Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Baaaack! SWAG SWAP WEEK!

Whats up loves! I'm not sure how many of you guys remember but Amy and I Hosted a "Swag Swap Week" back in May. What was swag swap week? Well, the cliff notes version is for one week participating handmade shops were able to trade their loot for other loot in other shops! It was a lot of fun & Amy and I made new bloggie friends from it. Best part? No one was assigned partners, you were able to swap with any of the participating shops!

I really really REALLY wanted to host another swag swap week before the holidays so people could squeeze in some holiday shopping. But being a handmade shop owner I realized it would be too much to try to keep up with inventory in my shop for my holiday customers as well as anyone who wanted to swap with me.

Alternative? Amy and I are going to host an "After Holidays Swag Swap Week". The pros? As a shop owner, you won't be stressed out making sure you meet the holiday deadlines with your customers *and* your swappers. Also? it's a great way to network and make more friends since we encourage everyone who is participating in the swap to blog about their loot!

Can we be real for a second? Who wants to stop giving/getting presents right after the holidays anyway?? And also, it'll give you a chance to nab some swag that you *really* wanted to get for the holidays but didn't get (I guess emailing the links to your hubs of what you wanted, and printing them out,  highlighting them and leaving said print outs on the kitchen table wasn't as big of a hint as you thought it would be…)

Last time Swag Swap Week was only for handmade shop owners. A lot of people who didn't have a handmade biz wanted to know how to get in on the swap, so the lovely Lindsay had a genius idea. Now even if you don't have a handmade shop you too can participate! We are allowing people with popular blogs to swap "ad space" with handmade shop owners in return for their goods. We are encouraging that just people who DO NOT have a handmade biz to swap ad space, we know a lot of handmade biz owners also have popular blogs and do offer ad space as well so we really don't want this to turn into a "Swap-an-ad" week. So please let's leave the ad-space swapping to those with out shops :)

(ok, here is the pseudo sucky part) read ALL the Rules & Regulations below to see if you qualify!

That sounds pretty rad, how do I participate?!
You want in?! STOKED! This makes me squeal like a little school girl. Simply send an email to SwagSwapWeek {at} with the subject line "Holiday Swag Swap Week". If you are a handmade shop owner please include your name, a link to your shop and a link to your blog. You may also include any other links such as your facebook and twitter accounts. If you are a popular blog author who wants to swap ad space please send us your name, your blog, and a SCREEN SHOT of your stats. We also need to know the number of followers on your blog, facebook and twitter accounts. Also please include your rates (ex: 1 month of ad space pricing, 3 months of ad space pricing, if it comes with a shop feature blog post and a giveaway etc) and what size buttons you would need from your partner.  Please read rules and regulations below before emailing us, we want everyone to play nice on the Swag Swap Week playground! We want this to be as fun as possible.

Ok, I definitely want in, what rules are there for the Swag Swap Week playground?
First off there is no pushing and shoving on the monkey bars and no jumping off the swings (might break your neck) Ok, I'm getting to the point...I really dig bullet points (what? they're convenient, I know you dig em too!) so here they are in no particular order.

• Swag Swap Week will be going on from Sunday, January 15th 2012 and ending on Saturday, January 21st 2012. We are making it a week long so no one feels pressure to swap right away and it gives owners enough time to get their swappage on. Also we figured this was enough time to replenish your shops with new inventory after the holiday rush.

• You need to register with us by November 30th (you can do so by emailing either Amy or Myself at SwagSwapWeek {at} The registration ends early so I have enough time to create graphics for my blog of all the participating shops/blogs.

