Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Faves! (the "I want alllll of this for my birthday" edition) oh and a winnah!

Hey you guys! Today is thee last day that I, Leonora Jennifer P, will be in my mid twenties. As of tomorrow (April 30th) yours truly will join the "late twenties" club...and I think I'm ok with this.

I tend to have really exciting ways of celebrating my birthday.

I eat cupcake floral arrangements
 I sport a tiara. What? The only other time one can wear a tiara for no reason is in Disney World--so let me have my glory ok?

I ride "hogs" (hogs: see also motorcycle) in fact I am so good at ridin' a motorcycle that I can ride mine AND steer my friend's at the same exact time. Mad skills man.

I get sweaty at bars. (PS-sweat is not the new black. Sweat will never ever be cute--but I was told once that girls dont sweat, we glisten. I'm unsure who these glistening gals are but I for one am a sweater)

I go to "adventure land" and ride the merry-go-round (I had to fight off a lil girl to get this horse. I figured it was ok cause it was my birthday and I wanted an awesome facebook profile photo, does that make me a bad person? Ok good, I didn't think so either)

...and you forget how fast the "musical express" was when the last time you rode it was when you were 5. Somehow a violently fast roller coaster seemed a lot more fun when you were 5 and not 25.

Ok, nuff bout me and my "big day" let's get on to the fun stuff--I now present to you my friday faves, the "Hey, I'm the birthday girl, and I want alllll these things" edition (Disclaimer: no way in heck is homegirl getting item #1, but a sweaty girl can dream, right? Right)

1. Apple iPad2 (mega swoonie swoon)
3. Super Hero cape (I never can seem to find these in adult sizes, weird)
4. Overwhelmed Aster Dress by Anthropolgie
5. Verdant Slip Dress by Anthropologie (oh why oh why are you so expensive??)
7. Heart in the Shadows Ring by Ollipop

le sigh. Happy Birthday to me and to you!

The winner of our Moxie Mandie Giveaway is the lovely Alison!
Contact me Ali for your prize <3


  1. I reallllly want a cape too!! Can't adults as well as kids have fun too?? :)
    Happy {early} birthday darling!!

  2. Happy Birthday! An iPad is at the top of my list too :) Have a wonderful day celebrating you!

  3. that cupcake floral arrangement is awesome - i'd eat it too!! wish i could partaaaay it up with you this weekend, friend!

    and yay - looove your wish list. hope you get it all and more!!!

    happy, happy early bday!!!!

  4. Happy almost birthday!! I am loving your wishlist!
    and I am loving the birthday things you do!
    I love an excuse to wear a tiara and ride a merry-go-round!

  5. Happy bday to you! Love your birthday recap. Looks like it was great!

  6. I wish I glistened, too... oh well! Happy birthday tomorrow!!!


  7. that dress (#5) haunts me every day at the front of the store. my favorite color. floral. beautiful. BUT SO DANG EXPENSIVE!


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