Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Snapshop Linkup Part-aay

So far Kim from Oh, Sweet Joy! and Yellow Songbird has been doing these fun lil link up parties on Saturday.

You know me and parties (ok maybe you don't) but I love me a good fiesta! So here is my RSVP Kim!

do you guys sense a theme here with my Saturday link ups? I tend to like old worn out things. I like them because they have character and tell a story :)

Enjoy! Happy Saturday! (Saturdays are great, sleeping in AND going to bed late all in the same day?! Oh saturday you make my heart go pitter patter. Don't ever leave me)


  1. ok totally love this pic! i love the rustic look of the door and that LACE!! oh you know me and lace!!!

  2. love the pic, I wish I had a mudroom with that attached, or a garden shed would be even cuter!

  3. I'm a new follower. I just love this picture you posted. So glad you posted at the Yellow Songbird so I could find your blog :)

  4. Beautiful pic Leonora! Love that lace :) And can't believe your bubs is in the air force as well!
    A-mazing :) You're a rock star, lady! I'll be talking to ya soonly!


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