• All participating shops and blogs are asked to please blog and spread the news about all the new items they received in the swap. Please also include links to your swappers shop, blog, twitter, facebook and any other places to get in touch with them in your post :)

• Etsy, Big Cartel shop and Blog owners can participate (Sorry guys only U.S. shops and blogs for now)

• If you have an Etsy Shop you must have at least 20 positive ratings and 20 items for sale. (and no we don't mean 20 positive ratings out of 100--we ask this so that we don't have any "bad egg" shops who won't play nice! :) )

• Big Cartel shop owners: since there is no "rating system" on your shop you must supply us a link to your blog that has at least 50 followers. This is the only way we can tell that your items are "A-O-K". You also must have at least 20 items in your shop.

• It is not mandatory but we are highly encouraging shop owners to supply our readers with coupon codes to your shops. This will help gain traffic to your shop if someone not participating in the swap sees this blog post and digs your loot.

• It is also not mandatory to participate in a "swag swap week giveaway" but if anyone is expressing interest in giving away any items or store credit from their shops or if any blog owners want to giveaway ad space, then please let me know and we'll set up a blog post for a group giveaway.

• If you are a blog author you must email us a SCREEN SHOT of your blog stats as well as how many followers you have. Please also include your facebook and twitter following. Only certain blogs will be considered for swapping ads, we want our shop owners to get the best exposure out there. Also include your rates (ex: 1 month of ad space, 3 months of ad space, if it comes with a shop featured blog post and an optional giveaway)

There is a limit to the number of shops/blogs allowed to participate. We will have no more than 10 shops per category:

Art, Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor, Bags & Purses, Baby & Kids,  and Ad Space

Unsure if your shop fits one of those categories? No worries, here is what we are looking for.
ART: Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography, Painting, Letterpress, Posters, Stationary, Cards

JEWELRY: Necklaces, earrings, broaches, bracelets, watches & rings. Since this is a popular category we will be putting "hair items" with accessories not jewelry.

ACCESSORIES: Scarves, Hair Accessories, Shoe Clips,  Fashionable Clothing Items, Camera Strap Covers, Key Chains, Belts

HOME DECOR: Pillows, Towels, Linens, Coasters, Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories, 3-D Wall Art, Wreaths

BAGS & PURSES: Clutches, Totes, Wallets, Evening Bags, Camera Bags, Back Packs, Lunch Bags

Baby & Kids: Any of the categories above but geared towards children..although I don't know what baby will need a purse, but hey ya never know.

AD SPACE: Popular Blog Owners can Swap Ad Space with Handmade Shops, If you are a handmade shop owner who also supplies ad space on your blog we ask that you try to just trade your goods-we don't want this to turn into a "Swag swap ad week" haha <3

**if we can not fill up one category with at least 10 shops then we will consider adding more shops to the other categories to even it out**

• We want this to be an even playing field so there will be a screening process of your goods. We also do not want too many "similar" shops. For example: If you sell jewelry and make fabric rosettes and another shop contacts us who makes virtually the same item we will only pick one of the 2 stores to participate to keep it diverse. Sorry guys! We want to have a plethora of items but don't worry we'll do more swap weeks so just try again then :)

• We will periodically post on our blogs the participating shops/blogs for Swag Swap Week. We will keep updating the list when we get more entries. We will also supply you a button to add to your blog so you can let others know your are participating in the Swap. This will help get the word out and help have people out there who are not shop owners to see your stuff and potentially get new sales.

• Right before January 15th we will post a final list of all participating shops. If you are participating in the swap you are NOT ALLOWED to contact the shop/blog owners before hand. You must wait till the week the swap is taking place. We also ask that you supply us with an email address so we can include it on the list. This is how you will be communicating with other stores/blog owners participating in the swap.

• Once January 15th rolls around you are allowed to go shopping around and contacting shop owners/blog owners to work out a barter. THIS IS IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Unfortunately if you really dig someone's shop/blog they might not feel the same way back. Both shop/blog owners must agree to the swap so if someone contacts you and you are not interested in their items/ad space you are not obligated to swap with them. Let's keep things nice though and please tell them gently that at this time you do not need their items/ad space.

