Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stay Calm Cupcake Love & Giveaway!

It's no secret that I like to eat. (ok, I really really really to the 10th degree like to eat) I wish there was a diet out there that would allow me to eat anything I want and I could actually lose weight--or give me super powers or something. (I'll take super powers for 500 alex)

Oh well, I guess being "squishy" and "doughy" is a small price to pay to enjoy some good eats, right? right.

I am mega stoked to share with you guys my newest sponsor Jill from Stay Calm Cupcake.

First off, cupcakes hold a special place in my heart. I get to unwrap a miniature personalized "cake" that was made and devour it at my own pace (ok, so my own pace might be lightning speed, this is a judgment free zone people)

What I love about Jill's shop is that she takes cupcakes to the next level. One of her cupcake treats that I totally swoon over are her "treat for two" cupcake kits!

she sends ya 2 naked cupcakes that you get to decorate yourself! You get to pick cupcake flavor, frosting AND topping! Come on, is that not the most perfect date night idea or what? (oh and you may or may not be eligible to win this lovely lil treat if you keep readin..not saying juuuuuuust saying ;) )

Take it away Jill!...

Hi! My name is Jill. I am the cupcake obsessed mastermind behind “Stay Calm, Cupcake Shop”. I am passionate about creating inventive, delicious, and entirely homemade cupcakes for all of my customers. I opened my shop in 2010 with the hopes of making a little extra cash and sharing my baking talent with others. To my delight, my Etsy shop has turned into a much greater business venture. My dream is to one day soon open up a store front and have my own cupcake truck. In my world, a sweet little cupcake can fix almost any situation. Stay Calm Cupcake Shop was born out of the simply philosophy that all of us need to slow down a little bit and enjoy the sweeter things life has to offer.

Now it’s time for me to answer some questions from the lovely Leonora. Here we go!

What kind of suh-weet awesome amazing products your 2 hands make!
I sell all things cupcakes! Right now I am selling and shipping cupcake jars, cupcake sprinkles, and lots of homemade cupcake kits. I also do local catering for birthday parties, baby showers, office parties, and much more.

Cupcake Love Cupcake Kit

Mini Vanilla Cupcake

Cupcake Jar
What is your most favorite hand made item that you own?
I have an apron that my one of my really close friends took the time to sew for me. It’s soecial because she picked out the fabric, and the pattern and made it just for me. I love to wear it when I bake!

What 3 items from your shop make you go "awww yeah I TOTALLY baked that, and what?"
Honestly, I love all the items in my shop. I don’t sell stuff that Im not head over heels for. My favorite is the coconut cupcake though. It’s like a mini vacay for your mouth. The sweet coconut with the moist cake – its heaven! I also really love the rich combo of chocolate peanut butter. And I’m pretty obsessed with how adorable the mini cupcake jars are!

Coconut Perfection!

"Mini Cupcake Jars"

You are waiting in line for an epic ride at your favorite water park. When you get to the top you realize they ran outta water and are now pumping the rides full of (insert your thought here)
FROSTING!! You knew I’d say that though ;)

QUICK: would you rather be given the ability to fly OR be invisible.
I’m pretty terrified of heights so I’d have to say Invisible. There are so many times when being invisible would be awesome! I’m pretty nosey, so ther are a lot of conversations I’d like to sit in on and listen to!

Hidden Talent? (Come on, I KNOW you totally have one)
I’m pretty good at free-style rapping. Ya, I said it..rapping ;)

What is your most popular cupcake flavor?
Red Velvet and Vanilla are my two most popular. They are classics!

"Red Velvet - So Delish!"

Where can we stalk your faboosh little self?
Well, I’m glad you asked! I have a blog where you can find tons of great recipes and an occasional sweet giveaway. My facebook page has tons of shop updates, recipes, coupon codes, and free sweets. And my Twitter account is a great place to listen to me talk about what’s going on in my life. I tweet about lots of great blogs, etsy shops, and more! Follow me, I’d love to meet you!

Stay Sweet! xoxo

Watcha givin' away Jill??

As a new sponsor, I want to give a way a special package of sweet treats! Here's your chance to win a yummy Stay Calm Cupcake Treat for Two Cupcake Kit!

"Two is always better than one!"

Your prize will include:
  • 2 Cupcakes (your choice of chocolate or Vanilla)
  • A small container of frosting (choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, or Strawberry)
  • A small bag of custom sprinkles
Simply frost your cupcakes, top with sprinkles, and enjoy!! Perfect for you and your date to make together, for a fun girls-night-in OR have them shipped to someone whose celebrating their birthday this month!

Mandatory Entry: Must be a follower of Yellow Heart Art via google friend connect and leave me a comment telling me ya do so!

Extra Entires:(You must leave a comment on Yellow Heart Art's blog for each extra entry you completed)

1. Like Stay Calm Cupcake on Facebook and leave a post saying hi!

2. Follow Yellow Heart Art and Stay Calm Cupcake on twitter AND tweet about this giveaway! Include "@YellowHeartArt" "@staycalmcupcake" and the URL to this giveaway post.

Please feel free to use the following tweet:
"@YellowHeartArt is giving away something suh-weet from @StayCalmCupcake ! I'm entered to win a cupcake kit for 2!"

3. Stop by Jill's Etsy shop , give it a "Heart" and let us know what your favorite treat is from her shop!

Winner will be announced by Yellow Heart Art on September 30th. Good luck!

PSST just a friendly reminder, some people aren't playing nice on the playground and are saying they did all the steps for "extra entries" when in fact they didn't. We do check to make sure all your entries are valid. Thanks guys!


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