Friday, April 8, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things! (Minus #6, my bad)

I'm really crushin' on this grouping of Friday Faves this week! 
1 - Snip Snip Fabric Frame Necklace - by Oh, Sweet Joy!
2 - Gray & Mustard Tote - by Apearantly Sew
3 - Arboretum Picnic Dress - by ModCloth
4 - Darling Harbour Button Down - by Gilly Hicks
6 - (Wow guys this is embarrassing, I didn't save this grouping on my computer, so ummm, 6 is MIA. Actually there never was a 6 I just got super excited and went from 5 to 7. Hey, it happens...nothing against the #6 I just had a real bad mental brain lapse. Let's move on to some more faves and forget this even happened...)
7 - Large Ivory Sailor Knot Headband - by Marcelacamargo
8 - This is Love, Vintage Kids Necklace - by Oh Hello Friend
9 - Linen & Lace Cuff in Natural - by Peggy Ann Design

Ok so with the exception that I apparently missed some vital sesame street episodes as a kid in regards to how to count to 10 I still think this grouping is pretty baller. The Oh, Sweet Joy! necklace is perfect gift for a seamstress or even a hairdresser, and the best part is you can run around while sporting this necklace and not have to worry about the scissors poking your eye out (take that mom!). The Mustard and Gray tote would be perfect for schlepping around some of your picnic goodies while sporting that wicked gorgeous ModCloth dress and the Much Love Illy head band. I have a soft place in my heart for anything nautical (which is odd because I get sea sick like whoa) so I have to say sayonara to any boat outings but I can still say "why helloooOoO" to that super awesome Sailor knot head band, the Gilly Hicks red and white button down as well as that navy blue and red cuff by Peggy Ann Designs (side note: the designers name is actually Hannah--I know she fooled me too)

Happy Friday! Oh, and HELLO WEEKEND! (I missed you, did you miss me? Yeah, thought so too)

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  1. i am full of the trickery! mwahahaha
    thanks love :-)

  2. Today post is being brought to you by the sneaky number 6. Love your picks!


  3. poor #6. :) you're hilarious. have i told you that yet? sitting in my classroom on break...laughing. with you. happy friday!

  4. I'll take one of each, please!

    P.S. The word "schlepping" just isn't used enough these days. I dig it.

  5. omgsh! I'm in LOVEEEE with the sailor knot headband... I think I need it!

    Cute post girl!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

    p.s. don't worry about #6, I hear he's a big boy and isn't crying himself to sleep about being left out. ;)


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