• When you find a shop/blog that you want to swap with and you are BOTH in agreement then its up to the 2 of you to come to some sort of agreement. Amy and I ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TRANSACTION. Whatever is said between you and other swappers stays between you and other swappers. We are not responsible for any items that may get lost or stolen. We are also not responsible for the actions of others participating in this swap. If you run into a problem with you and your swapper you must deal with it with them directly.

• In order to prevent one person from getting more out of the swap than the other we are setting a "difference limit". If the difference of the items in the swap is OVER  $5 then the shop/blog owner who will be eating this cost has THE OPTION to send a bill to the other swapper via paypal to pay the difference. YOU MUST LET THE PERSON KNOW AHEAD OF TIME IF YOU ARE BILLING THEM THE DIFFERENCE. If it is under $5 this action can not be done. You also can NOT charge your swapper for shipping fees (which works out anyway because you are both paying shipping fees for your own items that you are shipping) Please also note we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for whatever transaction happens between you and your swapper. Any problems or questions must be dealt directly with the person you are swapping with.

• The 2 swappers must make an agreement upon when each other should be expecting their goods. Someone like me who prints out graphic prints can get items out sooner than someone who has to make 10 hand bags. So be understanding of one another guys :) Also people who are trading ad space for goods must let their swapper know when their ad will run.

• There is no limit to how many shops/blogs you want to swap with-go crazy and have fun! But please be respectful of other shop owners who do not want to swap back, they might just be getting too many requests and unfortunately can not accept all of them :)
• After you are registered we will look over your shop/blog to make sure you meet the criteria. You will hear back from either Amy or I in 5-7 business days after we received your email to let you know if you are a candidate for Swag Swap Week. If you are not chosen it does not mean we don't like your stuff! There might already by a participating shop/blog that has similar items to you or we have already met our quota.

Here are some Benefits!
• We are asking everyone who decides to participate in the swap to blog about the products that they received. This helps to get exposure to your store. Also any bloggers who are giving away ad space we would love for them to please blog about the products they received!

• Great opportunity to test out other store's products before you commit to an ever bigger purchase from them

 • An opportunity to meet other "handmade" folks and grow a network with people.

• The items being swapped don't necessarily have to be for you! You can even swap items that you can see giving away as gifts!

• We will also include on our blogs links to your shop, blog, twitter and facebook accounts--giving you free exposure!

so now, whose in??

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes and Faves!

Hey Friends! Halloween is just round the corner, and I really really *really* love getting dressed up.

...and if you guessed that there is going to be some ghetto photo montage of me copying and pasting facebook photos of me from past halloweens then you would be right.

my FAVORITE couple costume of all.frekkin.time. Mario & Princess Toadstool. Yep, we made our entire outfits too--big ups to forever 21 for having obnoxiously bright pink homecoming dresses. And yes, I did make bub's block props--best girlfriend ever? Maybe.

 but this year we went as Betty and Barney rubble. Ignore my poor excuse of hair in this photo--it was taken in Disney World where there was 95% humidity. My outfit was an old swim cover up from Target that I "bettied" up. By the way I died seeing Bub gallivant around disney in a Water Buffalo Hat. Even the 5 yr olds were making fun of him--best day ever. HA!

Mafiosa! Disclaimer: That dude? No idea who he is. This tends to happen a lot from all my college photos. (I'm on the left--ya know had to be the jerk that stood out obviously)

COME AT ME BRO! (snookie for the win) (I'm from Long Island, it only seemed right to be Snookie) also I really don't wanna admit that for this snookie costume I didn't need to buy a damn thing. Yeah, guilty as charged for owning that "Dirty" T. Judge away--I deserve it.

