Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Free "Today, I feel" Printable!

We all have one of "those days"

The days where nothing seems to go right so you wallow your self pity in a giant vat of ben and jerry's "Half Baked" (totally 100% guilty as charged)

Or you feel the need to morn the loss of your favorite white shirt (That you accidentally shrank in the dryer--again) by buying a puppy (Ok, I am not guilty of this, but i really want an excuse to buy a puppy, like, way bad. And if I bought a puppy for every shirt I ruined then I would own an entire pet store. So instead of doing giveaways on my blog for necklaces or prints I would also have to giveaway lil pooches)

Now you can warn your Hubs or Co-Workers as to what mood your in with our supah cute (and FREE) "today I will..." printables!

Click on image, right click to save to desk top, print out, cut out our "Today I Will..." Card, then place any emotion you're feeling in that spot!

cause let's be honest, sometimes you need to shamefully relive your youth by rocking out to every 90's boyband ever made (and I'm not just talking bout Backstreet boys or N SYNC, I'm talking bout O'Town and Five)

Rock on guys, rock on.


  1. So cute! I'm gonna put this on my fridge :)
    (oh, and half-baked is absolutely the best icecream ever. hands.down.)

  2. Okay, those are CUTE. And super duper fun. ;)

  3. LOVE these! Especially the fact that the pic is a redhead with a headband on! :D I think this is going up by my desk.

  4. Haha, this is so fun!!! Thanks for doing! I need to cut out and hang up!

  5. Hehehe, these are so adorable! Oh man, I miss 90s boy bands so bad. I need some O Town back in my life! Backstreet Boys played in my town last week, and believe you me, they have aged like a fine wine. :)

    You are so funny!

  6. ahahh these are soo adorable! you are too cute!!

  7. ahhh!
    i absolutely just listened to o-town this morning.
    boyzone yesterday.

  8. Love these! You've got such a great sense of humor :D

  9. Totally cute! Thanks for sharing these!


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