Friday, August 26, 2011



Time for new inventory folks!

Which means a whole bunch of cool stuff is about to happen!

Old stuff goes buh bye. New stuff says HELL-O!

But, I want to find a good home to my necklaces that I am currently discontinuing. This kinda bums me out. But then I remember that I get to introduce new designs and that makes me uber happy again.

So, I introduce to you lovelies some necklaces I have left over that I am selling here on my blog for a (CRAZY) discounted price.

All necklaces were $30.00 but I am selling these lovelies at $12.00 each (with $3.00 shipping)
By the way these are ALL 100% HAND MADE. The artwork inside these necklaces or not scrap book pieces of paper OR clip art. I hand made all these patterns via the computer and then placed them in a pendant with some resin so you can wear my art around your neck. You guys are my portable art gallery.

Here is how it works:

You see something that makes you go all "OoOo I so totally, like, NEED that!"

You email me letting me know which necklace makes you swoon. (YellowHeartArt at gmail dot com)

I send you a paypal invoice to the email you contacted me with.

You have 24 hours to pay it. If not then your necklace gets put back on the market.

All items are final sale and are non refundable.

Ready Guys?

Mini Hearts Graphic Pendant Necklace. Was $30.00, now $12.00

2nd Item:
Sandy's Modern Bow Tie in Mustard Yellow and Brown Gingham Graphic Pendant Necklace. Was $30.00, now $12.00

3rd Item:
Happy Whale in Olive Green and Brown Graphic Pendant Necklace. Was $30.00, now $12.00 SOLD

4th Item:
Kim's Modern Songbird Graphic Pendant Necklace in Teal. Was $30.00, now $12.00 SOLD

Thanks Guys! Happy Shopping!

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