Remember how I said a lot of my photos from college consist of dudes who we don't know who they are? (also made this one for the win! Black button downs, duct tape & electrical tape--aww sookie sookie) (I'm the short one) (figures)

oh hey--I did find a use for my old High School prom dress 5 years later. And yes, my friend did put black paint on her car tires and run over her old bridesmaids dress--guess the bride was right, she would find a way to wear it again. Also? we did roll around on her front lawn to get leaves in our hair...we are dedicated to halloween.

anyway, I asked my friend Annie from Wattlebird to share with you guys her faves for halloween! she's mega stoked about it just as must as me--Holla atcha girl.


Hi there, YHA readers! I'm so happy Leonora is letting me guest post today on one of my very favorite topics EVER - Halloween! I usually go to a few Halloween parties every year, but they're the type of parties where people just drink beer and listen to music and girls wear skimpy costumes... you get the idea. But I'm much more of a "family" party type of girl. I really enjoy themed foods and cheesy games and costumes that people actually put a lot of time and thought into. Here are some things that would be at my dream of a Halloween party. Decor
for the front porch - funny bert and ernie pumpkins festive on the inside - witch legs a handmade touch - fabric pumpkins easy DIY - mason jar lanterns Food
the appetizer - pumpkin dip with chips straight up dessert - chocolate peanut butter eyeballs dessert disguised as fruit - white chocolate strawberry ghosts food to-go - candy filled headstones munchies - snack-filled frankenstein cones Costumes
easy DIY - paper doll for a group - rock, paper, scissors just so pretty - Mary Poppins for your inner geek - super mario trap plant and my very favorite - comic book character Games
fun for kids - skeleton scavenger hunt doubles as decor - pop goes the pumpkin a classic - bobbing for apples during scary stories - dead man's guts I hope you enjoyed my nostalgic, cheesy party ideas. And thanks again to Leonora for letting me guest post! Stop by my blog, wattlebird, and say hi if you feel so inclined. I'd love to "meet" you!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bye Luke

Keeping this blog post short and sweet.

This weekend we had to say goodbye to someone who has really changed our lives for the past 11 years.

I love you so much Luke.

You had so much personality and would always bring a smile to my face even though you didn't get the whole "fetch" concept. (as seen in exhibit A above, he wouldn't grasp the whole "hey, let's throw a ball, you bring it back, and we'll throw it again, and we'll repeat this 10 times over till you're tired"concept, instead to him it was more like "let me steal all 4 balls in the yard and hide them in my mouth so these stupid humans will stop taking them from me" haha)

Although we were able to finally get him to do "fetch", we just needed an extra ball or 12 on hand.

You don't understand how much an animal brings into your life until you finally have one.

So if you're wondering why I am email, twitter, facebook MIA thats why. Just need some time to myself now. Thanks for understanding everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Faves!

This weeks friday faves will try to have a theme of sorts, but I dont think it will haha!

So, we're just gonna go with it and see what happens. You all ready? annnnnnd go.

I am in love with this, mainly because her art reminds me of my friend Kate. You guys don't know kate so this statement means nothing to you all. But rest assure kate is pretty awesome, swear.

I love cameras. I love saying hello. I love art. I love this card. End of story.

Yes to everything about this cute little purse. I need it for my wedding. Disclaimer: I'm not engaged, let's not tell Bub I need this for my wedding, kay? Or else there will be a little "Dust Outline" all Looney Toons style of Bub's body from where he took off like the wind.

Oh, whats that? The link you clicked on said it was sold? That's cause It's mine (evil laugh) I can not WAIT to wear this lovely all in mah 'do. 

this takes my love for chevron to the next level. 

Ok, screw the iPad, someone buy me this coat. (ok, can I have the iPad *and* the coat? Ok, I'm selfish, I'll admit it, admitting it is the first step)

(...sooo whats the status of that iPad?)

(no iPad? ok. fine.)

happy fridays guys!

and in case you missed it, we're OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN! check our our NEW STUFF!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yellow Heart Art Grand Re-Opening!

