Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faves the Fashion Edition!

Sorry for being totally and completely MIA on you guys yesterday! But today I am back (i know you can let out that lil sigh of relief now) and I am so stoked to introduce you guys to the lovely Caroline of Good Times Never Seem Sew Good.

Caroline has a cayoote lil shop that I think you all will totally swoon over. She makes fun scarves and even funner aprons. (is "funner" ok to say? or did just make up  my own language) the aprons are perfect for someone like me who can't cook BUT can fool people by looking like susie home maker in the kitchen. They'll be all like "daaaaymn check out her apron yo, she must be a bad ass in the kitchen".


Anyway, thanks Caroline for sharing some of your friday faves with our readers! aaaand go!

Oh, I almost forgot. Some of you lovely folks were entered to win some cupcakes from Stay Calm Cupcake. the winnah isssssssss

 SANDY!!! Holla atcha girl ;) yellowheartart at gmail dot com.

Hi lovies. I'm Caroline & I blog over at Good Times Never Seem Sew Good. Come visit me & you'll get to read about my life as a newlywed, my crafty projects, my favorite recipes, and my attempt at being fashionable~ I'd love for you to come stop by!

While Leonora is moving into her new place she asked me to write up a lil guest post for her bliggity blog. I of course obliged :) 

I would by no means deem myself a fashionista, but I do like to dabble in clothing & I love challenging myself with what I wore Wednesday posts. I try to use the clothes in my closet to create new and interesting outfits each week (without repeating them!!). It's really not an easy task for me sometimes, but I love the challenge & I love making my husband take the photos of me- ha ha!

Here are a couple of outfits that I might dare to wear.

The first is pretty subdue, and the second is a little... funky. I wish I had the guts to wear it~ maybe one day ;)

fall wears

funky fall wears

If you are a lover of fashion, have you heard of Polyvore? (um probably, since most of you don't live under a rock, but just checking ;)) You can create your own outfit sets~ its kind of addicting :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! xoxo~ Caroline


  1. love these outfits, esp. the pleated skirt!!!

    and omg i won i won i won!! no way!!! thanks soo much!! :D

  2. that cable knit cardi looks so comfortable! comfortable... and way out of my price range! eep!

  3. Heck yes!!
    Caroline is so fashionable!!
    I love her outfit posts!
    That skirt is lovely + that bag.
    PS I realllllllly want a pair of red pants!


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