Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mila Rose Designs Gets New Branding! (by moi!)

I absolutely adore Melis from Mila Rose Designs.

and I absolutely adore all things that are created with the color combo gray and yellow. Like oooOoOOo I don't know this beaut below...

I stalked this headband for-frekkin-evah. I added it to my faves. I would go to it at least 5 times a day and just stare at it longingly and imagine that it was in my hair and not Melis' (no offense girl you totally rock it and all but it needed to live on my head stat)

so I contacted Melis and she agreed to a trade! (holla!)

I got said headband, and I revamped her current branding!

aaaaand cue logo now:

...didja notice that the silhouette in her logo is actually HER?! HA! how fun is that? I love how it shows off Melis' personality AND her product of fun lil fluffy flower goodness.
aaaand cue etsy banner now:

Melis and I both agreed that adding her signature "fluff" to her etsy shop banner added the right amount of "girly" and "fun" to her brand.

In case you were wondering, yes her tagline "be pretty" rings true for her shop. Check out Melis' signature looks below!

The Mini (pssttt this is the image I used to make Melis' logo!)

She even makes gorgeous cowls for those cold winter days that are slowly creepin' up on us!

are ya hooked yet?

Find Homegirl here!

Thank you so much Melis for letting me be a part of Mila Rose Designs!

• pssst giveaway for a shabby apple still going on here!

sign up for our newsletter for our great return in October! Won't send out more than one a month and even THAT'S pushing it ha. Also? Coupon code for our grand reopening will be enclosed as well as a promo we are running to our subscribers only!

• I will be having guest bloggers on my blog for the next few weeks while I get settled into my new apartment! SO STOKED for this collaboration guys!


  1. ooooh another headband shop to check out?! i love! and leonora, you did one rocking job with her designing. amazing!!!

  2. new favorite shop alert...thanks for making me pine away for another headband ;)
    PS? how awesome is it that the blogging community would make a trade like that?! so cool.

  3. That looks so good! And could her shop be any cuter!? I just added about 10 things to my birthday wishlist in one shop!

    A Sweet Release

  4. you are so awesome! absolutely love my new branding!! i can't stop staring at it lol:)


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