Monday, April 4, 2011

Indie Biz Owners LISTEN UP!

Attention Indie Shop Owners!

Yellow Heart Art wants to host an "Indie Biz Swag Swap Week" with co-host Amy from Buggie and Jellybean and Come and Knock.


The 2 of us are indie shop owners and we definitely appreciate all things handmade. Some of the stuff I see out there on Etsy and Big Cartel just blows my little mind (It's little because I don't utilize the left side of my brain at all, my creativity is hogging all my brain power…and I'm ok with this)

I see so many shops out there that I want to go all "CLICK ADD TO CART!" postal on but unfortunately my wallet (and that little inner voice) tends to stop me. This is a huge let down every single time.

So Amy and I decided to host a "Swag Swap Week"

So hey, what exactly is Swag Swap Week?
Swag Swap Week is where for one week all participating indie businesses have an opportunity to barter with other shops on Etsy and Big Cartel and swap their items for items in other participating shops. Mine and Amy's shops are 2 stores that are participating in this swap! I have already participated in some swag swapping with Alison from Apearantly Sew. I give her some stellar prints, she gives me some faboosh clutches, and we go gallivanting all over town showing off our new swag. It's a win win for everyone.

That sounds pretty rad, how do I participate?!
You want in?! STOKED! This makes me squeal like a little school girl. Simply send an email to SwagSwapWeek {at} with the subject line "Swag Swap Week". Include your name, a link to your shop and a link to your blog. Please read rules and regulations below before emailing us, we want everyone to play nice on the Swag Swap Week playground! We want this to be as fun as possible.

Ok, I definitely want in, what rules are there for the Swag Swap Week playground?
First off there is no pushing and shoving on the monkey bars and no jumping off the swings (might break your neck) Ok, I'm getting to the point...I really dig bullet points (what? they're convenient, I know you dig em too!) so here they are in no particular order.

• Swag Swap Week will be going on from Sunday, May 15th and ending on Saturday, May 21st. We are making it a week long so no one feels pressure to swap right away and it gives owners enough time to get their swappage on.

• You need to register with us by April 23rd (you can do so by emailing either Amy or Myself at SwagSwapWeek {at}

• Etsy & Big Cartel shop owners can participate only (Sorry guys only U.S. shops for now)

• If you have an Etsy Shop you must have at least 10 positive ratings and 20 items for sale. (and no we don't mean 10 positive ratings out of 100)

• Big Cartel shop owners: since there is no "rating system" on your shop you must supply us a link to your blog that has at least 50 followers. This is the only way we can tell that your items are "A-O-K". You also must have at least 20 items in your shop.

• There is a limit to the number of shops allowed to participate. We will have no more than 10 shops per category: Art, Jewelry, Home Decor, Bags & Purses & Accessories.

Unsure if your shop fits one of those categories? No worries, here is what we are looking for.
    ART: Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography, Painting, Letterpress, Posters, Stationary
    JEWELRY: Necklaces, earrings, broaches, bracelets, watches & rings. Since this is a popular category we will be putting "hair items" with accessories not jewelry.
ACCESSORIES: Scarves, Hair Accessories, Shoe Clips,  Fashionable Clothing Items, Camera Strap Covers, Key Chains, Belts
    HOME DECOR: Pillows, Towels, Linens, Coasters, Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories, 3-D Wall Art
    BAGS & PURSES: Clutches, Totes, Wallets, Evening Bags, Camera Bags, Back Packs, Lunch Bags

**if we can not fill up one category with at least 10 shops then we will consider adding more shops to the other categories to even it out**

• We want this to be an even playing field so there will be a screening process of your goods. We also do not want too many "similar" shops. For example: If you sell jewelry and make fabric rosettes and another shop contacts us who makes virtually the same item we will only pick one of the 2 stores to participate to keep it diverse. Sorry guys! We want to have a plethora of items but don't worry we'll do more swap weeks so just try again then :)

• We will periodically post on our blogs the participating shops for Swag Swap Week. We will keep updating the list when we get more entries. We will also supply you a button to add to your blog so you can let others know your are participating in the Swap. This will help get the word out and help have people out there who are not shop owners to see your stuff and potentially get new sales.

• Right before May 15th we will post a final list of all participating shops. If you are participating in the swap you are NOT ALLOWED to contact the shop owners before hand. You must wait till the week the swap is taking place. We also ask that you supply us with an email address so we can include it on the list. This is how you will be communicating with other stores participating in the swap.

• Once May 15th rolls around you are allowed to go shopping around and contacting shop owners to work out a barter. THIS IS IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Unfortunately if you really dig someone's shop they might not feel the same way back. Both shop owners must agree to the swap so if someone contacts you and you are not interested in their items you are not obligated to swap with them. Let's keep things nice though and please tell them gently that at this time you do not need their items.

• When you find a shop that you want to swap with and you are BOTH in agreement then its up to the 2 of you to come to some sort of agreement. Amy and I ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TRANSACTION. Whatever is said between you and other swappers stays between you and other swappers. We are not responsible for any items that may get lost or stolen. We are also not responsible for the actions of others participating in this swap. If you run into a problem with you and your swapper you must deal with it with them directly.

• In order to prevent one person from getting more out of the swap than the other we are setting a "difference limit". If the difference of the items in the swap is OVER  $5 then the shop owner who will be eating this cost has THE OPTION to send a bill to the other swapper via paypal to pay the difference. YOU MUST LET THE PERSON KNOW AHEAD OF TIME IF YOU ARE BILLING THEM THE DIFFERENCE. If it is under $5 this action can not be done. You also can NOT charge your swapper for shipping fees (which works out anyway because you are both paying shipping fees for your own items that you are shipping) Please also note we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for whatever transaction happens between you and your swapper. Any problems or questions must be dealt directly with the person you are swapping with.

• The 2 swappers must make an agreement upon when each other should be expecting their goods. Someone like me who prints out graphic prints can get items out sooner than someone who has to make 10 hand bags. So be understanding of one another guys :)

• There is no limit to how many shops you want to swap with-go crazy and have fun! But please be respectful of other shop owners who do not want to swap back, they might just be getting too many requests and unfortunately can not accept all of them :)
• After you are registered we will look over your shop to make sure you meet the criteria. You will hear back from either Amy or I in 5-7 business days after we received your email to let you know if you are a candidate for Swag Swap Week. If you are not chosen it does not mean we don't like your stuff! There might already by a participating shop that has similar items to you.

Here are some Benefits!
• It is not mandatory but we are asking everyone who decides to participate in the swap to blog about the products that they recieved in the swap. This helps to get exposure to your store.

• Great opportunity to test out other store's products before you commit to an ever bigger purchase from them

 • An opportunity to meet other "handmade" folks and grow a network with people.

• The items being swapped don't necessarily have to be for you! You can even swap items that you can see given away as gifts (Mother's day IS around the corner is my birthday, so I mean I wouldn't hate it if you guys got a lil swappage action goin on for me ;) )

so now, whose in??


  1. GREAT IDEA...signing up. holla!

  2. Love it! Definitely want in on this!

  3. This is such a great idea! I wish I had a shop!

  4. Anyone want to follow my blog so I can participate? I need 7 more followers.. ;) Will be adding more stuff to the shop just in case. :)

  5. I love this idea... But please next time open it up to worldwide. We'd all love to take part :)

  6. adding more items to shop this coming week! trying to get name out there! just short on sales tho! =( when is your next go 'round at this? great idea!

  7. oops! I just emailed you and am now realizing I am too late! (BLUSH) Sorry!!!


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