totally lame?))

#14 BB GOAD!

Send me a lil "holla" via gmail so I can mail out your swag!
Thank you to everyone who participated! There will be a new giveaway next week so stay tuned ya'll

(yes, cap locks are also necessary here too)
Just a reminder that "swag swap week" ends TOMORROW so you will no longer be able to nab these coupon codes from 11 different etsy shops! Hurry up before they're gone (you won't be disappointed, girls scout honor)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Sales!

Swag swap week has OFFICIALLY started. Click Here for 11 coupon codes from 11 etsy shops!

Also, check below for some ballin' discounts from other popular retailers.

It's sunday, its ok to let your wallet go a lil crazy :)

 1) Loft has an extra 30% off all sale styles. 30% off your entire purchase tomorrow with code MAYSES14E. $25 shorts, $15 tees, $10 tanks. Free shipping on orders of $125+. Use your Loft card and receive 25% off your full price purchase from 5/14-6/5 or 20% off your full price purchase of $100_ with codes JUNCATVAY and JUNCATVAF respectively
 2) Victoria’s Secret - free shipping on orders of $100+ with code SHIPVS11
 3) Last Call by Neiman Marcus: free shipping with code LCMAYFS.
 4) CUSP has free online shipping on any order.
 5) White House/Black Market has $25 off your purchase of $125+ or $50 off your purchase of $200+ with codes 9526 and 9527, respectively (through 5/22).
 6) Kate Spade has free shipping on regular orders.
 7) Gap, Old Navy & Banana - free shipping on orders of $50
 8) Saks has free shipping on all orders with code SHOPSFA
 9) Madewell has 20% off all tees and sweats + free shipping on orders of $100+ with code GOFORIT
10) Ann Taylor has an extra 40% off sale items with code CHIC40. Also, 20% off your purchase of $100+ with code 10000000737 or 30% off one full-price item with code 10000000748 through 5/22
11) Boutique to You has an extra 20% off sale with code 20SALE + free domestic shipping on orders of $150+
12) Gap has 30% off through 5/13 with code GAPGETNOW
13) Charm & Chain has 20% off with code PSWCC11 through 5/16
14) Delman has 20% off sitewide with code delmanstyle11 through 5/16
15) Go Jane has 20% off with code PSW20A through 5/16
16) Handbag Heaven has 20% off with code PSWMAY through 5/16
17) Roxy has 20% off with code PSW11 through 5/16
18) Singer22 has 20% off with code stylewatch20 (excludes House of Harlow & Winter Kate) through 5/16
19) Trina Turk has 20% off with code STYLEWATCH through 5/16
20) The Limited has 40% off all crops and shorts. $30 off your purchase of $100+ or $15 off any purchase with code 721 through 5/18.
21) Old Navy has 20% off through 5/13 with code MAKEOVER. Plus, cardholders get 25% off one item through 5/26 (in-store only).
22) J.Crew Factory is open for the weekend - 20% their new handbag collection + free shipping on any order
23) Vestique has 15% off tops today with code CONGRAD through Friday
24) Banana has $30 off $100 with code BRSUMMER through 5/25
25) Intermix has free shipping on orders of $150+

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Faves! (11 etsy shop coupon codes AND a giveaway reminder!)

Why Hello Bloggers and Blogettes. 
(I like the name blogette it sounds like something I would order at panera).

This weeks round up of Friday Faves comes to you from our participating shops in swag swap week! (Holla)

See something ya diggin? Well, you're in luck! The participating shops are offering coupon codes that will be active the week of the swap (this sunday, May 15th - May 21st) Thats 7 entire days to get some suh-weet savings! Check em out below (I know, squeal away)

 1. Leaf Cluch from aPearently Sew
(Score yourselves some cuties at 15% off by using SWAG15)

2. Gray & Yellow Ruffled DSLR Camera Strap Cover from Marine Parents (The Shop)
(All her goodies are 10% off! Use SWAG10 at check out)

(hate shipping fees? Use FREESHIPSWAG for free shipping!)

