Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! FREE Candy/Egg Wrappers!

Every Tuesday I am going to attempt to bring you guys something faboosh (Faboosh <FAH-BOOSH>, see also: something really epically awesome)

I hope I don't let you down this week, enjoy your pretty little selves some free "candy wrapper" printables!

This is super easy you guys, just click on the photo (it'll open in another window) right click to save somewhere on your fancy smancy computer, print out those puppies and wrap them around your fun sized easter treats -or- your plastic easter eggs! Bada bing you got yourselves an awesome rockin' easter par-taay.

Little kid tested and approved (ok, so I'm really a little kid at heart but I did test these and I super approve)

Have fun! Hey guess what? Only 3 more days till the weekend! (we got this guys)

Check out how Amy over from Buggie & Jellybean is using her free swag printables!
Swoon factor is through the roof.

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  1. yeah, girl! so stinkin' cute. will be printing these :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative genius with us all!

  3. OMG - those are too cute!!! Love it!! :)

  4. oh perfect! I'm going to glue them around the Ester Bags I have ready for the kids! :D woohoo! Thanks!


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