Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Faves! A new twist on an old classic

Hello my loves!

I'm doing something a wee bit different for my "Friday Faves!" post.

Instead of highlighting a whole bunch-o-way-awesome-crizzap I decided to introduce to you guys to a fun little shop I found on Etsy.

One of the good things about Etsy is its handmade community. I discovered this shop while browsing through my activity feed--they had "hearted" one of my items, I stalked their shop, and the rest is history (very "when Harry met Sally" but more of an updated version of it--actually its nothing like "When Harry met Sally", disregard this comment)

Jess is the lovely lil gal behind "Buttered Toast" (I know, her shop name is mega adorbs, kinda jealous mine isn't as faboosh)

She creates the cutest accessories for wee lil lads (thats "lil boys" in case you couldn't understand my ridiculously awesome British accent)

Now, we all know my obsession with the following items (in no particular order)
• Bows
• Polka Dots
• Anything that can be clipped into my hair to hide my "mutt hair"
• Discovering that Bub didn't eat the last golden oreo (Have you guys ever had golden oreos? If not I give you permission to X out of this page, run to the nearest super market, and try this amazing concoction of cookie and cream)

So when I came across this creation I just KNEW I had to ask Jess if she could throw an alligator clip in it so I can sport it in my hair.

it was love at first sight (Kinda like when Harry Met Sally--hey, I think this old school movie reference actually worked here--go me)

Jess loved my idea (she even said she never even thought of making them for lil ladies!) I got it in the mail the other day and coordinated an outfit to go with it.

oh hey, total side note, but remember myspace and how people took really tacky self portraits of themselves in the bathroom?

well, you've been warned.

I know your jealous of my mad Ansel Adams-esque photography taking skillz. Just know that my arms are not THAT long (I sometimes feel like a Trex, giant head, short arms, mega problem) but I was able to get the back of my head AND me looking all snazzy in one ballin' shot (BOOYAH! Take THAT oprah! Ok, I really have no idea why I just said that, Oprah has nothing to do with this blog post what so ever...)

 Hey Leo, where yo bow be at?

Oh, There it is!

It also gives me suh-weet "Eeyore tail"

and yes, I am aware that I wear this outfit a lot, ok? It's my "go-to"

In conclusion: If you're looking for a heavy duty handmade bow (these bows are meant to withstand the roughhousing of little boys that are 6 and under, pretty sure it can withstand a stroll in my 'do) then definitely check out Buttered Toast. Jess is a doll and totally easy to work with! 

Tell her Leo sent ya, it wont get ya a discount or anything but it makes me feel super important.

Happy Friday!

Oh also did you win our snazzy MoKoPo Creations handmade painting AND shop credit?!

well, if you are luckay #9 and have a ballin' nickname (like, oh, I don't know, Midge?) Then give me a HOLLA so I can hook you up with your swag!

OH also, did you know we are having a pretty epic shop sale?! Get the full details here! See cliff notes version below :)


  1. this post had my ROFL, girl!! you are too funny!! :D

  2. Girl, you are too freakin' hilarious! I love the fact that you use the word "faboosh". It makes me laugh :)


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