Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Works In Progress Wednesday! The "Nerdy" Edition

Whats super awesome about having an etsy shop and being a graphic designer is that I get to work with some really rad folks.

I have done designs for quite a few blog headers and etsy shop banners. What I love the most is that I get to be a part of these peoples little homes on cyber space by having my artwork live there! It never gets old and its a pretty fab feeling.

Check out the latest designs I made for Kristina. She is the lovely blogger over at the nerdy sewist.

She loves blue, green, and anything nerdy.

She is also new to the sewing world and wanted that to be the focal of her designs.

 What do you guys think?

(homegirl's logo)

(homegirl's new blog header)

(and finally her suh-weet cards from moo! oh yeah, her phone number has been blurred out to prevent Kristina from waking up to creepy "hey baby, what you wearin'" phone calls at circa 3am)

I am so in love with this theme-thank you Kristina for allowing me to be a part of your branding!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sales from handmade shops!

The lovely Mandy is hosting this event and asked all participating shops to put up her blog post--thanks Mandy for writing this up and making all the graphics!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
You can click on any picture to visit the shop.
Please be sure to read ALL of the sale information below each ad before making a purchase.
Happy shopping!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY25 for 25% off.
Plus, get a free gift with purchase for orders over $30.
SHOP Along for the Ride NOW!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY20 for 20% off.
EXPIRES: 11/27
SHOP Apearantly Sew NOW!

Use code HOLIDAY for free shipping and a free gift (yoyo pin) with purchase.
EXPIRES: 12/17
SHOP Folding Chair Designs NOW!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 30% off.
EXPIRES: 11/30
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Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off.
EXPIRES: 11/27
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Use code BLACKFRIDAY15 for 15% off.
Or get 30% off a purchase of $70 or more! (additional discount refunded via paypal after purchase)
EXPIRES: 11/28
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Use code HOLIDAYWISHES for 20% off Moonbeam Wishes (stationary shop)
Use code SEASONSGREETINGS for free shipping at Dear Moonbeams (embroidery shop)
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SHOP Dear Moonbeams NOW!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY for free shipping.
EXPIRES: 11/29
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Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off.
EXPIRES: 11/27
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Use code HOLIDAY40 for 40% off.
EXPIRES: 11/28
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Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off.
SHOP Pretties By Meg NOW!

Use code HOLIDAY15 for 15% off.
Every purchase $45 and over gets a free 5x7 print of choice! (a $14 value! please see rules and regulations below to see if you qualify)
EXPIRES: 11/28
RULES and REGULATIONS: To qualify for free 5x7 print of choice the items in your cart must total $45 before shipping fees. If you apply your 15% off coupon code to your purchase then your order must total $45 before shipping fees AND after you apply the 15% off. If purchase is less than $45 after you apply your 15% off then you are not eligible for 5x7 print. Please leave a note in the "notes to the seller" box at check out letting me know which print you would like made into a 5x7. Offer excludes all customizable work (including blog design, logo design and customizable prints)
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Use code BLACKFRIDAY30 for 30% off.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekends are for Dates!

Here is what my week consists of:

• Wake up at 7:30am
• Work my Full Time Graphic Artist job till 5pm
• Come home, cook dinner
• Stop bub from eating cookies before dinner
• Tell bub to put down the toy helicopter and eat dinner
• Try to avoid the missels launching from said helicopter that are being aimed towards my head.
• Wash Dishes
• Do Laundry
• Create new art for the shop
• Make and Ship Orders


*tap tap* is this thing on? Dear Growing up: You Suck.

So on the weekends the LAST thing I want to do is work, cook or clean.

So this saturday we did a lil date.

We went to one of my most favorite spots on Long Island:

Isn't it GORGE?!

But don't be fooled, I was FAH-REEEZING

((case in point exhibits A, B and C below))

See my jacket? It's like wearing a comforter.

And I frekkin love it. Scored it on sale from Eddie Bauer end of season 2 years ago (mama didn't raise no fool)

After the trip to the docks we went into my other all time fav place on Long Island (Huntington Village) for some paninis, cupcakes and a stroll through a veteran memorial. Pretty sure in the last picture I was going "Steeeeeeeve" since he ran away from me and I had no clue where he was in the american flag jungle.

Oh, Steve? Thats Bub. I know, he has a legit name, who knew.

But don't I look so patriotic?

How was your weekend?!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Faves!

Dear Etsy: Stop being so awesome. 

Actually, never mind, let the awesomeness continue.

I'll just get a 3rd job to buy everything in my faves.

Or sell a non-vital organ on ebay, whichever.


Or as I like to call it "the grinch" necklace b/c the grinches heart grew 3 sizes too big. (cheesy? Maybe. but would you expect anything else from me? Exactly.)

