Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Faves, The Romance Edition and a Winner!

Confession Alert Time: I, Leonora Jennifer Last name with held due to super sketch weirdos online, am a hopeless romantic. I love all things ooey and gooey and totally vomit worthy.

I mean hey, Bub's and I first kiss was on a swing set--you really can't get anymore "wednesday-night-made-for-TV-teen-drama-a-la-dawson's-creek" then that. So I wanted to do a Friday Faves round up of some shops that just ooze that romantical feel. (PS-I think "romantical" should be a real word, can we start a petition please and thank you)

All of Shabby Apple's Dresses makes me wanna run to the nearest airport, sprint to the ticket booth, slam my hands down on the counter, blow away a piece of hair that has dramatically fallen in front of my face during my great sprint, and say in a winded voice "…your first…flight out…to…(pant)---(wheeze)----(hack) Europe!" (what guys I'm out of shape, ok? But that's not important right now)

Orange Dream Ruffle Headband by {Just.Lovely.Things}

Totally thinkin' bout purchasing this lovely for my future flower girl. No, I'm not engaged and I have 4 nephews…but as oprah once said "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". I really have no idea what that oprah quote has to do with me being 27 and not engaged, but just go with it. Oprah rocks so it needed to be said. Respect Oprah guys.

I Do... Hand Stamped Vintage Fork Marker by Jessica N Designs

Ok, this is another shop that needs to keep doors open for AT LEAST another 5 years so I can purchase every single frekkin utensil for my fictitious wedding. Screw Bed Bath & Beyond, I'm registering here guys. Take mental note, ok? 

Pink Whisper Infinity Scarf by Cotton Lane

I was both bummed out and stoked when I went to Cotton Lane this morning and found one of her infinity scarves gone. It was this super awesome floral little number that was 1/2 fabric and 1/2 yellow crochet. I know guys, my mind was blown too. Caroline from Cotton Lane sold that lovely (insert "YAY" noise) BUT i was totally bummed b/c I was crushin on that bad boy for a while and was hoping to snag one. But never fear, she has another romantic infinity scarf in the shop (Whew, CLOSE call) that is equally swoon worthy.

Bella Bridal Garter by LaBoheme

I can't stand those cheesy garter belts that girls who dress like "Naughty Nurses" sport during halloween for a wedding. How amazingly awesome are these modern day garter belts?! These are NOT leaving my leg and being chucked to a sea of single men who don't appreciate hand made awesomeness. In fact I might sport this garter everywhere I go…my nephew's baseball game…the grocery store…hey, it's my leg, I can do what I please.

3 Stone Flower Ring by Toosis

This ring makes me happy b/c no matter how long I own it I can totally neglect it and they won't die. Flower owner win.

So, do you guys feel like you have spent the day in some super romantic disney movie yet? If not, then I have failed you all, and for that I apologize.

Also some exciting news! Yellow Heart Art now has a newsletter! If you would like to be up to date on my shop's grand re-opening in October as well as exclusive coupon codes and deals that I just give to my subscribers only then please hop on over and sign up! (there may or may not be an awesome deal and coupon code for my grand re-opening...ok, there is) Psst pinky promise to not send more than one email a month, I still want ya guys to totally dig me. <3

Also, we have a winner from my "Hey you get to own 4 awesome necklaces from Yellow Heart Art" giveaway! If you're number 59 and you go by "Annie" then please email me at yellowheartart (at) gmail (dot) com with in 3 day to claim your prizes!!!

Didn't win this giveaway? No worries, you can still enter to win a month of FREE ad space AND some hair pretties from the lovely Tara from Beautiful Blendings…enter here!


  1. OMG I love you! "screw bed bath and beyond..." ROFL I hope I can make you every freakin utensil for your wedding! LOL

    THANK YOU babe for including me in this awesome post!

  2. I think I'm going to use "romantical", it's such a cute word! And I love all these picks, especially that pretty ring :)

  3. totally in love with the dress & the scarf. in love <3 i tell you.

  4. i second romantical.

    congrats on the newsletter and the coming grand re-opening!!!


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