Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Faves! (The I'm a diet do I'll live vicariously through my blog edition)

I love food (ok there I said it, ok??) Like maybe a lil toooo much. I can't help it, if you cut me I would probably bleed cake batter and marinara sauce (strictly Mom's home made marinara sauce of course! Wouldn't have it any other way--a lil holla goin out to Mom over here...not that she has any idea how to use the internet).

I now present to you a plethora of food that I, Leonora Jennifer, am obsessed with. I now commence the carbs and sugar obsession:

1. Starbucks tall light caramel frappuccino (hold the whip!) 
2. Starbucks new birthday cake pops! (Guys, these are heavenly AND cheap. Yes, it tastes good and won't break the bank--I'll take 46 please) 
3. Blue Bell Vanilla icecream (I had the chance to try this epic dairy creation while in Texas. NY isn't blessed to have this creamy wonder and that upsets me)
4. Chicken Fajitas
5. Penne alla Vodka
6. The infamous Entenmen's Devils Food Marshmellow Cake (This stuff makes me go into a sugar coma every time. I even request it as my birthday cake--my family hates me for it because this cake is a whoopin' 3 bucks. But hey if I want cheap epic cake for my birthday then cheap epic cake is what I'm gonna get ok?!)

What foods are you willing to break your diet for?

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  1. Please add "Bib required to catch drool while reading this post" to the title. Please and thank you.

    Penne Alla Vodka, with Fresh spring peas, TO DIE FOR.

  2. if we ever meet one day, you better be off of your diet 'cause i LOVE to eat - and i loved everything in this collage. ;)

    happy weekend, friend!!

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
    That's a lot girl! Now I want to go stuff my face with chocolate! Grrr! ;)
    No, seriously:: Those cake pops look DELICIOUS and that vanilla ice cream!!!!
    I am now soooooo hungry!!!!

  4. Ooooh I did a blog post a little bit ago about all the delicious cake pops coming around! I have to share it:

    Anything with sugar is ok in my book :)


  5. LOVE vodka sauce on my pasta. This whole thing looks amazing!

  6. I'm living in South Africa now and we don't have Starbucks... unbelievable I know... and it kills me haha!

    I will break a diet any day for Fettucini Alfredi, California Pizza Kitchen (anything on the menu), Brownies, pancakes... and the list goes on :)

    ps- What do you use for these collages... it's awesome!


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