Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIWW the I feel Silly Edition (and callin' all guest bloggers!)

Guys, can I just be serious for a second?

...ok, no I can't

me: didja get the hairbow?
bub: yes. cause I can't think of anything else I'd rather photograph than a hairbow
me: *evil glare*

Bub did a much better job this week being the photog behind my WIWW photos. Last week I had to throw a branch at his face.

but we still really need to work on my "Hey, look super cute & whimsical while jumping in the air" shots.

one of these days I'll master it.

what I wore:
bows by Fr33na
crochet necklace by dainty loops
navy blue boyfriend button down by Gilly Hicks
gray lacy cami by aeropostale
mustard and leather belt by anthropologie (on sale baby HECK YEAH)
jeans by Old Navy
floral ribbon flip flops by Target

well…the middle of September just kinda crept on me like WHOA. Bubs and I are makin' the move into our new apartment! I'll try my best to blog as often as I can, but I wanna keep this blog runnin strong! Thats where you come in. I'm looking for guest bloggers to help "fill in the gaps" for when I am mega stressed and have a panic attack trying to find the right lid to fit this stupid piece of Tupperware (doncha hate it when that happens?)

What we are looking for: if you keep up with my blog you can see that I like to keep things light and fun. I'm looking for bloggers who kinda fit in with the "Yellow Heart Art" branding. The types of topics that I think are totally rad are:
• any type of DIY tutorial
• fashion ideas (whether its you sporting the latest fashion or picking out your faves from pinterest)
• Give us a sneak peak into your etsy faves. Handmade shops totally rock!
• Have a pinterest? Show us your latest interior design pins! Or halloween party ideas!
• I am not a domesticated goddess at all. If you have any recipes that are easy to make (as well as pictures of your process) then you will be doing the "holy cow how the heck do you clean a turkey?! I have to put my hand where??" community a huge service.

Email me (yellowheartart at gmail) a link to your current blog as well as which of the categories you would like to fill in for! I would need your blog posts no later than Thursday, September 22nd.

Here is how I would need your blog post: go into blogger and write a post as you normally would (with any links and photos your little heart desires) then go to the "HTML" tab, copy and paste all that code to me into an email. Please only do this if I send you an email back letting you know we are good to go with the guest post :) also, be sure to save the post you send me in case for any reason I do not get your email you can easily re-send it.

I am also going on a mini vacation the the 2nd week in October to go to a Disney Wedding. If I don't use your guest post in the month of September then I might use it for when I am away in disney! If I don't choose you please don't be offended <3 it might be because I have a lot of bloggers who only want to do one topic (I want to span it out) or maybe all the slots are already full. Thank you in advanced for understanding!

Looking forward to working with you all :)


  1. hehe!! I love your photos!!!
    Your hair is just beautiful + so is your lovely hair bows!! :)

  2. LOVE your hair bows lady!!! and no, i don't believe you can be serious.

  3. BAHAHAHA - are we friends or what?! no way can we outfit posts be serious. gotta get a jumping shot in there every now and then - or everytime. ;) love this so much, it's ridic. also love the convo between you and bubs - hilarious.

    p.s. you look beautiful!

  4. You look adorable! :) I cannot believe it's already mid-September! You're rocking the fall look perfectly!


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