Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Faves! (The, "Hey I Dig Getting Gussied Up" Edition) & A WINNAH!

There are quite a few things in this world I am obsessed with. Mustard yellow (swoon), sales at my favorite store (or any store really, if there is a sale at home depot or The Tractor Supply I will find something to buy there), clothes right out of the dryer, Bub's nook (ya know, that space right under their armpit? Yeah, it was totally put there on the male body so us females can use it as a pillow) and of course make up that actually lasts.

Ever since middle school I was the one who was dubbed the "make up artist". I would be the one rushing to get myself ready in 10 minutes so that I would have enough time to make all my friends look boo-tee-fool. (ya know homecoming dances were crucial to a teenage girl, the wrong choice of eyeliner meant that Bobby Jenkins wouldn't ask you to hit up the wendy's dollar menu after school while his Mom waited in the parking lot for you 2 crazy kids to get your frosties. Darn you Bobby and your superficial tendencies) 

I've tried every kind of make up out there, and I found this to be true: You don't need to always spend a lot to get a good product. The makeup choices I tend to skimp on are:

• Mascara (make sure to get waterproof, no smudges!)
• Lip Gloss (lets's be honest, you end up eating this stuff off your lips anyway, leave the expensive stuff at home)
• Blush

Unfortunately you can't always skimp out when it comes to beauty. Few things definitely worth splurging on are:

• Eye shadow (urban decay anybody? This stuff LASTS)
• Eye liner (lorac has my heart)
• Foundation (MAC is PER to the FECT. I swear that stuff was designed by angels)

And the one uber expensive product (That has ironically saved me a TON of money) goes to Benefit's She Laq. Ladies if you hear nothing else I'm about to say at least listen to this: This.Stuff.Is.EPIC. I am unsure what exactly the ingredients are to this liquid miracle but whatever it is it WORKS.

Its this stuff (I know, real specific right?) that you put over your eyeliner and your eyeliner will.not.budge. (guys I'm so serious). It is uh-may-zing. So amazing that I actually take an old blush brush and sprinkle some of this liquid wonder onto it and dab it over my cheeks so my blush & foundation stays put too. The bottle is a pretty penny (30 bucks a pop) BUT believe me when I tell you you save so much money on your other cosmetics b/c there is ZERO need to reapply (confession time: this stuff is so amazing that I'll accidentally be too lazy to clean off my makeup and I'll wake up the next day with an bangin' smokey eye from the night before. I know kinda gross but kinda amazing all at the same time).

Happy Friday Ladies!
also the winner of your "Good Hair Day" 5x7 Print Giveaway is lucky #34! Come on down Lindsay and claim your priiiiize!


  1. i use that MAC foundation too! it's the only non-drug store makeup that I buy. I actually got it when I had my makeup done for my wedding & i never went back. That stuff is AMAZING. stays all day. not cakey. its basically perfect. or faboosh as you say ;-)

  2. i used to own the urban decay set you have in this list - but my sister stole it! it's in iowa now - boo. it is totally an amazing set!!!

    happy friday, missy!!

  3. jealous!! i really wanted that # to be mine! dang it...but congrats lindsay!

  4. shut up! I am having the worst hair day EVER. My hair is poof-y and I will have an instagram picture to prove it!

  5. That MAC foundation is the only one I use, and my one bottle has lasted me about 4 years. I use it mostly for those dark circle, but it works like a gem! Perfect pick!


  6. okay..i was just talking the other night with my friend about this. I HATE EYELINER MELTDOWN. I always get it no mater how "waterproof" the stuff claims to be. Going to check out this stuff this weekend! love the tips. :)

  7. Oh. Mah. Word. You have Tractor Supply stores in NY?! I don't know why this is so funny.


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