Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come and Knock with some Joy

So as some of you may or may not know I went full throttle into the handmade biz in January of this year. Little did I know opening up my own little corner of art on Etsy would be so rewarding.

I had no idea that when I opened up Yellow Heart Art I would meet such incredible other lovelies who were also indie biz owners. To me Yellow Heart Art was a way for me to finally be creative and sell things from the heart. Yeah I work full time as a graphic designer but its all corporate designs and layouts (they don't let me use mustard yellow you guys, I know its sucha tragedy)

The network of people I have met is mind blowing. I have been swapping my prints for some of Alison's clutches. Lindsay sent me a painting of a wicked awesome camera. My entire paycheck basically goes to Kim and Amy was one of my first sales from my shop. Little did I know Amy's purchase would be more than just a "print and ship" deal. Amy and I chat regularly and I really truly do consider her as one of my genuine friends.

Amy & Kim are so baller that they even created some swag in their shops (really awesome shops by the way) that were Yellow Heart Art inspired (I know guys, total swoon worthy right there) Amy's shop on Etsy started out as fun wreaths and quickly warped into more than just home decor. She took the style of her wreaths and turned it into wearable art (I know my mind is blown too) This little lovely will be in my home ASAP (ya know, when I actually GET a home. Don't judge me guys I live in NY where everything is so stinkin expensive. I should move somewhere more awesome like paris. OooOO Paris…)

True Story (And I'm not just saying this cause Kim and I are tighter than Kim Kardashian's pants on her butt) but I'm constantly browsing over Kim's shop and trying everything in my will power to not go all postal and add everything to my lil virtual cart. This epic creation will be wrapped around my Starbucks Caramel Frapuccinos (hold the whip) STAT.

are ya'll swooning yet? If not I now commence SWOONAGE.

psstt--didja hear bout swag swap week?


  1. I'm swooning... I've been lusting over a coffee cup thing since I "met" Kim's shop!! My starbucks seriously needs one!

    And I love meeting all you crafty girls... it's like having a group of friends who understand you all over the country! <3 it!

  2. Oh Twinsie. Life is now complete with you in it. Thank you.


  3. *swoon* I love all the amazing shops and the beautiful people I have found on etsy/twitter!!


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