Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Faves, I like Plums

umm, it's september?






I'm sorry WHERE the HECK did summer go?! I guess on the plus side I can now bring back my "what I wore wednesdays" post. True story: I stopped doing it over the summer due to wicked NY humidity reeking havoc on my hair and the sight of my flabby arms in a sun dress. I did not want to subject you lovelies to either one of those 2 things.

But hey with fall comes fall colors. One of my fav fall colors is plum. Plus it's named after a food so right away I felt a connection with it (what? I like to eat ok?)

FRIDAY FAVES: The "Let's Eat Plums" Edition!

Plum Flared Dress by Shabby Apple

Let's all look at that ruffle of the bottom of the dress shall we? Say it with me now ""

La Versha Chair in Plum by Anthropologie

This chair makes me want to tie a little neck scarf around my neck, throw on a beret & scarf down a high caloric croissant while saying "oui oui!" (confession: totally googled how to spell "croissant", don't judge)

Rosette Bedding by Anthropologie

it's bedding like this that totally makes me regret saying to the bubs "Don't worry sweetie, I'll decorate our apartment COMPLETELY gender neutral with out a stitch of girlie" you guys I *had* to tell him that--he wanted to hang random airplane parts and a giant wine barrel lid up on our walls. I had no other option!

I own this lovely. It makes me super happy--it's soft and doesn't ricochet & pop off of my head. 

I'm a firm believer that bows can never never ever be too big. Well, unless the bow makes your head all lopsided due to the weight of it, then thats not cool. Nobody likes a sideways head.

what are your favorite fall colors loves??

oh hey almost forgot! there are giveaways & deals still going on at my blog!

enjoy your 3 day weekend loves!


  1. Just sayin...I'm with bubs on the wine decor. I think that sounds rad.

    But I'm with you on the bedding.

    I keep telling fella that our new place will be sans "girlie" also. Peshaw. Riiiiight.


  2. dude. i am in love with every.single.thing on this list. really & truly. purple is my fave color EVAH so i was in heaven looking at all your friday finds!!


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