Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Free Teacher Appreciation Bookmarks!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. This past week we were a man-down at my job so I had to take on a lot of work, and also it was my birthday weekend! Promise to let you all know what the Bubs got me in another post (pinky promise)

But for now please enjoy some free teacher appreciation printables! This week is teacher appreciation week--it never hurts to get your teachers some sweet swag. They will remember this the next time they are grading little Johnny's book report on the life cycle of earthworms. (which by the way I'm sure is very riveting)

You can go to Wild Olive's Link to see how to execute these bad boys.

...let's be honest. Stickers ALWAYS mean that you, my friend, are awesome. I always loved seeing a sticker on my test or book report. Was mega bummed in college when it wasn't cool anymore for teachers to give out these little adhesive gems. What the heck man? How is that ok?


  1. Love them.
    SUPER DUPER A+, that was me putting a sticker on your blog post


  2. ahhhh soooo cute! i hope my students remember its teacher appreciation week hahahah. so far, they've been CRAZY! ;)

  3. if i was a teacher, i'd want all of these! :)
    and glad to hear you survived your craaazy week and that you got a stellar bday - woohoo!!

  4. love them! saving and printing! I'm a teacher and can't wait to pass them out. and yes.....stickers do = awesome sauce.

  5. That's why I teach elementary school - stickers are still coveted :). Thanks for the great printables!


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