Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Faves! (The guest post edition)

The move adventure continues.
Woe of the day:
Our current couch does not fit into a new apartment.




insert panic attack and little dollar bills dancing around my head here.

so what does Bub wanna do to "fix" this problem? Well, he measured our windows (on the 2nd story of the house) and apparently the couch can fit through (uhh, rejoice?). He wants to get his fire truck, recruit some of this fire buds, hoist our set on a cherry picker, go across our landlord's front lawn and throw our set through the windows.


Our landlord is totally gamed for this idea, her only request was "Please just don't end up on News Channel 12, and we have a deal"

sorry landlord, we can't promise that. and yes, I will be video taping every second of this adventure and post on youtube for your viewing pleasure.

as you can see--I currently have some big fish to fry here, so I've asked Jessica from Jessica N Designs to fill in for my Friday Faves. She has made mama proud--I stand behind each and every item she picked 110%. (psst and in case Jessica couldn't anymore awesome she may or may not have a coupon code for Yellow Heart Art readers! Seriously, check out her stuff, and lemme know watcha buy ;) )

OH! and before I forget, the winner of our Shabby Apple giveaway is Peniam ! (so jealous of ya girl, email me so we can hook ya up!) didn't win our shabby apple giveaway? DON'T FRET! You can still enter to win a home made cupcake kit for 2 from Stay Calm Cupcake, enter here

...Hit it homegirl!

Hi! I'm Jessica.

Wife to my high school sweetheart, Brooks, mommy of 3 and creator of jessicaNdesigns
You can read more about me here.

I blog about my family, my love of pretty handmade things, all the inspiration I gather and I love to do the occasional DIY project. 
I really LOVE giving new life to Vintage Silverware & creating memorable keepsakes and pretty Vintage Inspired Jewelry. You can find all of that in my shop

I am so thrilled to be here with you on Leonora's Blog! I just love her don't you?! Of course you could you not? She keeps me laughing on the daily! 

Leonora asked me to share some of my Etsy Favs with you today so...
Here are my latest Etsy Favorites:

Love these like I do? You can find all my favorites here

I LOVE doing product Mash Ups! In fact, I do one every Monday on my Blog

I would love for you to come visit me! 

In fact, come visit my little shop & if anything suits your fancy, get 15% off with code: LUVLEONORA


  1. I totally can't wait to watch that video!! LOL Thanks for having me! I had so much fun with this post!! xoxo Jessica

  2. I love that headband! And it's so much more price friendly than some similar ones I have seen on Etsy!! Thanks for sharing!

    A Sweet Release

  3. Fantastic finds!!
    PS I can't wait to see the video of this couch flying in through the window!! :)
    Should prove to be interesting!!
    *fingers crossed* you don't make the 5 o'clock news!

  4. i LOVE her i make pretty things all day print!! i wish that was true about myself!!

  5. congrats to the Shabby Apple winner. just a little jealous over here.

  6. congrats to the Shabby Apple winner. maybe a little jealous over here ;)
    oh, and how cute is it that she included your YHA print?!


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