Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Hello Loves!

Ok, so check it. I live in NY, right? And I totally get that I'm north of the 'ol equator and what not, and I love my accessories as much as the next girl does (accessories totally make or break an outfit, right? right.) BUT I have to admit, wearing scarves in the middle of April is makin' me slightly disgruntled. (No one likes a disgruntled Leonora. Disgruntled Leonora goes on carb binges.)

PS-Totally apologize ahead of time for the photos. April doesn't lie, it is full of showers. So I wasn't about to put my poor canon rebel out there in the rain. Instead I jimmied my point and shoot into the door jam, hit self timer, and BOLTED (I know, so very Macguyver of me)

Rockin' Turban Headband: Oh, Sweet Joy!
Infinity Scarf: American Apparel
Olive Green Trench coat: Old Navy (I know, total win right?)
Jeggings: Gilly Hicks (Side Note: I live in jeggings, they're the chubby girl's go-to jeans. And being a fellow chubster these are my go-to's)
Boots: Report, circa 2005 (Yeah, I wear my shoes till they have no more life left to live. Side Note: The soles are so thin I feel like I'm walking on paper--ya know those fake shoes the nail salon gives ya when you forget to rock your flip flops to get a pedi? Yeah, those are better quality than my shoes at the moment - I think maybe it's time to retire these puppies soon...naaaaaah)

Happy Wednesday!

PS-Check out 3 (yes 3--I know totally mind blowing) different places to score some of my art for free (yes, for serious you guys)

AND we are still accepting indie bizs for swag swap week!


  1. Hi, my name is Leonora. I am a cutie pants, even in my jeggings.

  2. i live in jeggings too - my hollister ones are THE BEST! it's like having sweats on but being cute!! the best!!!

    p.s. that trench is adorrrrable!

  3. You are so adorable!!! In that second photo you look like a super hero!! :)
    I hope Spring weather comes and visits you soon and the showers leave ya!! xoxo

  4. 1. you're not a chubster!!! 2. love the turban headband...i need a turquoise one!

  5. You are far from a chubster! Love the look and the boots are too cute. I'd wear them forever too.

  6. That yellow headband is so so cute!! You look adorable!


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