Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday--the Ninja Edition

I finally caved. I decided to ask Bubs to take some "What I Wore Wednesday" shots for me.

I was sick of the whole "Hey let's put the camera on the tripod on self timer and make a mad dash to the front and ignore all the awkward stares from the neighbors all while attempting to look cute" game.

It worked out GREAT!

...well it *was* working out great...

See those gnarly moves in the 1st 2 frames? No, I'm not doing some awesome "Squatting Crane" Ninja warrior pose. Although that would be awesome.

Bub had me "back up" so he could get a "full outfit shot"

I ended up tripping over some branches.

Told Bub "Dude stop taking photos!"
Did he stop?


So, said branch ended up towards Bub's face.

See last photo.

Bub stopped taking pics.

Victory is mine.

Bubs might be fired. Till next Wednesday at least.

And now...what Leo2theNora wore:

[ Little Hair Bow by Janellish ]
[ Chevron Multi Colored Necklace by Yellow Heart Art, Fall 2011 Collection sneak peek ]
[ Army Green Belted T-Shirt Trench by Forever21 ]
[ White Lace Cami by Aeropostale ]
[ Jeggings by Gilly Hicks ]
[ Gray Flip Flops by Hollister ]

What are some of your favorite closet go-tos?


  1. You're so cute! I love the outfit!

  2. hehe!! I love these photos!! :) That little bow in your hair is just adorable and I love that green color of your jacket!!

  3. Love your jacket and necklace! Cute pics :)

  4. it's you! it's an acutal picture of you on your blog. you should totally do that more often so we can see your pretty face. :)
    love the outfit, BTW! you've got some serious style.

  5. haha Leo2theNora you're totally hilarious. i love your getup and how do you always manage to look so sweet?! you should think twice about firing Bubs. He took some pretty good pics y'know?

  6. my outfit photos are ninja editions as well.

    i think my neighbors think im nuts.

  7. bahaha - you are crazy and i love it sooo much! ninja editions better be a repeat post - i wanna see more. ;)


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