Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Part 1 of our Trip to Atlantic City!

Ok, so true story: I went to Atlantic City at least 2 weeks ago...and I am *just* finally showing you lovelies photos from our trip now ha (yes I give you permission to virtually "tisk tisk" me)

One of the things that Bub and I really enjoyed doing was going for walks up and down the board walk at night. Ok, so part of the reason why we walked so much was because we may or may not have taken complete and full advantage of the 24 hour "Mrs. Fields" that was stationed in our hotel. 

What?? Wouldn't you buy 14 mini cookies for 9 bucks?? Exactly.

There were lights:

There were street performers:

There were arcades and ICE CREAM:
(yes, "ice cream" needed to be in all caps)

and of course a TON of people (they probably ate a bunch of Mrs. Fields too...)

Have you ever been to Atlantic City before? 

Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. I love Mrs. Fields!! There is one in our local mall, but I try to never go on that side of the mall because I will end up buying a bag of assorted {minus the raisins} cookies and eating the entire bag before I leave the mall!!!
    I love all the photos you took!! How beautiful. I've never been to Atlantic City before, it makes me think of the Pick Up Artist with Robert Downy Jr + Molly Ringwald. :)

  2. such pretty pictures!!!! love the little domo. :)

  3. wow i had no idea you could take such awesome pics; i want to see more! :)

  4. i been there several times but never really got to experience the nightlife. The ppl that i go with always want to gamble :D

    Love the pictures!


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