Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Snap Shot Link Up Par-taaay

Lovin' the link ups over at Yellow Songbird! Today's photo is brought to you by Leonora, the "I really don't work at my job, I just take self portraits of myself in my lil computer review mirror thingy" edition.

Guys, my hand is bigger than my face. Thinkin' I should get this checked out---or maybe I won't, maybe I'll just walk around with a humongo awkward hand. Humongo hands have a huge advantage, I can hold 2xs more swedish fish and give epic High 5s.  This may turn out to be a good thing after all...

Till next time kids.


  1. hahahha how fun is this?!?! you are adorbs.

  2. trucking on over from kim's saturday snapshot and laughing at your point of having huge hands. it def. could be useful especially for someone like my that refuses to take more than one trip from the car after the grocery store. ;)

    -erika @

  3. more swedish fish is a very good thing. :)

    have a wonderful saturday dear!


  4. bahahahahah - that is hilarious! pictures in reflections are def on the top of my list. if we ever meet one day, all of our pictures should be in reflections ONLY. talk about being creative ;)

  5. I have one of those mirrors at work :)

  6. Do I see a Super Mario Brothers shortcut on your desktop?!


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