Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Stuff I Wanna Share

3 day weekends go by just way too fast.

and that bums me out.

So instead I'm gonna share some awesome stuff with you to un-bum-me-out

1. Bub and I made a trip to IKEA this weekend (AKA cheap.modern.MECCA) and we dropped a pretty penny on some bedroom furniture. It was so past due--our current set is Bub's set from when he was a wee lil youngen--and needless to say it is dated. I love the 80s and all, but not in my furniture.

2. We went to a wedding this weekend! Best part? PHOTO BOOTH!

Clearly we kept it classy. Check out my "Hand Goggles" in the last frame on the bottom right. Hawt.

3. Been working over time on Yellow Heart Art's grand re-opening!

4. I've been admiring MADEBYHANK since before Yellow Heart Art was even a twinkle in my eye. I think I've been stalking admiring Katie's shop for at least 3 years now. And today I caved. I caved and bought this cutie for my tote bag.

...I mean for 24 bucks can you really go wrong? Me thinks not.

5. Didja check out the latest blog design I made for the lovely Sandy from Sandy a la mode?

Here it is broken up for your viewing pleasure:


 (and buttons!)

6. My hair is so long that I now NEED to make sure its all in front of me when I pee or else I accidentally sit on it on the toilet. was that TMI or TA? <--- (Totally Awesome)

7. Why is it not OK to eat ice cream for dinner? Please answer me that.

8. I think I will have ice cream for dinner tonight.

9. No, I know I will have ice cream for dinner tonight.

10. There is still a giveaway going on to win 4 necklaces from me! Hurry ends soon!

Whats on your mind?


  1. i'm totes jealous of you right now...i mean, MADEBYHANK ruffles AND ice cream for dinner. you are too cool.

  2. Your life will never be the same after owning a Made By Hand. Suuuuuuuriously.

  3. You are a cutie! Love the design you made for Sandy and *sigh* made by Hank is amazing!

  4. Ok. I bought a tote bag from made by hank but i think i need a little clutch. I am OBSESSED with her shop & stalk it religiously. i want to meet her

  5. I think it's totally fine to have ice cream for dinner. I do it when my husband isn't home...hehe!
    Plus, your new design is rockin' on Sandy's blog!

  6. LOVE my new blog design, woohoo!! and i need a made by hank bag one of these days!!!

  7. LOVE the new look on Sandy's blog!

  8. do i need to pay if i want a layout designed by you?? x



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