Dude, I want to eat this bracelet. (side note: don't do 2 things while hungry; go food shopping AND browse etsy b/c you will think inedible objects are delish) (another side note: when I was a kid I thought "inedible" was "ineatable". Ok so I was a special kid)

I have no idea why I love this frekkin ring so much, but I must own it. I think my ring fingers deserves to be treated like royalty, doncha think? Too bad my pudgie fingers are too big for this ring. I think this calls for a water diet.

One day I will make a friday faves that doesn't have anything with mustard and gray in it. But not today. Or probably next week. Or probably ever. Wow, just totally made a liar outta myself there...I am not proud of this moment either guys.

I like how if I were to own this bag my make up would be way more fashionable than me.

what are some of your faves? Happy Friday Loves!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Works In Progress Wednesday! The "Pretty in Pink" Edition

I love anything girly. So When Laura came to me with her vision for what she wanted for her shop, Lillypie Accessories, I knew we were a match made in magical girly heaven.

She wanted something with my signature flowers but placed inside a banner.

annnd this is what I came up with!

((disclaimer: the photo is not mine, it was supplied to me from Laura, the logo design however is ©Yellow Heart Art))

she squealed. I swooned. we were in love. it was a done deal.

Doncha love her lil tag line "Feel pretty, be adorable"?

Laura is an absolute sweet heart, I own some of her hair bling and even more awesomer she's a participating shop in swag swap week! Go check out her shop when you have a chance, trust me, it's worth the OOOOing and AAAHHHHing.


I've worked with Olivia 2 times already in the past, so when she came back for a round 3 I was super stoked and honored to work with her again.

Olivia is graduating from college (HIGH 5 GIRL!) and wanted a quirky invitation to include in her announcement to family members.

She wanted a little story line with various fonts ((the blurred out sections are where Olivia is having her ceremony, didn't think she wanted me to blast all over cyber space where her par-taay was or else she would have a TON of guest show up ha! Also the orange fainted text is just my watermark))

doncha love her story?? I joked with Olivia on how she needs to have me design her wedding invites.

What are you all working on?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Free Gift Tag Printables!

Dude there is A LOT of pressure competing with the big man at the North Pole.

Well, you can now breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Spruce up your swag with these ballin' holiday gift tags! My gift from me to you :) 


simply right click on the photo, save to desk top, open it up, print it out, cut around the edges, tape to your gifts and BOOM you just stepped up your christmas game like whoa.

Each tag was personally designed by me! Ya dig?

I'm going to be adding more printable tags in my shop soon! They won't have the "copyright by Yellow Heart Art" text on them <3

Merry Holidays Loves! (I just made up a saying, I totally love it, let's start using it ok?)

Friday, November 11, 2011

WINNER! & Check me out on Bubblewrapp'd!

Wondering where I am today?

Well, I took a lil trip to Andrea's Blog Bubblewrapp'd and you can find our weekly "Friday Faves" List over there!

You don't wanna miss it, a ton of great gift ideas all dedicated to the color "Light Aqua" and "Blue"

aaaaand go.

Also, are you here to see if you won the cotton lane giveaway?

(Drum roll please)

(hello? drum roll? Wait, the drum roll guy QUIT?!)

(ok guys you're gonna have to hear the drum roll noise in your head till I find his replacement)

Congrats Sandy! Email me and I'll hook ya up with Caroline!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday! The "Good Cause" edition

Have you heard of Thanks USA?

It's an organization that supplies scholarships to children of fallen soldiers.

Courtney started a shop on big cartel called "Thank You USA" where all the proceeds from her items will go towards this amazing cause.

She rounded up a bunch of handmade shop owners and asked them to donate. When she approached me I knew I wanted to be a part of this, no questions asked. With Bub being in the air force it really hit home for me.

Although I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing cause, it breaks my heart knowing that there are children out there with not one but *both* parents who are fallen soldiers of the war. My heart really truly goes out to them.

I hooked up Courtney with a product of mine that is only being sold at her shop. I made these super fun printable cupcake flags for thanks giving! Cause let's be honest, when you're slaving all day over the stove making a 45lb bird for your in laws who has time to make snazzy cupcakes? Well, now you do! Print out, cut out, glue to a toothpick and BAM thanksgiving is saved all thanks to you.

Watch it Martha.

Wanna support the cause AND have blinged out cupcakes for thanksgiving? Then you can nab one of these printables for 10 bucks by going here!

And check out all the other handmade shops who donated their swag! It's pretty ballin' if I do say so myself (and I do say so...)

Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Scarf!

dig my scarf?

yeah, I'm swooning too.

Guess what?

I totally made it.

chyeah I know I was surprised too.

wanna be twinsies with me? Well, waddya waiting for! Make one here.

Dont wanna make one? Enter to win a scarf from the lovely Cotton Lane an el bloggo (yeah, I speak spanish) (ok, totally don't) (you figured me out)