4. Happy Birthday Printable Banner from Paper and Pigtails
(10% off all your party printables with SWAG10)

5. Light Green and Polka Dot Wristlet by Boogaboo Handmade
(Nab some swag at 15% off using SWAG15)

6. Oh Dear Painting by Paint me a Picture
(Super Savings! Use SUPERSWAG at check out for 15% off!)

7. Partial Bow Headband by Lillypie Accessories
(Get some pretty little thangs at an extra 10% off with SWAG10)

8. Pleated Hobo Satchel in Natural by My Sunshine Handmade
(ya ready for this?! Ashley is offering 20% off the ENTIRE shop! Use SWAG20 at check out)

9. Plain Jane Earrings by Made by Jewls
(Awww Yeaah! 15% off your order by using SWAG15)

(Come and Get 10% off your entire purchase with SWAG10)

Get some Art Prints and Necklaces at 10% off by using SWAG10 at check out!

you excited yet?
Happy Friday!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 Things Bout Moi (and a giveaway!)

So I actually had this post saved in my "drafts" folder for quite some time now. I have gone back to it periodically and added somethings along the way.

I now present to you some facts about Leonora Jennifer "the Picture Book edition". (Hey, stories are always better with photos, right?)

1. I have a Bub. His name is Steve. We've been going strong for 3 years now and he drives me absolutely nuts.

our very first photo together. Yes matching camo pants--leave the comments to yourselves ;)

ahhh yes our nice trip to Texas. How he convinced me to do this is beyond me. Till this day I still have trust issues.

famous last words "Just Trust Me" (mega hammock fail)
(Trust Issues, see above to previous photo.)

he tries to look at my uno cards (cheater) 
(PS-cant ya feel the love in this photo? It's there, it's hidden but it's there)

he photo bombs my photos (sigh)

we can't take any nice photos together

and most boyfriends send their girlfriends sweet little text messages. Mine sends me photos of him holding my poor gingerbread cookie hostage.

2. The bigger the sunglasses the more likely I am to wear em.

I also dig shutter shades. Werd. (PS-this photo was taken at my little nephew's baptism. Yes my family is that awesome)

3. If you own a sketch looking van I will make a "free candy" sign and put it on there.

4. Somehow the Bubs still wanted to date me even after I stole his ski goggles, grabbed his guitar hero guitar, and rocked out hard. Way hard.

5. My cousin and I went on a scavenger hunt in NYC to "Find Mr.Wright" (get it? Mr.Wright? ha)

6. I will take any and every opportunity to dance with waiters while on vacation in Texas.

7. If there is a jump jump house I will kick out all the children just to get some ballin' profile picture photos.

8. I can't sing. I don't even make pretend I can sing. Thus if we go to karaoke together expect to see me making this face.

9. I was taking so many art classes my junior year of college that my face was stained in charcoal for months.

10. There are only 2 times in a young lady's life where she can feel like a princess. On her birthday and at disney. Yes, my name is Leonora and I still rock a tiara when I go to disney at age 27.

11. I have no shame. If you tell me to hop in a dumpster I will hop in a dumpster. Dumpster relay races are the best. A close second is shopping cart relay races.

12. You'll never find me dressed like a skank on halloween

dead prom queens...sexaaaaay

13. Yes, I gave in and had the "Beckham Bob" back in the hay day

14. My "go-to" look for every occasion.

obnoxious open mouth photos are the new black

15. I am deathly afraid of heights, yet I was totally ok being harnessed by some belts and a 5" carabiner and flown about by a parachute.

very disappointed I didn't get the chute with the giant smiley face...eh next time.

16. Bubs has left me on deployment 2 times. This days always blows.

17. Bub needs constant supervision. If not this is what ends up happening (sigh)

18. Superman is my BFF

19. I am impervious to the sun. I am 100% italian and have never had a tan in my whole life.

just call me casper

20. I could eat salami and provolone every day for lunch if it didn't cause severe death due to clogged arteries.

what are some random facts about you!

PS-HEY! our giveaway is still going on to score a suh-weet yellow heart art necklace!