3 months. 3 months of:
-scouring the web for supplies
-scour some more for more supplies
-writing (lots and lots of writing)


(aaaand exhale)

and 3 months later it is finally here. what is "it" you ask? well "it" be my Grand Re-opening of Yellow Heart Art! (english teachers across America are cringing at that sentence ha!)

The vacation mode is finally over! I am back and in full force ;) I am so stoked to introduce you guys to some new lovelies in the shop!

We have new takes on old favorites! I now have "best sellers" in more color choices. (cause let's be honest, who doesn't love a little power? a little control? a little "hey, I  WANT THAT!")

Also *new* to the shop are more "Word Art" inspired graphic prints filled with those quirky fun sayings that are a signature staple to Yellow Heart Art.

And "Wordless" Art! New Illustrations have been added! 

Not only do we have swanky artwork to decorate your walls, but we also have artwork to decorate you! All of our art necklaces are 100% original artwork designed by me. I then printed the art on fabric and placed in these 3 piece pendant trays.

I decided to take the concept of printing on fabric and take it to the next step. I wanted to create fun pillows that weren't square or rectangle shape. I wanted it to be different & fun, so thats where the inspiration from my new line of "Squishable Art" came from, cause who wouldn't wanna squeeze a Picasso or a DaVinci? Exactly.

His & Hers Pillows

Finally one of our other new products is a line called "Quick Thoughts". Quick Thoughts are a set of 5 sticky notes where we start off a phrase and you end it by filling in our empty thought bubble. Tell hubs you can't wait to pinch his butt when he comes home from work or leave a little bit of love in your kid's lunches! Also great as a last minute gift tag or to spruce up your shop packaging for customers.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for everyone who has been so patient. And an even BIGGER thank you to all my customers who purchased something from me while on my vacation mode and willing to wait weeks for their stuff to arrive. You guys are all amazing and with out your support Yellow Heart Art would not even be possible.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HelloOoOOO Fall! Apple Picking & First Date Encounters

This weekend the Bubs and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we live near the Hamptons and took a trip to get us some apples.

On the way we stopped at Foodys for some lunch. Foodys is a place where we accidentally had our first date 3 years ago. Our first official date was a tour of a light house in Montauk (Disclaimer: this was not as romantic as it sounds. I totally blanked and forgot that I am deathly afraid of heights and cramped spaces. Needless to say when we got to the top of the lighthouse I was convinced that was going to be my "new permanent home" because there was no way in heck I was coming down. My knees were buckling, tears streaming down my face, hyperventilating, I was prepared to be the princess locked up in some tower somewhere for all eternity.) BUT I finally got down somehow and we used Bub's Tom Tom to try to find us some food.

Every restaurant we typed in the GPS would take us into some neighborhood, place us in front of someone's house, and tell us we reached our destination.

Now, I wasn't about to knock on these people's door and be all like "Waddup ya'll, whats for dinner cause clearly we're eating with you guys."

So we drove up and down trying to find a place to eat and found Foodys. So now whenever we are in the area we always make sure to stop there for some grub.

They have some vintage food posters on the walls & awesome wire art

I took a pic with the menu & we made some obligatory funny faces

 sorry the photo is blurry, we may or may not have turned off the flash to *not* be those people in a cute little hamptons cafe taking obnoxious blog photos. Clearly we're "out-of-towners"

We had to pay 32 bucks for this stupid bag to fill our apples with. (see said bag below) I offered a kidney instead but they said they really had no need for one. So 32 bucks it was...

I was kinda excited to pick some apples...

and so was bub. that's his excited face, don't let him fool you.

aaand obligatory photo opp in the apple orchard minus apples, seriously look at the trees.

poor bub, I was getting the most bang for my buck. You're gonna charge me 32 bucks for a plastic bag that I stuff with apples then you know I am stuffing that bad boy to.the.max.

It weighed the amount of a small child and ironically bub kinda had to hold the bag like a child at this point too...

what did you do this weekend friends?? <3