Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Snapshot(s)!

You guys know Jackson Pollock right?

The crazy artist man who drips paint from up high to create such amazing abstract shots?

Well, this past October my friend Kate and I (Side note: we're -like- best friends) checked out Pollock's old stomping grounds out in the Hamptons.

Get this: I, Leonora Jennifer, got to walk on the same floor as Mr. Pollock.

..ok so we may have had to wear some really gnarly foam slipper things in order to walk on said floor-but still it was AWE to the SOME.

Check out some more of his drip patterns that he left behind on his studio floor

of course we had to take an obligatory "Kick-it-old-school-myspace-self-portrait" shot of me and my home girl sportin' our shoes on Mr.Pollock's floor

They even had his old paints available! like-uhh-mega stinkin cool!

and the fact that homeboy used a TURKEY BASTER to create some of his drips just totally made his "rad-ness" go up a ton in my book.

Mr. Pollock was so bad ass that he even covered his walls in paint

The man also had some pretty wise words to say

of course no tour of some deceased artist's house isn't complete with out taking some couture shots out front of his old out house

The one thing I did find uber creepy though was going into Leena Pollock's old bedroom (the ex-wife of Jackson Pollock)

Her bedroom pretty much looked like something I would design myself if given the opportunity.

I stumbled upon her old luggage with her initials on it

which conicindentally enough LP are also my initials.

Leena Pollock died in 1984 and I was born in 1984. My friend joked and said "HOLY CRAP you are the reincarnation of Leena Pollock!"

To which I say, rock on sistah friend, hope I'm makin' ya proud

Happy Saturday!

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  1. What a fun visit!!! I can't believe he painted with a turkey baster :)

  2. I want to roll around in the awesomeness of this.

  3. that IS awe to the some :) my husband's dad is an artist and he went all pollock-ish on his garage/frame-shop floor---uber awesome


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