Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! (Easy Peasy Birthday Card!)

Know someone who has a birthday coming? (I do, this really crazy chick. She wears heart shaped sunglasses and has an unhealthy obsession with the color mustard yellow--in fact you might even know her) This is a really supah easy DIY for those days when your local hallmark store only has "hey, sorry your new puppy piddle on the floor--again" cards in stock instead of those faboosh happy birthday ones.


• Roll-o-tape
• Some scissors
• Mega sized whole punches (any shape your little heart desires. As for me? I dig cupcakes soooo cupcakes it is!)
• Paper that is a decent stock (kinda like the thickness of those manilla envelopes) 1 colors as the main card and other colors to go behind your whole punch art.

Step 1

Take one of your pieces of paper and fold it in fours.

Step 2

Take your fun shaped whole punch and punch a "hole" in the corner of your card. Make sure to just go though the top layer of the paper.

Step 3

Take your scissors and cut out some small rectangles to go behind your hole punch, this is where we'll add a lil color to your card.

Step 4

Tape the colored rectangle behind the whole punch. My little cupcake is now a key-lime cupcake (disclaimer: this cupcake is not edible--I know I'm bummed too, mega let down)

Step 5

I don't know bout you but I like it when my cupcakes can talk to me. I decide to spruce it up with a thought bubble & a heart whole punch.

aaaand the big finish!

Hallmark who?

Happy Birthday Loves!


  1. This is cuter than any store bought card I've ever seen. Love it :)

  2. aw soooo cute!! the card is awesome - but does the cupcake (the real one) come with it?

  3. ummm this stole my heart~ i heart you!

  4. So, so adorable! Love it. So great to discover you!


  5. Cute! Such a genius idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. This is adorable! My Mom's birthday is in a few weeks so I have to make her one. I'm surprising her by showing up on her doorstep - which is over 600 miles away - with a card in hand.

    And just for the record: My birthday is in August. That gives you have plenty of time to create one of these for me. ;)

  7. So cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Sigh, maybe i can eat this cupcake. let's pretend it's gluten-free and dairy free, shall we? ;-)

  8. You had me at cupcakes. These are SU-PAH FLY.


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